[video] Talk to Al Jazeera – Akon: ‘America was never built for black people’

Must watch. Akon is stepping up plate and putting these African governments to shame who by way of white supremacy have left their people in the dark ages while Europeans and the Chinese suck the country of its resources.

Edit: Much props to the beautiful interviewer who didn’t give Akon any softballs during this chat and called him on various subjects including his lyrical content which many have deemed dehumanizing to women.

The Senegalese-American recording artist talks frankly about US race relations, “rebranding” Africa, and his music.
Akon talks to Al Jazeera about running his musical career as a business; his projects – both philanthropic and artistic; singing songs for peace and whether he thinks it can really make an impact; and being an African in the US.

[video] Steve Harvey pulls a Charles Barkley: ” I Don’t Care For Slavery “

In Steve Harvey’s white washed world slavery is not to be brought up because his massive mainstream success has brain washed him to feel he has no kinship to it. Why talk about slavery which was 400 years of murderous servitude of black people actually kidnapped from their country and the effects of it still reverberating in todays society. The Uncle Tom’s of the modern era are becoming more and more visible each day.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.19.00 AM

[video] Ebola: Why the Outbreak Is Ending

Don’t believe the hype.

Feb, 3 — Less than six months ago, the CDC released a report that up to 1.4 million people could die from Ebola by mid-January. As of February 2015, the virus has claimed roughly 8,500 lives. What happened over this short period to curb the largest Ebola outbreak in history? Voiced by Bloomberg’s Drew Beebe.

[video] Reversing Female Circumcision: The Cut That Heals (Trailer)

This madness still goes on.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a religious and cultural tradition that affects millions of women worldwide. Sometimes referred to as female circumcision or “cutting,” the practice varies in severity depending on where it is performed. The procedure can range from minor nicks to the clitoris to the total removal of the clitoris and labia. In its severest form, the two sides of the vulva are sewn together, leaving only a small hole for menstruation and urination.

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[video] Chinedu Echeruo (Founder of HopStop.com)

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 2.41.30 PM


I have used this site literally 100’s of times and had no idea a brother created it. Hit the cut for a video on this brother and more info about his burgeoning tech portfolio of businesses he has founded. #BlacksinTech


Echeruo is a Tech entrepreneur and founder of HopStop.com which he reportedly sold to Apple in the “billion” dollar range. HopStop.com is a mobile and online application that provides mass transit directions door-to-door mass transit, taxi, walking, biking and hourly car rental directions in major metropolitan markets throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K, France, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.


In 2001, HopStop was named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the US by Inc. magazine. Chinedu also founded Tripology.com, an interactive travel referral service focused on connecting travelers with travel specialists which was later acquired by USA Today Travel Media Group. Echeruo obtained an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.S from Syracuse University.

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Last Dance for the Playboy King of Swaziland?

Photo of young women during the reed dance.

Some of the estimated 30,000 young women participating in the annual Umhlanga ceremony, or Reed Dance, sing as they wait to present their reeds to King Mswati III in 2012.


Jonathan W. Rosen

for National Geographic


LOBAMBA, Swaziland—It’s fast approaching dusk at the Ludzidzini Royal Compound when King Mswati III makes his long-awaited entrance.


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[video] Black Athena (The African Origin of the Modern Greeks)

Do the Knowledge.


Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization is a controversial three-volume scholarly work by Martin Bernal. He discusses ancient Greece in a new light. Bernal’s thesis discusses the perception of ancient Greece in relation to Greece’s African and Asiatic neighbors, especially the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians who, he believes, colonized ancient Greece.

Bernal proposes that a change in the Western perception of Greece took place from the 18th century onward and that this change fostered a subsequent denial by Western academia of any significant African and Phoenician influence on ancient Greek civilization.

Although the influence of Egyptian and Near Eastern civilizations on ancient Greece is not controversial in either ancient or modern Greekhistoriography, the Afrocentric claims contained in Black Athena have been described as pseudohistory by Ronald H. Fritze.[1]


How You Like Me Now!!! Sudanese Rapper ‘Bangs’ Get a Honda Car Commercial (Video)

Bangs definitely gets the last laugh, alot more ladies are gonna let him take them to the movies! You are about to blow kid, watch how many blogs post this video over the next couple of days. Just remember where you saw it first and heavy props to Tanner Riguard.

Honda sets out to prove that the Jazz really ‘fits anything you can imagine’ by Jazz Packing Rap (and Bangs).

What would you pack? Visit http://honda.com.au/jazzpacking and you could win a Jazz!


