President due to appear on 1,000th Episode of ‘America’s Most Wanted’

How many wanna bet the President does an episode of Law and Order next?

via Huff Post

LOS ANGELES — President Barack Obama is going to help TV’s “America’s Most Wanted” mark the milestone broadcast of its 1,000th episode.

Obama will be interviewed by the show’s host, John Walsh, on the episode airing 9 p.m. EST Saturday on Fox.

The president will discuss the show’s impact in its 22 years as well as his administration’s anti-crime initiatives, including those involving white-collar crime, Fox said Wednesday.

Lil Wayne Tour Grosses $34.6 million

I guess he will split this up with child support in a couple of months. Check out a dope clip from the tour by @KNBranded.

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – The final numbers are in for Lil Wayne’s 2008-2009 North American touring, and it appears the rapper will have the highest grossing hip-hop outing of the year — and the most lucrative rap jaunt that Billboard has ever tracked.

Seventy-eight Lil Wayne headlining arena and amphitheater concerts in North America from December 14, 2008, through September 6, 2009, grossed about $42 million and drew nearly 804,000 fans, according to Shawn Gee, Lil Wayne’s tour producer and tour business manager.

“It’s definitely one of the biggest in the last couple of years,” Gee tells “Our plan was to prove that Wayne was a viable headlining arena artist.”

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[video] The Runners & John Walsh – Making of the America’s Most Wanted theme song

This is soooo not gangsta by any stretch of the imagination. Remember when Hip Hop use to be a rebellious artform and Inner Circle couldn’t even get a pass for making the “Cops” theme music? You see this is the problem with letting off-brands into the game, they start remixing the ethics out and now we are left with damage beyond repair. Dammit, I use to love her.

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