Suspect arrested in the murder of rapper Chinx Drugz

Lisa Evers breaks news of one of Hip Hop music’s biggest unsolved murders. More details will develop during the day.

Nikki Minaj: ‘Lil Kim is the Best that Ever Did It’ (June 2008)

I really am not too interested in this beef between Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj because it seems pointless. But I thought it would be fair to post this interview of Nikki saying Lil Kim was the best to ever to do it. Drake has recently said that he has seen Nikki give Lil Kim her due time and time again.

I actually ran across the interview a few weeks back when showing a friend some of Nikki’s earlier work with The Come Up DVD. The interview was posted on Youtube June 2008. Now after seeing this will Kim leave this petty beef alone and make some hot records?

Boardroom: The Brain Behind Lil Wayne, Sylivia Rhone…

Source : NYTimes, Musicians Guide

Ms. Rhone became the first African American woman to command a major record company when appointed as president/CEO of Atlantic Records division Eastwest Records in 1990.

If behind every great man is a great woman then Sylvia Rhone is definetly amazing! Rap superstar Lil Wayne doesn’t hesitate to thank his boss, Ms. Rhone who is President of Universal Music Group’s Motown Records/ VP of Universal Records, for aiding in the breakout success of the Carter III, which sold over 1 million copies in its first week.

“He stayed connected and nurtured his audience,” said Sylvia Rhone, president of Universal Motown Records. “He was always working. And I think the rabid following he’s cultivated is reflected in those sales numbers.” Universal Motown is also responsible for heavy-hitting artists such as Stevie Wonder, India Arie, Akon, Erykah Badu, Ashanti and Nelly.

If you’re looking for success in the music industry then Sylvia Rhone is more than a role model she is a living legacy. Ms. Rhone became the first African American woman to command a major record company when appointed as president/CEO of Atlantic Records division Eastwest Records in 1990. In 1994, she was appointed as chairman/CEO of Elektra Records where her roster included talent such as Missy Elliott, Metallica, Fabolous and Yolanda Adams.

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Big Boi Doing Big Thangs…and Ballet


In the days of dwindling Hip Hop sales artist’s are continuously looking for ways to branch out and diversify their brand.  Outkast are no new comers to exploring new territory (remember Idlewild?) and Big Boi is leaving no rock unturned.  While Andre 3000 is sewing his oats in Hollywood, Big Boi will be taking part in an Atlanta production utilizing ballet and a live band set to the soundtrack of Outkast’s catalog.  The production named “Big” will feature Big Boi exploring the American Dream or “the lack thereof.”  The production will be running for six dates starting April 10th at the Fox Theatre.  Speaking on the venture, Big Boi commented to Spin Magazine that,  

“I’ve dated a couple of ballerinas. But I was like, ‘That sounds kind of dope – let’s crank it up.'”

Depending on the success of the run, European dates may be added to the Atlanta based production.  For more of this story CLICK HERE.

Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It

Ain’t nothing like vintage Ice Cube back on his gangsta sh*t…peep how Cube expertly weaves socio-political consciousness with raw street commentary to deliver the blueprint for another Westside banger.  The lead off single to Cube’s upcoming albumRaw Footagehighlights some of the most infamous raw footage of our era.  You are now about to Witness the Strength of Street Knowledge! 

Lyrical Swords Slashes the Competition


YinSumi Press is proud to announce the release of Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion. This book is an amazing collection of essays and interviews with Hip Hop’s greatest stars. It features Rza, Nas, DJ QBert,, Balance, Del, Frontline, Gza, DJ Muggs, Smash Rockwell, Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Vlad, Slick Rick, Gangstarr, Paris, Run DMC, Jam Master Jay and many others! It also has powerful esays on Hip Hop and it’s relationship to chess, yoga, education, the prison industrial complex and various political issues facing the Hip Hop community. It is a MUST have for any serious student of Hip Hop today. Click HERE for the rest of this article.

Street Knowledge TV makes it to the FRONTPAGE of ALLHIPHOP.COM!


The world’s most dangerous website ALLHIPHOP.COM, did the inevitable and threw the world’s most dangerous blog, STREET KNOWLEDGE TV, on the front page of their site.  The good folks over at ALLHIPHOP took notice to the explosive super exclusive release of Common’s Full Length film for “TESTIFY.”  This rarely seen 9-minute clip features Wood Harris, Taraji Henson, Kenny Burns and Bill Duke.  Directed by Anthony Mandler the movie is Oscar worthy!  Click HERE for the FULL STORY!

