[video] President Obama: Congress’ Veto Override Of 9/11 Lawsuits Bill Is ‘A Mistake’

We been in the bed with the Saudis forever. Hopefully this will lead to some real information as to who was really behind the attacks on 9/11.

The House and Senate voted to override President Obama’s veto of JASTA, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which will allow 9/11 victims and families to sue Saudi Arabia for the 2001 terror attacks. Obama criticized the lawmakers, saying the bill’s passage could expose U.S. troops and diplomats to legal retaliation overseas. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports for TODAY from the White House.

[video] Kam: All Religions Have Been Hijacked By White Supremacy

Rapper Kam exclusively spoke to DJ Vlad about his thoughts on Donald Trump, the Paris terrorist attacks and all religions being hijacked by white supremacy. While giving his thoughts on recent events in the media, the West Coast conscious rapper talked about Churches and Mosques pimping out blacks. “It’s all bad. All religions have been hijacked by white supremacy,” he said. When asked if the churches painted a negative effect on the black community, he answered, “Definitely! I don’t know if they created it because Christianity was imposed on black people in the black church. So I can’t say they created it. They perpetuated it, they continued it.”

[video] Tony Robinson’s mother speaks: My son was not a violent person

Another mother in mourning after her son is gunned down in cold blood by police.

Mother of slain black teen says son’s death ‘baffles’ her.Tony Robinson, 19, was shot and killed by Madison police after they responded to a call … “Initial findings at the scene did not reflect a gun or anything of that nature that … “My son has never been a violent person,” she said.

[video] Farrakhan on 9-11: What You Need to Know #FalseFlag

Minister Louis Farrakhan says prove him wrong and he will pay with his life.

A great deal of skepticism exists regarding the accepted governmental accounts of what transpired on September 11, 2001. Many construction experts, architects and engineers have even said the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed in a controlled demolition.

There are also growing numbers who reject major portions of the “19 hijackers” hypothesis going even further calling the entire event a False Flag Operation.

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[video] The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

Must watch. Fitting that we have former mayor of NYC, loud mouth Rudy Giuliani, all over the news spouting his racist rhetoric about President Obama and the black community in general, who has consistently used the tragedy of 9/11 to remain relevant. I am willing to bet he would call the 9/11 Truthers, a bunch of unpatriotic idiots who also don’t love America. The recent death threats he has supposedly received should be a wake up call that everybody with a brain hates Rudy.


[video] Osama Bin Laden Home Videos Released

To satisfy the doubters and to show the real Bin Laden, the government releases these purported home videos. This video shows him ironically watching himself on Al Jeezra and has just a shot of him from the side. Rather than silence the doubters, this video will ramp up the noise that this whole Bin Laden death thing is an elaborate government hoax. Try again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


[video] New 9/11 Helicopter Footage Released

Just like the post I did with Charlie Sheen’s video asking serious and unanswered questions about 9/11, this recently released footage is another reminder that we still have a long way to go before we find out the real story. Though we have been told the case has been solved, O beg to differ and think that we have been bamboozled in the worst way. If we don’t address this now we are sure to have similar events take place in the future.

via Huff Post

Newly released footage of the World Trade Center attacks shows an NYPD helicopter’s perspective of that fated day.
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[video] Iran President Ahmadinejad blames US Government for 9/11

Say what you want but this is felt by alot more people that just Ahmadinejad, he just has the heart to speak on it on a world stage. Listen to this video and you will hear him lay out why he thinks the US government is guilty of knowing alot more about the terrible act of 9/11 then what we have been told.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
via Huff Post

(AP) UNITED NATIONS — The U.S. delegation walked out of the U.N. speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some in the world have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, staged in an attempt to assure Israel’s survival.

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Burn A Koran Day Pastor Refuses To Stop Koran Burning Ceremony on 9/11

What the hell is wrong with this dude? Why is he being allowed to disgrace the Islamic religion and even bring more tension into this country concerning race and religion? Somebody snipe this dude quick and take us out of his misery.

