10 Ways Musicians Piss Off Their Fans

Source: Muchmusic

Very interesting article, especially with artists such as Diddy making video blogs about how the music business is going through change and that artists need to grow and adapt. Some of these rules are definetly pointed at older artists, but you youngins should take note if you wanna stick around :


Becoming Uselessly Drunk or High Before a Show

As Amy Winehouse has proved time and time again, it’s not a great idea to get so inebriated before a show that you can’t perform. Fans tend to get a little angry when they’ve paid a lot of money to see a show, and the musicians in question makes a fool of themselves on stage. We’re not there to watch a drunken ass grope blindly around the stage, cause if we wanted that we could have gone to any bar and seen that show for free.

Retiring Over and Over and…Over Again

Often fans pay a lot more money to see a show when they know it’s the “last” tour. If you continue to have a “last” tour every two years, frankly it gets to be a little annoying. It gives the impression of being a tad money-grubbing, and let’s face it, most of the time you aren’t improving your sound at all. (In fact, it might even be on the decline.) Sometimes, it’s a better idea to just put the horse out to pasture. It’s more gentle and quick that way.

See: Celine Dion, Cher, Jay-Z, 50 Cent
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