[video] Maryland Woman DIES after ILLEGAL Butt Shots in QUEENS

So while the world celebrates Caitlynn Jenner’s transgender surgery, we are totally ignoring women risking their lives to enhance their butts with illegal procedures.

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This world is filled with self hate some are celebrated for it and others are ignored for it. Sadly this young lady Kelly Mayhew fell victim to societal pressures that says if you don’t have a fake big butt a la Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj that you are worthless. What makes her any different than Caitlynn? Wasn’t she on the same quest to be her ‘true self’?

via Daily News

A Maryland woman who adored bootylicious Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj died after receiving butt injections in a Queens basement by a quack doctor who fled the scene, police said Tuesday.

Kelly Mayhew, 34, succumbed to the botched procedure after driving with her mother to Far Rockaway from Maryland on Saturday.

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[video] Hate the Kardashians ? Introducing the app Kardblock

How did he forget to add the rash of police shootings of unarmed black men and women (and the US becoming a certified police state) to his list of things more important than the Kardashians? Maybe I have my priorities wrong. Then again I live in the real world.

Kardashians app: Young app developer James Shamsi has created an AdBlock version of the Kardashians, called KardBlock. How does it work? Is this real? The Times’s Christy Khoshaba has the details.

Kanye West Coons for Fashion Elite, still Slammed By Fashion Week Creator

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This is what happens when you coon and buffoon and try and impress a group of people who will never like you no matter what you do.

via Rollingstone

Kanye West debuted his Adidas Originals collection last week in Manhattan, and the reviews have been decidedly mixed. But the rapper-designer’s harshest critic could be New York Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis. “I’m kind of over Kanye,” she recently told Page Six. “I mean, I’m not a fan of his music, and the attitude and the agenda is not my style.” Now West has responded to Mallis’ criticisms via Twitter – using a zen-like tone.
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[pics] NAKED PICS of Amber Rose surface for the Millionth Time (NSFW)

This would be getting really boring if she did not look so good. It is also time for her to stop with the crocodile tears about the media not caring about how this affects her life, cause if she was serious she would have stop taking naked pics long time ago. Seems to me she is auditioning hard for a Playboy cover and spread. Pics courtesy of Mediatakeout.

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Ouch! Amber Rose gets Diamond Studded Lip Ring (pics)

Picture 23Source: HuffPost

You gotta love Amber Rose. The always seen and seldom heard model and arm candy of Kanye West knows how to make the press without so much as uttering a word. Here she goes with her new diamond studded lip ring that only she can pull off. Hopefully she did not put a hole in her lip. Anyway why hate the girl she has got it! Hit the break for a full shot of the sexiest chick in the Hip Hop world.

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Staged or Real: Drunk Kanye makes ass of himself at MTV VMA’s (Video)

Update: Well the debate is whether or not this is staged. Take a vote and let us know what you think.

What the f*ck is wrong with this dude? According to HuffPost Beyonce called Taylor Swift out to give her interrupted speech when she won for Single Ladies. Epic fail for Kanye West. (We will be getting an all caps rant on Kanye West University probably tomorrow).

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Picture 35

Kanye West’s Freestyle Rant Against The Press: “I Meant To Break Your Camera”

Had to get this up because we all love Kanye’s rants dont we?

via HuffPost ,WWD

KANYE WEST VERSUS THE WORLD: Recent interactions with Kanye West have found him skittish around the media, and his attitude at Wednesday night’s Casio G-Shock party at Cipriani on Wall St. was no exception. The rapper avoided all press, staying true to his statement at last week’s dinner celebrating Hussein Chalayan, when he said, “I don’t do interviews anymore. With anyone. For the rest of my life.”

When introduced to a reporter, West visibly withdrew and ignored all questions, instead opted to tout the achievements of his current squeeze, Amber Rose. “She just did her first shoot for Ford,” he exclaimed proudly, gesturing toward a beaming Rose, who was dressed in a leather corset and leggings not dissimilar to the black bondage-style stage costume sported by West.

The rapper didn’t offer any further comments. When he later took to the stage, 90 minutes behind schedule, West interrupted his set with a spontaneous, free-style rant against the press, with such lines as “I’m sorry I broke your arm/I meant to break your camera” and “I could kill a man/I am a man/Don’t forget I could kill a man” regarding his fury at the invasive nature of today’s media. As he stirred the audience into a frenzy, the bevy of invited reporters and photographers at the event (marketed by Casio as a press conference accompanied by a concert), were left to fidget uncomfortably with their press passes.

Amber Rose Ford Model Pics Leak,plus she responds to The Game’s “I’m So Wavy”

Picture 29

Picture 28

One thing I must say is that she does photograph extremely well and deserves a contract with Ford modeling company. As far as the other shenanigans that is up to you guys if you are really interested in her personal life. That being said she has responded to The Game’s much talked about “I’m So Wavy” that takes aim at Jay Z and her for unknown reasons. My brothers over at HIPHOPSTAN got the scoop:



[video] STAR & BUC WILD: Who’s That Girl?

Star & Buc seems to always be on time with their commentary. Just this past weekend I saw Amber w/Kanye in VIP and the first thing that is indisputable about her is she sticks out like a sore thumb, well stands out would be the more appropriate word. She is an enigma: beautiful, focused & definitely working her angle but hey, this is show bizness and you gotta get it how you live.

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