And deep from the archive here goes another treat…its an early Christmas on this side of town!

Eminem’s mother calls his bluff

Update :
Source: Nahright
Here is the cover of the book due to drop next week.

According to Debbie Nelson, the exiled mother of Marshall Mathers aka Eminem, the majority of the story that Eminem based his career on was fradulent.  She writes in her latest book, ‘My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem’ that his claims to being white trailer trash was all a lie and initially she played along with the marketing scheme once his first album, Infinite bombed and he had to adopt the new identity.  She says she doesn’t hold any personal feelings against Marshall for lambasting her even though she has become the object of contempt by his legion of fans.  To see what else she had to say about Slim Shady, click HERE.     

Blender throws a low blow to low budget video’s


 The folks over at Blender threw the emerging genre of low-budget videos under the bus, choosing to target Mike Jones latest clip.  Due to the rapidly deteriorating music industry which is quickly slashing its video departments, artist have been forced to finance their own clips, which they post directly to YouTube since BET Uncut got cut.  Problem is, these joints fail to live up to the heydays of the mega-video.  “Tip Drill” these ain’t!  For the rest of the article click HERE 


To see Mike Jone’s video “Drop and Give me 50” click below 

Memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!

memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!

“Mind Right, Money Right…”

Diversifying your business has become a staple in the world of Hip Hop. With moguls
like Sean Combs and Sean Carter branching off to become branding machines for multi-national corporations, its no longer acceptable to just be a “rapper.” Roc-a-Fella recording artist Memphis Bleek definitely got the memo and he understands the bigger picture that Hip Hop is painting. Fresh off a global excursion with Jay-Z, M-Easy is charting out new territory, while still focusing on the charts and the art that got him here. Partnering with NJ automotive behemoth Installations Unlimited, Memph is throwing his fitted into the car business. Specializing in detailing and upgrades, this “Car Care Facility” is poised to
become the premier destination to “Pimp Your Ride.” And for those riders looking to
“Throw Some D’s” on their whip, if your tires aren’t hugging some Mayas then you’re
not sitting on fire. These rims, exclusively distributed by Installations Unlimited will be
the premier “shoes” to outfit your whips with this summer.

“What y’all about to witness is Big Business Kid”


Black Maya 1maya chrome wheels1Black Maya 2Chrome Maya 2Black Maya 3Chrome Maya 3

The entrepreneurial spirit has definitely rubbed off on Young Memphis, who’s been firmly planted in the game for over a decade. Never one to shy away from the booth, Memph-Man is also preparing his next dish. Still seeing the world through the lens of a dude from Marcy, he’s cheffin’ up some food for thought, reflective of the broader view he just got exposed to by touring the globe with Hov. Rest assure, he promises to give his fans a bellyful this time around, another chapter in his “Coming of Age” story. Memphis doesn’t hesitate to address the crop of “haters” that have been popping up with his name in their mouths lately. Stay tuned for the video clip where he speaks on his plans to silence them once and for all!

memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!2


“I don’t think you know how focused Young Memphis is”


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rendition by Shareif Ziyadat

“Coke is still my sponsor
Heh, the Cola, yeah
Hova still gettin it in with soda
Diet, no sir, I ain’t lose no weight
Started from the crates now
I’m sittin on a whole case”

-Jay-Z, Kingdome Come

The night of February 7th bore witness to another historic moment for the ever-expanding Hip Hop genre. In conjunction with Fashion Week, Coca Cola merged forces with the C-E-O of the R-O-C, Mr. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z to remix and relaunch Cherry Coke. The only thing being modeled this night though was the remodeled can, exclusively designed by the Rocawear design team, along with esteemed artists Charlie Becker, Dave White, Kid America Club and Shareif Ziyadat. Staying true to the original color-scheme of red and black, the new can is a fusion between an urban landscape, reflective of the Hip Hop influence that Jiggaman represents and the artistic flair of these word-renowned artists. Even the cherry has a distinct graffiti look to it.

dave white logo

rendition by Dave White

But the question remained, was the new look all about “style” with no “substance?” On the contraire. Once we took it to the “Black” Carpet and polled past fans of the Cherry Coke brand, they gave it a unanimous thumbs up once they cracked the can and sipped the “juice.”

rendition by Shareif Ziyadat

In addition to Cherry Coke, the slimmed down version of Cherry Coke Zero was also rolled out, much to the delight of the superthin models who were in the house that night.