Rev. Terry Jones at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., Monday, Aug. 30, 2010. Jones plans to burn copies of the Quran on church grounds to mark the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States that provoked the Afghan war. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

via My Way

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) – The leader of a small Florida church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy said Wednesday he was determined to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, despite pressure from the White House, religious leaders and others to call it off.

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5 Agents busted in my door this morning – Unlawful entry

This is a very good lesson in how we really are at the mercy of the government at a moments notice watch this video and be very afraid.

Sheriff’s busted into my private home at approx 6 am on Tuesday March 30, 2010. They banged on the door and yelled “Open up… Kern County Sheriff” etc.. for about 4-5 minutes.. I was alone and they were looking for Joe, the man they beat up on the roadside a few months ago in Bakersfield, California.

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Charlie Sheen Demands Obama Reopen 9/11 Investigation In YouTube Clip

Source: Breitbart

Charlie Sheen addresses the President about 9/11 in a special video message, shortly after releasing his “20 Minutes with the President,” specifically addressing 20 key points that need to be answered by a truly independent investigation.

Sheen’s message is a call to action, not only for President Obama to address the pertinent issues, but for activists everywhere to pressure their representatives and leaders, wherever they may be, to ‘be on the right side of history’ and take back the country through peaceful revolution and true grassroots dissent.


Twenty Minutes with the President – http://www.infowars.com/twenty-minute…

Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up – http://www.infowars.com/charlie-sheen…

Scientists Clone 9/11 Search and Dog, German Sheperd “TRAKR”


We couldn’t make these up if we tried. The serendipity of the last few posts is amazing


LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― A dog made famous for its heroics in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks has succesfully been cloned by BioArts, a California-based company.

Trakr, a German Sheppard rescue dog from Nova Scotia, helped rescue victims at Ground Zero eight years ago. The dog actually pulled the last remaining survivor from the rubble itself, and his owner, James Symington, believes that was merely one example of Trakr’s abilities.

“His heroic work at Ground Zero was just a culmination of his amazing career,” Symington said.5puppies_2

But in 2008, as Trakr aged, he became ravaged by multiple diseases. Symington then saw an advertisement for a contest sponspored by BioArts and decided to submit Trakr’s story to the company. The contest’s prize: cloning one lucky dog free of charge to its owner.

CEO Louis Hawthorne believes Trakr’s past accomplishments made him the winner.

“We expected that the winner would be an exceptional pet,” Hawthorne said. “Maybe he would have rescued Timmy from a well. But we didn’t think it would be anything of the historical significance that Trakr played. That blew us away.”

BioArts originally intended to make one clone of the German Sheppard, but then decided to re-think the process.

“At some point in the process we woke up and said, ‘hey, wait a second. Why stop at one? Let’s make a whole set,'” Hawthorne said. Continue reading

Official story of 9/11 “almost entirely untrue”

via Daily Kos

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, this is about a new book, titled “The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11”.

And before you get all outraged (The FAQ! The FAQ!), here is the author of the book, John Farmer:groundtruth

John Farmer served as Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, where his areas of responsibility included assessing the national response to the terrorist attacks and evaluating the current state of national preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters, he also served as attorney general of New Jersey (1999-2002), as chief counsel to Governor Whitman, and as a federal prosecutor. He recently served as a subject matter/rule of law expert on security to the special envoy for Middle East regional security. He is currently a partner of a New Jersey law form and an adjunct professor of national security law at Rutgers University Law School. His editorials and articles have appeared in “The New York Times” and elsewhere.

And my diary title are the words of Farmer’s publisher, Houghton Mifflin.

I wrote a couple of nights ago, here — ‘9/11 Commission Report — Info Obtained Through Torture” — as to how much of what was published in the 9/11 Commission report was obtained through torture, and is therefore completely without credibility.

Scandalous enough, right?

