[video] Ruby Dee “Don’t Lie To Your Mother” American Gangster Movie Clip (October 27, 1922- June 11, 2014)

I was on the set of American Gangster watching this scene being shot and all on the crew were mesmerized and in awe, even director Ridley Scott and Denzel when we watched it back in the monitors. Her brilliant work in this film got her an Oscar nomination and she was in her early 80’s at the time and Ossie had passed a couple of years before. She will be eternally missed and never ever forgotten. Rest In Power, the great Ruby Dee!

– Fab Five Freddy

Wife of ‘American Gangster’ caught selling 2 Kilos of Cocaine

Life imitating art, or art imitating life? Whatever it is she is looking at some serious time.

via Huff Post

In a recorded conversation on May 11, Julianna Farrait allegedly told an informant she had two kilograms (4 pounds) of cocaine in Puerto Rico and that another suspect had an additional eight kilograms (18 pounds) for buyers, according to the complaint.

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Jay Finally Fades to Black


After prolonging a long pending divorce with Def Jam, Jay-Z finally called it quits and contemplates what steps to take to move on to newer and greener pastures.  While Jay is being credited for delivering successful albums by Kanye, Jeezy and Rihanna his stint as president is pretty much looked at in the same vein as G. Dub’s.  Critics are calling him a lame-duck, while his devoted constituents swear that Jay could do no wrong.  The speculators are placing bets on whether he’ll be joining Rick Rubin over at Columbia or side with Madonna over at Live Nation as they embark on a music industry revolution.  So, another chapter in the book of the “Lifetimes of Sean Carter” comes to a close while the industry awaits the next page to drop.  Where will he go?  Is he married?  How much is he worth?  If he isnt’ delivering that Blue Magic should we really care?  Well, click HERE if you want the full article.   

Editor’s Note: I find it amusing that the public can’t read between the lines.  All this hoopla about retirements, comebacks, presidency’s and all that and come to find out this negro owed Def Jam albums!  He was an employee all along with a boutique title, the same way they award Negroes with boutique labels.  Gotta give it up though, dude is a marketing genius! 

James Prince strikes back at BET


While some would consider it an honor to share some TV time with America’s most infamous gangsters, Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince is taking exception to his depiction in a recent episode of BET’s hit-show American Gangster.  The segment dedicated to Gangster Disciple’s leader Larry Hoover featured Prince and an associate with Hoover during a prison visit.  During the commercial for the episode the word “killer” was flashed across the scene when this picture appeared.  Prince is disputing the use of the decade old photograph and accusing BET’s parent company, Viacom of trying to align him with the negative portrayal of Hoover.  For the full story on this, click HERE.  


The Youtube (Accidental) Audition (NY TIMES ARTICLE)




The idea of a star being born from Web video isn’t new. There was Lonelygirl15, for instance, the fictional teenager whose YouTube videos drew an international audience last year.

But the Web is usually where those stars stay. Which is why it was notable this year when the director Chris Robinson featured a largely unknown kid named Samgoma Edwards in the rapper Jay-Z’s latest video. Back in 2004, Edwards, who was then 11, began a collection of homemade music videos for Jay-Z songs with the help of an older brother and a friend. The series, which they called “Young Hov Project” and posted on YouTube, featured Edwards as Jay-Z — a no-brainer role for a young man who looked so much like the rapper. The videos soon went viral and won Edwards and his partners many fans, including Robinson.

So when Robinson began looking for someone to play a teenage Jay-Z in the video for the hit song “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is. . .),” all his casting director had to do was log on to YouTube. Though more than 100 people ultimately auditioned for the part, “it had always been in the back of my mind that this is someone I needed to work with,” Robinson says of Edwards.

In the final cut of the video, which appeared on national television in November, shots of the real Jay-Z partying at his 40/40 nightclub are juxtaposed against shots of Edwards as Jay-Z in 1988 partying at a community center. With his uncanny imitation of Jay-Z — and his accidental audition, courtesy of YouTube — Edwards steals the show.