[pics] Jill Scott Nudes Leak..Is 4 Chan Responsible? (NSFW)

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You would think by now celebs would smarten up and keep their nudes off of easily hackable smartphones. I guess not. Jill Scott becomes the latest victim to be exposed for the world to see. In a way since she has lost a bunch of weight that this might not be all that big of a deal to her at the end of the day. Hit the cut to see what Jill in all her naked glory…

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“Steve Jobs Dead”: When Livestreams Go Wrong: MacRumors Gets Hijacked by 4Chan


via Tech Crunch

MacRumors has long been one of my favorite sources for Mac-related gossip (largely because the site has generally avoided overly sensational articles that were clearly wrong), but today it has been having a few issues with its Macworld Livestream.

At 9:24 AM the stream issued an alarming announcement that “Steve Jobs just died”. Moments later this was corrected, with a statement that the MacRumors team didn’t know how it had gotten into the feed. There was quiet for a few minutes. And then things took a turn for the worst, as members of what appears to be the 4chan image-board began flooding the feed with bizarre comments.

Note: We don’t recommend that you visit the site at the moment, as the feed now includes some graphic and disgusting images.

For a working stream of the latest news, check out the CrunchGear Macworld Notes.

[video] Hackers Infiltrate Large Hadron Collider, Mock Security System

I wonder whether the fellas over at 4Chan are behind this breech. What a way to poke fun at the biggest science experiment in the world. As the world shivered in its boots and questioned the safety of this experiment, some random kids hacked into the system and made mockery of a device that some fear could potentially reak unknown havoc on the planet. The irony of the youth!

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Hackers Hack Into Two Sites that Oversee Internet


I don’t know if 4Chan inspired a rash of copycat hacks today, but this one was a major international breach with wide ramifications

via CRN

Turkish hackers broke into two of the most established international Websites that oversee and regulate the Internet in order to reroute visitors to a rogue domain, the New York Times reported Friday.

Two of the domains under attack include the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, icann.org) and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA (iana.org) — two organizations that that have dominion over numerous critical functions regarding Internet regulation.

IANA oversees the international coordination of the domain name system, IP addressing and other Internet protocol resources. ICANN has global authority over the Internet’s identifier system, allocating IP address space and managing the Web’s domain name system.
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SOHH Hacked & Spammed With Racist Nazi Headlines, Pics

Source : Not Important

I awoke this morning and was put on to a vicious attack on SOHH. The site’s homepage was spammed with racist headlines and titles to there videos were changed to Some Nigger ft Some Nappy Headed Ho.
I was given a anonymous tip about these hackers and sent the info below.This is a must read from all our whole internet community. Please pass this on:

Full story under the cut…
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