New Vaginal Gel Lowers Risk of AIDS, Herpes, Before and After Sex

There has been alot of reports lately about us being close to Aids cures and vacines. The other day on twitter C Tha God posed the question of what will be your reaction to the cure of Aids. Something to think about but lets not start fantasizing just yet. Read about this new gel below:

Blood samples from HIV tests sit in a hospital lab in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 8, 2004. Results of a South African study raising hopes for an anti-HIV gel will be presented tomorrow in Vienna. (Getty Images)

via Newser

(Newser) – A new gel drastically lowers the risk that female users will contract HIV and herpes during vaginal sex, marking a breakthrough in AIDS prevention second in significance only to an effective vaccine. “This is a potential game changer,” an expert not involved in the research tells the Wall Street Journal. The colorless, odorless gel contains tenofovir, an antiretroviral drug already in use in pill form.

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