[video] WTF? Antoine Dodson Pitches New Sex Offender App

I have never seen a phenomenon like this cat right here. I don’t whether to take this serious or what but they are turning this cat into a cottage industry. How long till they hit a million dollars worth of Antoine related merchandise?

Antoine Dodson aka “Hide ya kids, Hide ya wives”, pitching the new Sex Offender Tracker app with first of its kind augmented reality.. Please Visit http://www.sexoffendertrackerapp.com for more info!


[video] Politician uses Antoine Dodson ‘Bed Intruder’ hook in political ad (WTF)


Just when you thought this ‘Antoine Dodson’ phenomenon could not get any scarier, we have witchcraft practicing Christian O’ Donnell using his unlikely hit ‘Bed Intruder’ in her campaign against Chris Coons (yeah I know the name says it all).

Obviously her campaign strategists are big fans of Antoine’s and he actually appeared at the BET HIP HOP AWARDS that aired last night. This guy won’t quit. Hit the jump to see the weirdest addition to the awards.

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[Pic] WTF: The Antoine Dodson Doll

This story just refuses to die. Can you believe he has a doll? Things are really getting scary when this dude is the hottest thing on the internet. I have added the hilarious auto-tune video of what has been aptly named the ‘Bed Intruder’ song. If you don’t know about this phenomenon you definitely been living under a rock. Google is your best friend when it comes to this dude and let’s hope his 15 minutes are up soon, but knowing better they may just be starting.