[video] Nas & Damian “Jr Gong” Marley- DISTANT RELATIVES preview

This project excites if for nothing else because its a break from the norm, an ambitious project with a purpose. Growing up in Flatbush, I always wondered why no rapper grouped with a reggae artist, when truthfully they are the illest lyricist in the game. So to see one of my favorites in the game team up with a legend in the name of the Motherland, I will buy 10 of these albums, word is bond.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about " Nas & Damian "Jr Gong" Marley…", posted with vodpod

Scientists Reconstruct Face of First European


via Daily Mail

Dressed in a suit, this person would not look out of place in a busy street in a modern city.

The clay sculpture, however, portrays the face of the earliest known modern European – a man or woman who hunted deer and gathered fruit and herbs in ancient forests more than 35,000 years ago.

It was created by Richard Neave, one of Britain’s leading forensic scientists, using fossilised fragments of skull and jawbone found in a cave seven years ago.

His recreation offers a tantalising glimpse into life before the dawn of civilisation. It also shows the close links between the first European settlers and their immediate African ancestors.

To sculpt the head, Mr Neave called on his years of experience recreating the appearance of murder victims as well as using careful measurements of bone.

It was made for the BBC2 series The Incredible Human Journey. This will follow the evolution of humans from the cradle of Africa to the waves of migrations that saw Homo sapiens colonise the globe.

The head has taken pride of place on the desk of Alice Roberts, an anthropologist at Bristol University, who presents the programme. Continue reading

Details: Nas & Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives


via Nahright

A press release went out today about Nas and Damian Marley’s upcoming collaborative album, Distant Relatives, due out June 23rd. It looks like Esco is going to channel his character in Belly and take it back to Africa. This might actually turn out pretty great.

The important portion of the press release is after the jump.

The album features the signature instrumentation and musicianship of Marley with the hard hitting beats and lyrics of Nas. Throughout the course of their musical careers, the duo has taught each other and always admired each other’s style. Since first meeting in 1996 the two artists have shared a mutual respect and camaraderie that was most recently showcased on “Road to Zion,” a standout track from Damian’s critically acclaimed album, Welcome to Jamrock. After having such a positive experience working together, they have now joined forces again for Distant Relatives.

The album title refers not only to the bond of Nas and Damian, but the bond to their African ancestry, which inspired the album both musically and lyrically. “Africa is the backbone of the world and the foundation of everything and Africans are in a situation where they need help more than anywhere else,” notes Damian Marley. “We know there are dire situations here in America but when you look at America—with public libraries and free education—these are not opportunities most Africans have. It’s a completely different scale of trying to help people. As humans beings, we’re part of a human family.” Continue reading

WTF? ‘There’s no reason only poor people should get malaria’: The moment Bill Gates released jar of mosquitoes at packed conference

via Mail Online

It was a show-stopping move by any standards.

Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft and a renowned philanthropist, let loose a swarm of mosquitoes at a technology conference in California to highlight the dangers of malaria.

‘Malaria is spread by mosquitoes,’ the Microsoft founder yelled at a well-heeled crowd at a technology conference in California.

’I brought some,’ he added. ‘Here, I’ll let them roam around – there is no reason only poor people should be infected.’

He let the shocked audience sweat for a minute or so before assuring them that the freed insects were malaria- free.

But that didn’t satisfy all the attendees.mosquitoes

‘That’s it. I am not sitting up front anymore,’ eBay founder Pierre Omidyar said.

The stunt was an attempt by Gates – who quit Microsoft last year to concentrate on his charity work – to hammer home the importance of malaria prevention.

It is one of the pet projects of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that announced last year it was donating £115 million to help develop a vaccine for the deadly disease.

Up to 2.7 million people a year still die of malaria each year, 75 per cent of them African children. Continue reading

Online Music Service to Benefit AIDS in Africa Relief

via NY Times

The music business is known for supporting causes with events like the Live Aid and Live Earth concerts, which generate lots of money and publicity for a relatively short time. But on Monday (RED), a nonprofit organization that arranges for companies to contribute a share of profits on certain products to fight AIDS in Africa, is starting a digital music service for that purpose, and it plans to operate for the long haul. The new venture has already arranged to release new songs from U2, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Emmylou Harris and Death Cab for Cutie.

The still-unnamed service, which is scheduled to start in September, will deliver customers three new pieces of exclusive content a week for a monthly fee of $5. Half of that money will go through (RED) to the Global Fund, and the other half will go to the artists who contribute songs and to their record companies. As with (RED)’s branded products, like a special iPod and Motorola phone, companies will sacrifice part but not all of their profits, and consumers will know that some of the money they spend goes to the AIDS-in-Africa cause.
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Obama Ventures into International Politics, Condemns Mugabe

Obama in Africa

If this is any indication how Obama can use his “dual citizenship” to influence world affairs then I can see the groundwork being laid for him yielding his power as a global candidate, not only America’s president

via Times Online

Barack Obama added his voice to the international condemnation of Robert Mugabe, declaring that the regime in Zimbabwe was illegitimate and lacked any credibility.

