University Teaches How To Grow Weed


No! This is not another April Fools post.
It seems that across the country in Oakland, Ca there are Universities that are teaching students over a two day period, how to grow and maintain marijuana. The class seems to be a reaction to marijuana being legalized in California for medicinal use.

For $200 and the cost of two required textbooks, students learn how to cultivate and cook with cannabis, study which strains of pot are best for certain ailments, and are instructed in the legalities of a business that is against the law in the eyes of the federal government.

The only prerequisite for the course is a Politics/Legal Issues 101 class.

My basic idea is to try to professionalize the industry and have it taken seriously as a real industry, just like beer and distilling hard alcohol,” said Richard Lee, 45, an activist and pot-dispensary owner who founded the school in a downtown storefront last fall.

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Ex- Cop Teaches “How Not To Get Busted”

weed-cop.jpg Ex-narcotic officer Barry Cooper  has been making a lot of noise in the Dallas area stemming from his dvd called Never Get Busted Again.weed-cop-4.jpg  

Being an officer  involved in 800 drug busts, he realized that many of his arrests were people who were basically law-abiding citizens outside of the pot they were smoking. This changed his outlook on drug legalization and he quit his job as an narcotic officer. He then created the series Never Busted Again to help those caught in a traffic stops..

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Doc’s Say Okay 2 Puff Puff


Source: The Chronic Corner 

One of the top associations of doctors have stated that they are fully supporting the use of medical marijuana. Believing that it is very beneficial to those effected with AIDS wasting syndrome, glaucoma, and easing side effects from cancer.

   Though the use of medical marijuana is not a new issue, being co-signed by the American College Of Physicians some feel is a major step in the way of de-criminalizing medical marijuana. And for my recreational smokers this is not a sign for you to start lighting up in the local park unless you are prepared(Akon voice) to get locked up.

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