[video] No I.D. Says Blueprint 3 is an “Instant Classic

In the same vein that J Dilla was highly regarded for his “genuis” posthumously so will it be for NO I.D.  This dude has a brilliant

ear for production, so when he makes such bold claims about the latest plate of food being cooked up by Hova the GOD then we need to pay some attention.  The weather broke, they need to leak something to set the summer off right.

BTW he’s saying it sounds something like 808’s which I hope doesn’t mean that Jay went auto-tune on us.

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Interview: The Evolution of Jeezy


via RapRadar

So far, Young Jeezy is having the best week year ever. Still reveling in the success from last year’s aptly titled The Recession, this January, Da Snowman became the official spokesman for Belvedere Vodka, Then last week, inked a deal with management firm Hip-Hop Since 1978 (Kanye West and Lil Wayne). Sweetening the pot, this summer he makes his acting debut alongside Ice Cube and Mike Epps in the comedy Janky Promoters. Sitting down with RapRadar, Jeezy talks about on his new deal, film, and writing for Kanye West.

You recently signed your management deal with Hip-Hop Since 1978. Why did you hook up with them at this stage of your career?
It got to the point where I wanted to focus just on my music and I wanted to trust somebody else to put it in they hands. So I just took my Louis Vuitton backpack off and put it on them for a minute. I been doing a lot for myself, but sometimes you just gotta expand your game and the way you do that is get linked with people. That’s what they do for a living, all day everyday.

The Recession
was critically and commercially successful. Do you think you’ve proven yourself with this album?

I think when it marinates on people and when they realize what I was trying to do and what I set out to do, I’ll feel much better. But for the most part, if people really knew how much work I put into that album, how many studio hours, and how much I paid attention to what was going on to complete the project, then I think it [would be] appreciated much more. I was working night and day on that shit. I just felt like I had a lot to prove. I had to show people that I wasn’t just some nigga that was just standing on the corner a few years ago, doing what I was doing. I had to show them that I’m a part of this society. I’m a part of this world.

Why didn’t the iTunes bonus song, “Done It” make the cut?
Yo, I’m about to shoot a video for that. I’m about to tell you the realest shit in the world. You know why that song didn’t go on my album? Cause it was a fuckin Hall and Oates sample and they cleared it the day the after the album was turned in. We kept trying to track them down to clear it, but they cleared it the day after. That shit hurt me. I went in on that song. I brought out harmonicas, violins— we built that song from scratch. I had a saxophone player come in my nigga! That was it. That was the one. They cleared that shit like a day after I turned my album in. I could not believe it.

Damn, that sucks. Were you tight for not winning the Grammy for Best Rap Performance last month?
I mean shit, my nigga I was bitter. I was ready for whatever. But you know, just to get nominated for some shit like that was a sign for me. It definitely showed me to keep it moving and go just go harder next time, man. But shit, I’ll see ‘em next year. I ain’t letting up. I don’t give a fuck, I’m a winner. Continue reading