[video] No Guns Allowed: Fallout from Ferguson Breakfast

The League of Young Voters and Cashmere Agency in conjunction with AllHipHop, ThoughtWorks and HandsUp United hosted an intimate breakfast called, No Guns Allowed: Fallout from Ferguson in Atlanta during BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend. Moderated by Dr. Robert “Biko” Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters, the conversation focused on gun violence solutions and was a response to the unrest in our nation stemmed from Michael Brown and Ferguson.

Participants include: Snoop Dogg, Ferguson youth group Lost Voices, CEO of AllHipHop Chuck Creekmur, St. Louis Rapper & Activist Tef Poe and Lucia McBath, mother of slain Florida teen Jordan Davis and National Spokesperson for Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. Michael Brown’s family and supporters were also in attendance.

For more information about #NoGunsAllowed, visit YoungVoter.org. Contact LaShunda Campbell at online@youngvoter.org for questions

Man admits to SHOOTING Tupac Shakur, Claims JIMMY HENCHMEN Paid $2500 for the HIT (Updated)

Update #1

Well it seems this story has sparked interest from the NYPD.

via Huff Post

NEW YORK — New York City police have begun an investigation into an online posting supposedly from a convicted felon who claims to have shot and robbed slain rapper Tupac Shakur.

Police spokesman Paul Browne said Wednesday if police determine the post is legitimate they will seek to interview the prisoner.

The claim was posted on the website AllHipHop.com. The person says he was paid $2,500 by another hip hop mogul to rob Shakur outside a studio in Manhattan in 1994. Shakur suffered gunshot wounds but eventually recovered. He was later killed in 1996 in an unsolved slaying.

Wow. We have definitely have been in a crazy resurgence of everything Tupac culminating with the street banger “Tupac Back” courtesy of Maybach Music signee Meek Mills and Rick Rozay. Now comes this out of the world news that Dexter Isaac has not only admitted to shooting Tupac Shakur back in 1994, but that Jimmy Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchmen paid him $2500 to do it. Unbelievable.


A man has admitted to shooting rap star Tupac Shakur in 1994 after allegedly being paid $2,500 dollars by James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond inside Manhattan’s Quad Studios in November of 1994.

Dexter Isaac, a former friend of Rosemond, is an inmate currently serving life in prison for murder, robbery and other offenses.

Isaac came forward Wednesday (June 15th) with the information on the eve of what would be Tupac’s 40th birthday.
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BREAKING NEWS: Max B. Sentenced To 75 Years

Picture 9

via AllHipHop

Harlem, New York rapper Max B. was sentenced to 75 years in prison today (September 3) for his role in a botched robbery that led to a double murder in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel.

Max B., born Charly Wingate, appeared in a Hackensack, New Jersey court today with co-defendant Kevin Leerdam.

Max B. and Leerdam were convicted on charges of felony murder, kidnapping and armed robbery for planning and robbing Allan Plowden and David Taylor at a Holiday Inn in September of 2006.

Taylor was shot and killed during the robbery, which was planned with Max B.’s ex-girl friend Gina Conway, who testified against the pair during their June trial.

Max B. was not happy with the situation and fired his attorney Gerald Saluti, just before the 75-year sentenced was handed down.

Leerdam received a life sentence, plus 35 years for

[video] Did the Internet Kill Journalism?

This is a panel held to discuss the impact that the internet has had on journalism and the role that Hip Hop played in last year’s historic election. Although this is an introductory clip, we will be following with a more complete version in a few days. Stay tuned and get familiar with Hip Hop’s media elite.


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The Loop 21’s roundtable “Journalism in Color”. Erik Parker (SOHH), Elliot Wilson (Rap Radar), Chuck Creekmur (All Hip Hop), Steve Raze (All Hip Hop), Kevin Clark (Giant), Sheryl Huggins (AOL Black Voices), Andreas Hale (BET), Nile Ivey (BET), Charlamagne (radio personality), Blackspot (Global Grind), Jayson Rodriguez (MTV), Chloe Hilliard (Freelance Cultural Journalist).