As D-Nice manned the wheels of steels upstairs, Street Knowledge held down the Black carpet and mixed it up with celebs such as DJ Clue, Bentley Farnsworth, the incomparable Deborah Cox, Rich Hilfiger and his team, 106 & Park duo Terrence J & Rosci, Nik from America’s Next Top Model, Vanessa & Angela Simmons (Run’s lovely daughters), Nick Cannon, MTV veteran Sway, BK’s own “Super”
Zab Judah and Julito MCCullum from The Wire. Later on in the evening Fab, Diddy and Cuba Gooding Jr. joined the festivities to party hard with Jay-Z and company.

dj cluebentley fonzniktopmodel1.jpgthe simmons sisters

The venue was appropiately held in the same building that houses the Dia Art Foundation, a non-profit that is a staple in the visual arts community, renown for displaying monumental art exhibits. Add the Cherry Coke launch to that piece of history.


cuba & friends


Rich Hilfiger & Co

Editors note:
What more can be said about the marketing power of Sean “Jay-Z” Carter? Coming off the heels of touring the globe and slinging water to the world for the UN, resurrecting his recording career, burying Cristal, appearing in Hewlett Packard commercials, merging with Budweiser Select (co-brand director), and launching his “Jay-Z” blue-hued Yukon Denali, Jay-Z is being eagerly sought after for his corporate “Midas Touch.” Oh did we fail to mention that in addition to trailblazing the path for rappers to have their own footwear, he also juggles duties as President of Def Jam Records and part owner of the soon to be Brooklyn Nets. From Marcy to Madison Square. From slinging coke to getting it in with Coke. Coca Cola, that is. At this pace its fair to say, the Roc-a-Fella kingdom has truly come…Hooollllaaaaa


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“They say “The crochet pants and the sweater was wack”
seen “The Corner”, now they say “That n*gga’s back,” uh…”
Common, They Say


On the night of Tuesday, January 23rd, Chicago’s own Common and company commenced on a small boutigue in Little Italy, La Coppola Storta
La Coppola Storta
debut the release of his highly anticipated signature hat line, Soji. The name Soji, which was borrowed from Common’s next door neighbor means ‘spiritual rebirth,’ signaling the birth of Common’s new venture. Universally recognized as a trendsetter in his own right, the transition from artist to entrepreneur almost seems seamless for the Chi-Town native.

When Street Knowledge inquired as to “Why hats? Why now?”
his response was, combined with his love for hats and everyone inquiring about where to get the hats he’d become famous for wearing coupled with him going bald, he figured this was the right move to make, at the right time(he also has a movie & album dropping). He explained that he chose to collaborate with La Coppola Storta, because their brand is globally recognized to be synonymous with excellence when it comes to upscale hatwear.

As legend has it, Jeremy Piven, Common’s Smokin’ Aces co-star, stopped by the store to buy some hats and suggested to them that they hook up with Common. Apparently not only did they think it was a great idea, but they’d been looking to hook up with Common prior to Jeremy dropping by. As they say, the rest is history. this year).


In attendance was his Smokin’ Aces co-stars Alicia Keys, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Taraji Henson and good friends Londell McMillan

The star-studded red carpet gala was sponsored by the good people of Moet Chandon, who kept the bubbly flowing while the cameras kept flashing, capturing the ambience of the night, play by play. Unexpectingly, before the night finished Common capped off the festivities by unveiling his true inspiration: his mother. She expressed her delight to see her son reach these heights via his love for the mic. Common has come full circle in his career and continues to prove that through Hip Hop all things are possible. Special thanks to


polaris logo


la coppola storta logo


BF9 Media

Special thanks
to our contributing reporters from Harlem LIVE Organization, Nkrumah Tinsley, Matthew Sneh, S. Van Bryan and Street Knowledge co-host Goddess


Photos courtesy of Matthew Sneh, S. Van Bryan and Nkrumah Tinsley; check out pics in our Flickr photo album.


In addition to their SOHO/LoLita location (246 Mott St.), La Coppola Storta also maintains retail locations in Palermo, Roma, Firenze, and Bologna, Italy.


Smokin’ Aces is in theaters January 26.


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