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Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

via FOX

Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, may have finally outdone himself, divulging potentially classified information meant to save the life of a sitting vice president.biden

According to a report, while recently attending the Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, an annual event where powerful politicians and media elite get a chance to cozy up to one another, Biden told his dinnermates about the existence of a secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, which is now the home of the vice president.

The bunker is believed to be the secure, undisclosed location former Vice President Dick Cheney remained under protection in secret after the 9/11 attacks.

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek magazine’s Washington contributing editor, said Biden revealed the location while filling in for President Obama at the dinner, who, along with Grover Cleveland, is the only president to skip the gathering.

According to Clift’s report on the Newsweek blog, Biden “said a young naval officer giving him a tour of the residence showed him the hideaway, which is behind a massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment.”

Clift continued: “The officer explained that when Cheney was in lock down, this was where his most trusted aides were stationed, an image that Biden conveyed in a way that suggested we shouldn’t be surprised that the policies that emerged were off the wall.” Continue reading

Obama says New York City flyover was ‘a mistake’


via Breitbart

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama says it was a mistake for one of his official airplanes to be sent zooming past the New York City skyline for a publicity photo shoot. 

Obama said Tuesday: “It was a mistake, as was stated … and it will not happen again.”

Obama commented after reporters asked about the flight as he prepared to meet with FBI Director Robert Mueller at agency headquarters.

On Monday, one of the Boeing 747s used by Obama and an F-16 jet circled the Statue of Liberty at the start of the work day, startling workers in lower Manhattan who feared a nightmarish replay of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The flight was carried out by the Defense Department. The director of the White House military office apologized for the incident.

[UPDATE]: US Won’t Attend UN Racism Conference



UNITED NATIONS – The United States won’t
participate in a U.N. conference on racism in April unless the final
document is changed to drop all references to Israel and criticism of
religion, a senior U.S. official said Friday.

conference is a follow-up to the contentious 2001 conference in the
South African city of Durban, which was dominated by clashes over the
Middle East and the legacy of slavery. The U.S. and Israel walked out
midway through that eight-day meeting over a draft resolution that
singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism — the movement to
establish and maintain a Jewish state — to racism.

and Canada have already announced that they will boycott the upcoming
World Conference Against Racism in Geneva from April 20-25, known as
Durban II, but President Barack Obama’s administration decided to
assess the negotiations before making a decision on U.S. participation.

Last week, the State Department sent two U.S.
representatives to Geneva, where the final document to be issued by
conference participants at the end of the conference is being
negotiated, the U.S. officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity
because an official announcement has not yet been made.

representatives — Betty King, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
Economic and Social Council, and Felice Gaer, the chair of the U.S.
Commission on International Religious Freedom — held 30 meetings with
representatives of different countries and attended the negotiations,
the U.S. official said.

Drawing the line
While the U.S. presence was warmly welcomed, the U.S. official said that in the negotiations, a bad document got worse.

United States has decided that it will not participate in further
negotiations on the outcome document and will not participate in the
conference itself on the basis of the latest text, the U.S. official

The Obama
administration would reconsider its position if the document improves
in a number of areas including dropping references to any specific
country, references to defamation of religion which the U.S. views as a
free speech issue, and language on reparations for slavery. It also
wants a shorter text and does not want the final document for Durban II
to reaffirm the final document from the 2001 Durban conference, the
U.S. official said.

Further details on the issues in question were
not available as the latest version of the final document being
negotiated in Geneva has not been released.

nations have expressed hope that the conference can go ahead with a
final text that is acceptable. But they have also drawn lines they say
may not be crossed.

diplomat Daniel Vosgien said in December that his country was firmly
opposed to the idea of banning criticism of religion. Dutch Foreign
Minister Maxime Verhagen said at the time that the Netherlands would
walk out unless anti-Israel statements were scrapped.

