NYPD Officer Taken Off Life Support, Charges Upgraded to Murder

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NYPD Officer Brian Moore died Monday after his distraught family removed him from life support, law-enforcement sources said.

A grim-faced Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was seen entering the hospital around 12:30 p.m. Moore’s parents were at their son’s bedside.

The officer’s father, Raymond, is a retired cop.

“He is devastated,” a source told The Post.

Moore, 25, was gunned down by a violent ex-con after the officer and his partner stopped the man as he suspiciously fiddled with an object in his waistband on a Queens street Saturday evening, authorities said.

“Do you have something in your waist?’’ Moore asked Demetrius Blackwell, 35, while sitting behind the wheel of the cops’ unmarked car, sources said.

“Yeah, I got something,” Blackwell, 35, snarled back.

Authorities are now preparing to upgrade the attempted-murder rap against Blackwell to murder, sources said.

Sean Bell Verdict Due Friday..Tensions Mount in NYC..

Detectives Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora and Michael Oliver are on trial in the Sean Bell shooting.

The Sean Bell trial is coming to a close and the NYPD is bracing for protests to hit NYC if the accused trigger happy officers are acquitted or given a slap on the wrist.

This case is particulary sensitive due to the fact that it mimics alot of shootings against Black Americans in NYC. Most notable amongst many others is the case of Amadou Diallo.

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Sean Bell with wife Nicole Paultre-Bell  and one of their daughters.

Bell, 23, and the two companions were shot Nov. 25, 2006, after a bachelor party at a seedy strip club in Queens that police had targeted for an undercover vice operation.

The defense claims that undercover officer Gescard Isnora, who was posing as a club patron, believed a gunfight involving Bell and his friends was brewing when he confronted them as they entered Bell’s car and identified himself as an officer. He and the other officers opened fire after Bell violently pulled away and crashed into an unmarked police van.
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