AT&T Stops iPhone Sales in NYC

iPhone Thumbs up, AT &T Thumbs Down.

You have a huge hit on your hands, a cellphone that sells as many handsets as you can shovel out the door. Better, you are an exclusive carrier, so all customers who want that phone must come to you. But you have a problem — the phone is so successful, and makes it so easy to use the internet, that your network is starting to crumble in large metropolitan areas. What do you do to fix this?

If you are AT&T, you stop selling the iPhone in New York City, and have your customer service people tell callers that “the phone is not offered to you because New York is not ready for the iPhone.” Why? Because New York doesn’t “have enough towers to handle the phone.”


Apple ready to crush IPhone copycats

Seems logical but a little late?

via Bloomberg


Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., usually on the defensive when it comes to intellectual-property lawsuits, is threatening to use its hoard of patents to quash iPhone competitors.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, pledged in January to go after companies that copy the iPhone’s patented features. Apple won its latest patent Jan. 20 for so-called multitouch technology, which lets people work the iPhone by touching the screen with two fingers and making swiping motions.

Apple’s stance is an effort to threaten the new touch-screen Pre phone, the linchpin to Palm Inc.’s comeback plan, said Morgan Chu, a patent lawyer at Irell & Manella in Los Angeles. Cook’s comments don’t mean Apple will actually seek a court order to stop the Pre, which is due for release in the next few months. Instead, the company may try to intimidate Palm and other rivals into working around its patents, forcing them to cut features or delay production.


iPhone 3G overtakes the RAZR as best-selling domestic handset

I don’t have either. Hopefully one will fall in my lap if I keep bloggin’ about it. We love Apple by the way!!!


via Engadget

According to a report from NPD, sales of cellphones have shifted in a manner which should shock and stun even a casual observer. Apparently for the first time in years, Motorola’s ubiquitous RAZR has been overtaken in consumer sales… by the iPhone 3G. This is a watershed moment for handset sales in the US, marking not only a shift away from the dominant market leader, but a turn towards more complex, full-featured devices. The news comes hot on the heels of NPD’s previous findings, which still placed the RAZR in the top spot — though with ever-decreasing numbers.

In that same report, the iPhone found itself in second place, but it appears that flagging interest in the inescapable dumbphone coupled with the recent iPhone PR blitz have put Apple’s moneymaker into the top position. The news is also buoyed by recent reports that Apple has overtaken RIM as the number two smartphone vendor, and a J.D. Power study which found affection for the device waxing in the extreme. Overall, however, handset sales fell 15 percent year-over-year, and LG managed to snag the top brand position, with two models in the top five. Still, if there already wasn’t a clear indication of the market moving towards both smartphones and touchscreen devices, this should give everyone a clearer picture of both the public’s wants, and the power of Cupertino’s ad-men. Full PR after the break.