US to Help Plan UN Racism Conference


via AP

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, last time they had one of these, somebody knocked down the Towers a few days later, so ironically the developments of that meeting never made the news

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration said late Saturday it would participate in planning for a U.N. conference on racism despite concerns the meeting will be used by Arab nations and others to criticize Israel.

The U.S. will decide later whether to participate in the conference.

The State Department said it would send diplomats next week to participate in preparatory meetings for the World Conference Against Racism, which is set to be held in Geneva, Switzerland in April and which some countries including Israel have already decided to boycott.

During the Bush administration the United States and Israel walked out the first U.N. conference on racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001 over efforts to pass a resolution comparing Zionism — the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state — to racism.

Those efforts failed but there are signs the resolution may be reintroduced at the so-called “Durban 2” meeting in Geneva and Israel has been actively lobbying the United States and European countries to stay away from this year’s meeting. Continue reading

Wanted: 850 New FBI Agents

I wonder why they’re hiring all these new alphabet boys? Maybe got something to do with the fact they’ve got the whole country wiretapped. There must hundreds of thousands of secret indictments on the way.

via CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Despite a bleak economic environment featuring wide-ranging layoffs and rising unemployment, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency is touting “one of the largest hiring blitzes in our 100-year history.”art_fbi1

The FBI posted openings for 850 special agents and more than 2,100 professional support personnel. Officials say it’s the largest FBI job posting since immediately after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The FBI’s unexpectedly large number of job openings results more from attrition and a wave of retirements than from growing government appropriations, Bureau officials told CNN.

The FBI routinely advertises openings for individuals with critical skills in computer science and language fluency. But John Raucci, assistant director of the FBI’s Human Resources Division, says current needs are much more wide-ranging. Continue reading

What Should Government Do with Remains of 9/11 Hijackers?


via Newsweek

More than sever years after 9/11, the agonizing work of identifying the dead continues, with a very large question still unresolved: what to do with the remains of the perpetrators.  Grappling with that question is a group of coroners, medical examiners and grieving victims’ family members–all of whom feel they have a strong personal stake in the tiny fragments of tissue and bone from the 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers.

9/11 Mastermind Mounts Vigorous Defense at Gitmo

via Breitbart

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AP) – The proclaimed architect of the Sept. 11 attacks once declared that he wanted to be executed and become a martyr. But Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is mounting a vigorous defense, even asking the military judge to remove himself Wednesday.

Acting as his own attorney, Mohammed’s readiness to raise pretrial challenges on behalf of himself and his four co-defendants ensures the case will not be over quickly. It now has little chance of going to trial before the end of the Bush administration.

Charles “Cully” Stimson, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, said Mohammed aims to use the military tribunal to rally al-Qaida supporters.

“KSM will mess with the system to the extent he can, and he will use the trial as a platform to speak to those who look up to him as a hero,” Stimson told The Associated Press in an e-mail. Continue reading

Poll: World Not Convinced Al Qaeda Responsible for 9/11

via Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Seven years after the Sept. 11 attacks, there is no consensus outside the United States that Islamist militants from al Qaeda were responsible, according to an international poll published Wednesday.

The survey of 16,063 people in 17 nations found majorities in only nine countries believe al Qaeda was behind the attacks on New York and Washington that killed about 3,000 people in 2001.

U.S. officials squarely blame al Qaeda, whose leader Osama bin Laden has boasted of organizing the suicide attacks by his followers using hijacked commercial airliners. Continue reading

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom

As the candidates slug it out to take on the most monumental task in the history of the world, as we embark on the seventh anniversary of 9/11 let us not forget the MANY unanswered questions that linger around these events and how the majority of the world view the ‘US’ role in the attacks. It is not only the ‘Muslim’ world that has credible questions about the validity of these attacks, there are legions of Americans and Europeans who have been at the forefront, presenting scientific research and eyewitness accounts that dispute the “official” line about what took place on that Tuesday morning seven score years ago. With everything the Bush Administration has demonstrated so far, why would people find ‘this’ hard to believe.  Wake up before it’s too late.  We now return you to your normal broadcast.

via NY Times

CAIRO — Seven years later, it remains conventional wisdom here that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda could not have been solely responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and that the United States and Israel had to have been involved in their planning, if not their execution, too.