The Democratic presidential nominee said that Mr Mugabe’s campaign of repression and brutality made it impossible for the elections to be free and fair.

“Indeed, it is the result of the abrogated March 2008 elections that represents the genuine will of the Zimbabwean people,” he said.
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China Wants To Acquire Foreign Land To Grow Food

Chinese Farmers

Source: Financial Time

Red China has announced plans to acquire farmland abroad in order to accommodate its swelling population. Beijing is pushing to make this a government mandated policy in line with its mandated investments in state-owned banks and oil companies. As China experiences an economic boom, it is becoming increasingly reliant on meats instead of rice, which has always been a staple of the Chinese diet. Even though China boasts 40% of the worlds farmers within its borders, its usable land is limited. Only 9% of it is able to yield harvest. Oil rich countries like Libya and Saudi Arabia are also looking to secure foreign land to lock down a secure food supply.

So it will be in the Chinese government’s interests to expand beyond its borders so it doesn’t become a financial casualty in the oncoming global food wars. Its focus is on South American (Brazil in particular) and African countries (already partnered for natural resources) which it intends to acquire land to grow soybeans, bananas and vegetables. At issue is whether China will use Chinese labor and Chinese manufacturing equipment if it gets into these countries, a practice often used by countries that acquire land abroad. CLICK [HERE] for the full story.

50 Cent Meets Mandela,Tours South Africa and Tanzania…

This isn’t JUST a tour. 50 is here to see and learn about the region and continent in a way that perhaps he didn’t appreciate the last time he was here, in 2004.

Wow , finally got some 50 Cent news that does not have anything to with Fat Joe or Young Buck.
It seems that 50 has made a trek to Africa and has met with living legend Nelson Mandela and plans to explore “platinum mine to see the grueling conditions that some work under for the bling that stars rock to look pretty”.

It is great to see 50 over there because the more connections to the motherland we have the better off we will be. MTV has the lowdow:

This isn’t JUST a tour. 50 is here to see and learn about the region and continent in a way that perhaps he didn’t appreciate the last time he was here, in 2004. This morning, for example, we rushed to Hector Pieterson Memorial museum in Soweto to meet up with 50 and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, who was giving 50 a lesson on Apartheid and its effect on South Africa. Mandela’s grandson is the spitting image of a young Nelson, and has a lot of his grandfather’s austere diplomacy — except he’s young enough to know who 50 and Jay-Z are. After the tour, guided by Mandela’s grandson, 50 gave out 20 dollar bills to the local kids before his car got mobbed and his manager made him speed away.

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Africans Paid To Perform “Reverse Prostitution”..

People of Tanzania are being offered money to practice safer sex.

Source: Financial Times

Interesting story out of African and how doctors and the government are trying to stem the transmission of AIDS and a myriad of sexual transmitted diseases. People please let me know if you guys think is justifable due to the extreme amount of cases in Africa. Read below:

Thousands of people in Africa will be paid to avoid unsafe sex, under a groundbreaking World Bank-backed experiment aimed at halting the spread of Aids.

The designers of the Tanzanian programme believe that payments of $45 when combined with careful counselling could play an important role in reducing HIV infection, especially for vulnerable young women.

“Conditional cash transfers” have already been used in Latin America to motivate poor parents to attend health clinics, and have their children vaccinated and schooled. Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, last year unveiled a project to boost school attendance.

Full story [here] :

Sorcerers using Black Magic to Shrink Penises in Congo

Rumors of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo\'s sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings
Okay we know other sites will use a headline to just grab your attention but this actually a true story. Another unbelievable story for you guys!!! Read below:

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur.

Rumors of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo’s sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings.

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Dem Candidates Have Global Appeal


The race for the presidency of the U.S. isn’t restricted to the shores of the continental United States. Both democratic candidates have a global appeal and the rest of the world has a vested interest in the outcome of this Presidential election. Obama favors well in Africa, Europe and the Mid East. On the strength of Bill Clinton’s favorable trade policies, Mexico and China are hoping it runs in the family and they are cheerleading for Hillary to take the title. Skpeticism is abound in pockets around the Middle East where even though they are rooting for Obama they doubt that America is ready to take direction from a man with Hussein as his middle name. The Wall Street Journal story said it best with this quote:

The world’s sole superpower has such an impact on the globe that, as a Belgian newspaper recently suggested, the rest of the world may feel it should be allowed to vote, too.

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Akon is all about a “Dolla”


Akon is definetly about a Dolla”. Of course we know the multi-platinum artist and producer is serious about his money, but he now has his eyes set on a new young artist named Dolla signed to his Konvict Music imprint. Meeting the 20 yr. old ATL native back in 2000 while he was part of the group the Rascals, Akon is now ready to introduce the part-time model to the masses.

With a single featuring none other than T-Pain, can Akon strike lightning twice?

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