[video] Jay & Dame Rock The Apollo (Throwback)

seen @ rapradar

Wow, this sh*t is like an early X-Mas. Jay and Dame on one stage personifying that rare chemistry that will never be duplicated again (not in our era) and performing one of my favorites nonetheless. Its apparent from this that Dame is Robin to Jay’s Batman and its a damn shame that these two let the sh*t get past the point of repair. LMAO @ the FOI holding the stage down, was this when Guy Fisher and them still had the Apollo?  Oh yeah, two words before we part…Sauce Mothaf*ckin‘!!

Decades Later Scientists Find Water in Apollo Moon Samples

Decades later and scientists have finally gotten around to unraveling the chemical makeup of Moon samples brought back from the Apollo’s mission to the lunar body.  Now the Moon can join Mars as celestial bodies that scientists are forced to reevaluate because they have water, the core ingredient of life underneath their surface.

via Live Science

Water has been found conclusively for the first time inside ancient moon samples brought back by Apollo astronauts. The discovery may force scientists to rethink the lunar past and future, although uncertainty remains about how much water exists and whether future explorers could extract it.

The water was found inside volcanic glass beads, which represent solidified magma from the early moon’s interior. The news swept through much of the scientific community even before being detailed in the journal Nature this week.

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