[video] The World Stops for the King of Pop Memorial (STICKY POST)

Even in his farewell, Michael Jackson has united people acoss the world and provided us with an opportunity to focus on the power of love rather than on our differences. Anyone who tuned into the live broadcast of the memorial for the King of Pop would at the very least have been moved when Paris Jackson tearfully told the world that “my daddy was the best father.”

While receiving worldwide coverage, Michael Jackson’s memorial was heartfelt and intimate as Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Brooke Shields, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz, Usher, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Motown founder Barry Gordy, Rev. Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III and Bernice King shared their stories.

From Magic Johnson’s story of Michael Jackson enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken to Al Sharpton telling Paris, Blanket and Prince that there wasn’t anything strange about their father brought truth center stage.

With such a beautiful out pour of love for Michael as he is laid to rest, we cannot help but wish that he was here see and feel our embrace. What if we would have stood up for him when mainstream media sought to destroy him. Only after his death do we hear so many public professions of love and stern proclamations of Michael’s innocence against the child molestation allegations.

Even the admission of Jordan Chandler that his father pushed him to lie on Michael Jackson is not enough to shield MJ from the critics venom as we were forced to listen to damning speculations and negativity that usurped his legend in the mainstream media throughout the week. And while critics took shots, the fans persistently celebrated his life with tributes from NYC to China.

In this, I hope we learn that it is our obligation to stand up for truth and seize the moment to share our love for each other while time allows. Furthermore, we understand that we, the people, the public, have the power to shape to provoke and accomplish real change.

Thank you Michael.

T.I. Releases Farewell Address Before Reporting to Prison


via Global Grind

In a few weeks, I will begin a one-year prison sentence for being in the possession of illegal firearms.  Where I come from, having a gun is just part of everyday life.  But, through this painful process of going to court and being convicted, I realized that I had to make a change.  I made some bad decisions.  I broke the law and will accept my punishment.  With deep reflection about where my life was headed, I have begun the process of redemption, and decided that before I go to prison, I want to speak to young people about responsibility as a lifestyle.

I hope that through my mistakes, young people can begin to learn, as I did, that we have to put our guns down and start to give our guns back.  It pains me inside to hear about so many of our people dying because of gun violence.  Just in the past weeks, a 13-year old boy was shot in the head in Harlem, a 17 and 19-year old were murdered in a double homicide in Queens and a 15 year old was chased, beaten, shot and burned in Chicago.
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T.I. Teams With Rev. Al Sharpton For Harlem Anti-Gun Rally

via Allhiphop

Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist T.I. will utilize his non-profit K.I.N.G. foundation next week to hold an anti-gun and violence rally in Harlem, NY.ti1

Assisting the Atlanta native’s endeavor are Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the LIFE Camp, and the Political Swagger Foundation.

Announced as “Responsibility is a Lifestyle: it’s Time to Bury Da Beef,” the involved groups plan to initiate a “call to action to engage elected officials, community organizers, artists, and every American citizen to accept responsibility to build safer communities.”

The pertinent declaration from these organizations came after statistics from the Center for Disease Control revealed that 16 youths (aged 10-24) are killed daily from gun-related violence. Continue reading

Obama’s election is changing the politics of race

via LA Times
Reporting from Washington — With Senate leaders threatening to block Roland Burris from being sworn in today as Barack Obama’s replacement, many of his supporters see a familiar story of race and injustice.

An all-white club, they say, is trying to prevent a black man from gaining admission, as well as the power that comes with a Senate seat. Summoning a harsh metaphor from the nation’s racial battles, Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) even called the Senate “the last bastion of plantation politics.”

But the Burris episode has unexpectedly become the first example of how racial politics have changed with the election of Barack Obama to the White House. Continue reading

Rev. Al Cleared by Feds, does About-Face

via NY Daily News

A day after the feds dropped a criminal probe of Al Sharpton‘s finances, the activist minister said he’d learned a lesson.

“I have learned that everybody is not necessarily out to get you,” Sharpton told the Daily News. “And, I hope [prosecutors] have learned that everybody who questions the system is not trying to beat the system.”

That is a big shift in attitude for the usually combative Sharpton, who has claimed that investigators unfairly targeted him and his National Action Network because of his civil rights activism – as they did the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Continue reading

Associate Accuses Rev Al of Shaking Down Dr. Dre For Half-A-Mil

Sharpton Shakedown?

via HipHop DX

In an upcoming interview for HipHopDX with Dr. Dre’s former right hand man for over a decade, Bruce Williams, it was revealed that Rev Al Sharpton gave Dr. Dre and his Aftermath camp an ultimatum – Half a million to squash the 50 Cent/Game beef or they would march.

“He said if we didn’t have a million, we marching. It’s that easy,” Williams stated exclusively to HipHopDX. He also makes mention of the situation in his recently released book “Rollin With Dre.”

“We got a lot of black leaders that don’t do shit to me. I don’t see what they do,” he continues. “In the (Game/50) situation (Sharpton and company) are going to come and say ‘we need X amount of money’, whether you are going to give it to charity or not? Why don’t you come and say ‘hey, let’s all of us sit down and figure this out?’ Don’t come and say ‘give me a half a million dollars or we marching!’ That didn’t even get the situation resolved. You seen it. They didn’t even look like they squashed anything.”
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The Shoot Back Mixtape-Response To Sean Bell Verdict[Download]

There have been many responses to the recent Sean Bell Verdict here in NYC. Some have called for a federal investigation, protests, and others actually call for retaliation against dirty officers.

Wherever your reaction lies this madness must stop against the Black community who have been abused by rogue police officers for years.
My homies over at Troubl Media have created this mixtape to bring awareness to this issue:

TROUBL Media does not promote violence. We promote knowledge. The cover artwork embodies the sentiment of the community as does the sound byte at the end of “No Justice, No Peace,” which is included because it is reflective of the frustration many people have expressed with the police department’s conduct, and the state of the justice system in the United States

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Was Jena Six a Fix?


 The embattled attorney Alton Maddox recently wrote a very introspective piece about the Jena Six and the apparent fix that was in by his attorneys and Civil Rights collaborators.  He posed a lingering question that none of the leaders have been poised to answer, “Why not argue double jeopardy on Michael Bell’s account?”  Several other points were made that would argue that any capable lawyer would be able to mount an effective defense, instead of allowing Michael Bell to cop a plea and agree to become state’s witness against his co-defendants.  Maddox defines thhis as the “one of the worst sellouts in our 400 years in North America as enslaved Africans.”  To get more of an insight on these claims being made, click HERE.