[pics] Did Stephanie Santiago’s Butt Implants Deflate on Instagram?

Hey Angela Yee come get your girl her ass is losing air pressure.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 9.26.54 PM

Granted she has never denied having work done and has previously uploaded videos of her getting her butt done. But are these pics are the cause of alarm? Looks like she has some type of issues and deformity in her butt due to multiple fat transfers and or butt shots. Ladies stop shooting stuff in your ass because I don’t think your health is worth some Instagram likes. Hit the jump for the pic she left up while this one was deleted.

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[video] Darkskin Activist Rashida Strober SLAMS Charlemagne: “BI*** WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT NUBIAN QUEENS”

The Dark Skin Activist Rashida Strober slams Power 105.1 radio jock Charlemagne for his idiotic oxymoronic statements that ‘white nubian’ queens were in. This is all not surprising coming from a man who recently bleached his skin after being teased mercilessly by the public at large for dark spots on his face. Colorism is a serious issue in the black community and I commend Rashida for having the cojones to tackle this issue head on.

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[video] Charlamagne Claims He Doesn’t BLEACH his SKIN

So chemical peels are different than skin bleaching? Both pull the melanin over your skin so go figure. He does admit that it was internet comments that pushed him to get the procedure done.

Charlamagne tha God’s skin has gone through a noticeable change over the last few months, with some of his fans and haters calling him out for skin bleaching, a claim The Breakfast Club host adamantly denies. He feels that only “idiots” honestly believe that. He actually began seeing a dermatologist regularly who put him on a skin regimen to improve his skin discoloration.

Hear all of what tha God had to say about rumors of skin bleaching above.


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.22.00 PM

Definitely did not see this coming. Though he was often ridiculed for having dark blotches on his skin never would I have thought he would get plastic surgery and bleach his skin. Hit the jump to see the newly knifed up and significantly whiter Charlemagne who gets playfully ridiculed by co-host Angela Yee in some random video.

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Eminem Talks Relapse, Return To The Big Screen On Shade 45


via XXL

Eminem is in full promotional mode. Earlier this morning (April 23) the Detroit superstar appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service show on his own Shade 45 Sirius Satellite Radio channel. During the interview Em hinted at his return to the silver screen, revealed more details on his upcoming comeback album and talked about his new single.

With Relapse, his first solo album in close to five years, hitting stores in the coming weeks, Shady told Yee that he is already preparing to drop another song from the project. Two weeks ago, MTV premiered the comical “We Made You” clip, which found Em following his familiar tactics, playing dress up and making fun of several pop culture mainstays like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, but for his new single Em plans on going in a different direction.

The song, titled 3 A.M. “ is a lot darker than ‘We Made You,’” Em said. Adding, “ the whole album is different from the single.” The rapper said the video, which was shot in his hometown of Detroit, MI, is already done and will be dropping soon. Continue reading

[pic gallery] Tanqueray Style Sessions ft. Ryan Leslie

Source: Nicole Marzan/September Communications

Ryan Leslie

Working the Runway

STREET KNOWLEDGE was in the house to partake in the wonderful stylings of Tanqueray’s Style Session with entertainment provided by the super talented Ryan Leslie. Hosted by brand spokesman Tony Sinclair the event was jam packed with New York industry insiders and movers and shakers but most importantly beautiful faces adorned the venue wall-to-wall. In our picture gallery we loosely attempt to paint a picture and give you a visual idea of what you missed. Make sure you’re in the house for the next event, it’s sure to be a thirst quencher!
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