EXCLUSIVE: Arab Rapper Calls Out Busta Rhymes

via Allhiphop

IRAQI MC The Narcicyst has jumped into the storm surrounding Busta Rhymes’ controversial new single “Arab Money.” The rapper has released a stinging response to the song, hitting back at what he calls straight out racism.240x240

The Narcicyst says he was stunned when he first heard the track—and has been flooded with calls from the Arab Hip-Hop community who are furious that Busta has made what they deem a high profile error and poked fun at their culture.

“Immediately I got that screeching sound in my head like, ‘Whooaa.’,” says the Narcicyst. “Once again, Arabs are represented as these arm flailing, oil rich, loft having, private jet taking, camel toe lady bangin’, desert camel riding, bearded sand men.”

He continues, “And to come from Hip-Hop was just disappointing. All that and the title. I started reading up on the lyrics, watching the YouTube videos and that just took my feelings to a whole other level.”

So perturbed was the Narcicyst the he took a break from shooting a feature film in Dubai, UAE, and immediately hit the studio to record “The Real Arab Money,” a stinging response to Busta Rhymes’ single.

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Explaining why he had to hit back on the mic, The Narcicyst says: “The remix they all did took it to a whole other level. People are getting suspended for playing the song in the UK, when that song came out you should have seen the reaction.” Continue reading