This is not the conclusion of a scientific survey, but it is what routinely comes up in conversations around the region — in a shopping mall in Dubai, in a park in Algiers, in a cafe in Riyadh and all over Cairo.

“Look, I don’t believe what your governments and press say. It just can’t be true,” said Ahmed Issab, 26, a Syrian engineer who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. “Why would they tell the truth? I think the U.S. organized this so that they had an excuse to invade Iraq for the oil.” Continue reading

Al Qaeda Blasts Iran for ‘Working’ with the US

via Breitbart

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Al-Qaida marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks with an hour and a half video message Monday summarizing the state of jihad, or holy war, around the world and slamming Iran for collaborating with the United States.

Short excerpts of the message were aired on the Arab satellite news channel Al-Jazeera.

In them, al-Qaida Number 2, Ayman al-Zawahri accused Iran of working with U.S. forces.

Al-Zawahri said Tehran was “cooperating with the Americans in occupying Iraq and Afghanistan” and slammed Iran for recognizing the two governments. He also criticized the Shiites for not calling for a jihad in Iraq against the “Crusader occupier.” In militant postings, “crusaders” is shorthand for U.S. troops in Iraq. Continue reading

As federal agency declares ‘new phenomenon’ downed WTC 7, activists cry foul

Trade 7


According to a federal agency report released Thursday, a “new phenomenon” known as thermal expansion was directly responsible for the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 on Sept. 11, 2001.

This study, posed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology — a federal scientific agency which promotes technical industrial standards — marks the first ‘official’ government theory on the collapse.

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Is Bin Laden Winning the War on Terror?

I recently came across this article written in 2001 and published in the NY Times. In retrospect it reminded me of bin Laden’s initial goal at the offset of this ‘war.’ His intentions were to boost the price of oil, thus destabilizing the global market and subsequently bringing the US to its knees through economic warfare. As oil hits its all-time high, and speculators speculating that it still hasn’t peaked in its soaring price, I figured on Independence Day it would be the appropriate time to ask, ‘did Osama win?’

He’s still on the run eating, oil is a hundred plus a barrel, Al Qeada is still thriving, Afghanistan is emerging as a major thorn in the side of coalition forces and the US can’t even pin a conviction down on the bombers of the USS Cole let alone the purported masterminds behind 9/11. Minus the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis they’ve killed and a few thousand combatants who don’t mind dying these goons are still putting in major work. The US is planning to engage Al Qaeda in North Africa, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran and lord knows where else they are conducting black-ops trying to destabilize a government so they can topple the power structure, create a vacuum and insert a puppet. Peep what was being said in 2001 about Osama’s ambitions as a rider:
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McCain Advisor Apologizes For Saying ‘9/11’ Type Attack Would Benefit McCain

why did Bush knock down the Towers?

Let’s be clear, while the notion of a shadow government inflicting “terrorist” attacks on the Homeland of America to gain political advantage may be a foreign concept to some we here at STREET KNOWLEDGE put nothing past the criminal element that is pervasive in Washington politics. Why do they always incite the propaganda of fear when their backs are against the wall? Because it is a method that has consistently worked to their advantage so I find it as no surprise that McCain’s Republican cronies would be insinuating that to tip the balance of the election some more domestic terrorism is being ordered up, after all no one has answered for 9/11 as of yet. (see Loose Change).

via Reuters

FRESNO, California (Reuters) – A top adviser to Republican presidential candidate John McCain apologized on Monday after he was quoted as saying a September 11-type attack before the November election would benefit McCain.

The campaign of Democrat Barack Obama condemned the remark by McCain political adviser Charlie Black, calling it a “complete disgrace.”
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