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50 Cent Opens Up About Long Island House Fire


via Allhiphop

Months after his Long Island home was destroyed by fire, rapper 50 Cent is speaking out on the circumstances leading up to the blaze.

During an upcoming interview with Access Hollywood‘s TV One Access, the G-Unit frontman revealed his home went up in flames, just days after his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins was ordered to leave the residence.

“The courts told her she had to leave,” 50 Cent told TV One Access correspondent Quddus. “It’s kind of more like, ‘If I can’t have you, you can’t have it.’” When asked if Tompkins set the fire in response to the order, the rapper declined to specifically name the single mother and deliberately became vague. Continue reading

Busta Speaks Candid About His “Economy” Theories

In a recent interview Alhiphop conducted with rappers to get their thoughts on the economy, Busta Rhymes went in deep on his beliefs as to what may be behind the economic meltdown of ’08.  Read it with an open mind, my friends.

“I think it’s horrible.  I think it was done intentionally so that they can start introducing and implementing new things like the AMERO and the national ID card and things like that.  They doing things right now and I hope people pay closer attention to what’s going on. A long time ago, Mexico, Canada, and the United States became one.  So they trying to one world government this side of the planet and all that.

I don’t want to get into the conspiracy talk but you know I’m good for that.  I’m good for that, you know what I’m saying.  Ever since The Coming album in ’96, when I told people it was only 5 years left.  2001 you saw what happened downtown, that was 5 years later.  In 1998 the cover of Extinction Level Event was what happened downtown, so it’s like the information is out there, it’s just people don’t pay attention to it because at the time, if you pay attention too early, they try to make you look like you bugged out ;you crazy or something’s wrong with you.  You’re just a conspiracy theorist.

I just feel like you know, it’s time the people see that things come to pass.  Don’t ignore anything.  Even if they may not come to pass, pay attention to it because at the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  So you can look at these things and be like “What If?”  Pay attention to the ‘What Ifs?'”

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Jim Jones To Be Honored For HIV Awareness

Jimmy Jones

via Livesteez

Jim Jones has been tapped to make an appearance a National HIV Testing Day ceremony in Jersey City, NJ. The Harlem native will speak on June 27 to a attendees at Public School #4-107 about the importance of getting tested for HIV/AIDS.

For his participation in the event, Jones will receive a Proclamation from the city. New Jersey Senator Sandra Cunningham and Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy will present the honor, according to AllHipHop.

National HIV Testing Day event is being organized by the City of Jersey City. The event is designed as a community mobilization and social marketing campaign that encourages people to take advantage of voluntary HIV counseling, testing and prevention services. The event is open to the public, but those seeking entry must first be tested. Organizers will provide information about available medical care for those who test HIV-positive.

Jones has shown himself to be something of a spokesperson for the cause, as he also participated in the symposium titled “HIV/AIDS and the Hip-Hop Generation,” at Howard University in March of this year.

“Mr. Put in In Your Mouth”- The World According to Akinyele

Mr. Put It In Ya Mouth

Mr. Put It In Your Mouth aka Akinyele popped up over at Allhiphop and shared his knowledge of why sex sells. After all its one of the only commodities that has the distinction of being recession proof. I must say, Akinyele has some of the most hilarious theories I’ve ever heard. Check this one out about why he thinks George Washington is immortalized on the one dollar bill:

George Washington was a f****n’ pimp.

Anybody who would walk in a strip club and I would know okay I’m going to spend $2000 dollars tonight I get it in singles, this is why they put George Washington’s face on a single. No one else’s face is on a single dollar bill because he’s the oldest pimp in the world and they showed retribution. It was a brilliant idea, think about it. Somebody said yo let’s have these b*****s take their clothes off and let’s give them one dollar as they take it off and let’s do it for George. Let’s put his face on it. ‘Til this day I see guys go in there and spend 5,000. You hear songs about it, 5,000 ones they never say let me get 5,000 in hundreds. They don’t know why but mentally it’s just because through the course of time George Washington is who they’re saluting.

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