Celebrity Cabbage Patch Kids!

The Cabbage Patch Kids have gone Hollywood. Steven Tyler, Katherine Heigl and Kristin Chenoweth, Al Roker, and Raven Symone have been transformed into Cabbage Patch Kids that are being auctioned on Ebay.com. Proceeds go to Children’s Action Network (CAN), an adoption awareness organization “dedicated to finding homes for children in the U.S. who are in foster care.”

Source: USAToday.com

[video] Meredith Vieira says “Oh Shit!” On Today Show

So I guess that SNL was right when they did the funny skit about hard partying womanizer Al Roker, they were just a little was off, they should of had Meredith Vieira as well.

Anyway here she is testing out a driver simulator that shows you the dangers of when you guys are trying to text and drive at the same time and she gets a little too excited and yells ‘Oh Shit”. Check out Anne Curry’s face cause she does not look to happy.


DEA Show Premiers on Spike, Produced By Al Roker


DEA is a new reality show that will bring you INSIDE THE DRUG WAR from current murder capital Detroit.
Produced by happy go lucky Al Roker of Today show fame, who would have thought that a show about drugs, guns, and murder would come from the modern day potato head. Should be interesting..

Watch the 10 minute teaser here

Spike TV’s DEA Episode Three – First Act

Update: This show is definetly pro-police but the trailer was good and showed how much the DEA rely on snitches to make cases and should make any potential drug dealers re-think their career choice.