This Is How We Did It…Cherry Coke Story

MajestyVideo (Vlog) EditorMaj the Magician

I utilized a couple of different programs to put this segment together. Editing was done with Final Cut Pro Studio. Sound effects were culled from Soundtrack Pro and the pics came from our digital camera (Sony DSC F707). The clips is laced with an original track produced by Bang Out courtesy of Big Sound Music.

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PMoorHost/Blog Editor

PMoorpheus the Prophet

To prepare my line of questioning I googled the event and familiarized myself with the past history of Cherry Coke. I updated my knowledge of Jay-Z‘s business ventures and decided I will ask the attendees of the night’s event to taste test the product for a genuine reaction. So after then taking over the “Black” Carpet of the Cherry Coke/Jay-Z relauch party and getting the responses I was looking for (vintage) I immediately hit the blog to put together the written account of this historic night. I transcribed the event, step-by-step, recalling all of the celebrities that I interviewed and the few that popped up after the “Black” Carpet coverage wrapped up. To accompany the look and the feel of the article I uploaded the photos that complimented the story. I believe pictures speak a thousand words, so I used the best visuals that would tell the story, frame by frame. To capture the significance of the evening, I included an editor’s note to highlight the ascending visibilty of Jay-Z as a corporate branding machine.

I also logged the complete photo album into our Flickr account, under the title “SK Promo Flics/Cherry Coke & Jay-Z” so make sure you check out the full layout!

And of course you can’t leave out the people that made it all possible, so I included a “Special Thanks” column…Thank You all again for giving us the opportunity to do what we do so well!!

Vandal ArtsGraphic Editor

Van the Villian

Inspiration is the key to designing and how I go about exporting my creativity. In this case, attending the party celebrating the partnership between Cherry Coke & Jay-Z, the venue gave me all I needed to develop the concept. In the process of creating the graphics for the project, I used Photoshop and Illustrator in combination with Motion and Final Cut. Since Cherry Coke exercises a heavy emphasis on black & red color schemes, all I did was replicate the visual elements already used by Cherry Coca Cola. Presto, there you have it, the magic behind Vandal Arts

questions anyone??