Prosecutors : Shanesha Taylor was neither ‘HOMELESS or UNEMPLOYED’ when she LEFT CHILDREN in CAR for JOB INTERVIEW

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I definitely did not side with this chick when this story first broke. Getting a job, while certainly admirable, is no excuse to put a 2 year old and six month old in grave danger. Then she calls a press conference and is a no-show? There is no way children of that age can fend for themselves and I am siding with the law if it turns out she is full of shit.


Her case has some people highly critical, while others are showing support and raising more than $100,000 for her. [View the fundraiser page set up in her name]

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said the outpouring of support for Shanesha Taylor will not affect his prosecution.

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[video] Arizona to End Illegal ‘Anchor Baby’ Citizenship

Wow these politicians in Arizona really are out for blood.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(CNN) — A proposed Arizona law would deny birth certificates to children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents.The bill comes on the heels of Arizona passing the nation’s toughest immigration law.John Kavanagh, a Republican state representative from Arizona who supports the proposed law aimed at so-called “anchor babies,” said that the concept does not conflict with the U.S. Constitution.”If you go back to the original intent of the drafters … it was never intended to bestow citizenship upon (illegal) aliens,” said Kavanagh, who also supported Senate Bill 1070 — the law that gave Arizona authorities expanded immigration enforcement powers.


DMX arrested again in Arizona: TMZ

I was rooting for X heavy, but it seems that his addiction is stronger than he is. I thought he was leaving Arizona alone where they obviously have a vendetta against him. More info from TMZ below:

via TMZ

DMX was arrested earlier today in Arizona — and now his lawyer is reaching out to the one man who he believes can save him … Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear — but the rapper’s lawyer Gary Jenkins tells us “He’s been battling addiction for some time and he’s in need of treatment.”

Jenkins also tells us, “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.”

DMX — aka Earl Simmons — was arrested a bazillion times over the last two years for all sorts of reasons … including drug charges.

Jenkins added, “He’s a talented man … we’re praying for him.”

Story developing ..

DMX Released From Prison, Faces Assault Charges In Court Next Week, Says Rep

via XXL has learned that DMX has been released from Tent City Jail in Arizona.dmx-news

X’s publicist Pam Pinnock told XXL that the troubled rapper was freed yesterday and is currently out on bail after serving three months behind bars for drug, theft and animal cruelty charges. Although he has served his time for his problems before entering the facility, the Yonkers MC is not out of the weeds yet in regards to the charges he picked up once in the system. Pinnock says X is scheduled for a May 19 court date stemming from an assault case on a jail officer. The rapper has publicly denied the incident.

DMX, who is currently signed to indie label Bulldog Records, is working on a new rap album with fellow Ruff Ryder Swizz Beatz. His rep tells interested parties that X is presently available for guest appearances.

Stay tuned to XXL as more details become available.

Smoking Gun Obtains Jay-Z Phoenix Rider

via TheSmokingGun

MAY 13–When Jay-Z headlined last month at the University of Arizona, the rapper banked a whopping $750,000 for his set. But the chart-topping performer did not get every perk requested in his concert rider, since the school does not provide artists with alcohol, tobacco, or $400,000 luxury vehicles. As seen on the following pages from his 2009 concert rider, Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) demands that promoters provide him with ground transportation while he is in town performing.

Specifically, the rap star requires a late-model black Maybach (either the 57 or 62 model) with tinted windows. Carter’s dressing room (72 degrees, please) must be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, and two bottles of $300 Champagne. Oh, and the 39-year-old performer also needs two bottles (at $200 apiece) of 2004 Sassicaia, which his rider helpfully describes as a “Red, Italian Wine from Bolgheri Region.” Additionally, Carter requires “Good Quality” peanut butter and jelly, one martini shaker, 12 shot glasses, and a pack of Marlboro Lights.

A marked-up copy of the Jay-Z rider, provided by the University of Arizona, includes the school’s deletion of items it declined to provide the rapper.

Lil Wayne Felony Trial Bans Cameras, Judge Rules In Rapper’s Favor


via SOHH

An Arizona judge has ruled against the media’s usage of cameras during an upcoming trial for Lil Wayne, who faces multiple drug and weapons charges from an arrest last year.

The decision to ban cameras was made yesterday (May 8) afternoon.

Ruling on media requests to have photographers in the courtroom, Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves concluded that media interest in the case is prompted not by the facts but by the celebrity status of Lil Wayne, who faces drug and weapons charges. The rap star’s rights to a fair trial outweigh the media’s desire to film or photograph trial proceedings, Reeves said. Reporters will be able to attend and report on the trial. (Yuma Sun)

Weezy’s attorneys were recently denied a request to have his case pushed back to the Grand Jury last month.

In their motion, which was based on the misconduct with weapons charge, attorneys James Tilson and Natman Schaye argued the Grand Jury was not given all the elements involved in the alleged offense, and that led to an errorneous finding of probable cause. Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves, who is presiding over the case, said he based his decision on having read the Grand Jury transcripts as to what the factual basis of the offense was, the statutes the offense fell under and that there is a different standard of finding of probable cause between a trial jury and a Grand Jury. (SOHH)

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UPDATE: Reports of DMX Appearing on Celebrity Rehab FALSE


via HipHopPress

Publicist for Rapper/Actor DMX released this statement today:

“Several media outlets have reported that my client Earl Simmons, aka DMX has signed on to appear in VH1’s Celebrity Rehab Reality Show. These reports are false and Mr. Simmons has not greed to appear in any reality show.  Mr. Simmon’s is currently serving a 90 day jail sentence at Tent City Jail in Arizona . He has expressed great appreciation to the overwhelming amount of support he has received from his fans during this difficult time. He would like his fans to know that he is taking this time to focus on his personal as well as spiritual growth, and is looking forward to being released soon.

Ludacris Apologizes To John McCain


via XXL

Ludacris, the self-proclaimed “mouth of the south,” made nice with former presidential hopeful John McCain over this past weekend, after making some disparaging remarks about the Republican Arizona senator on record last year.

The rapper/actor reportedly apologized to McCain and his wife Cindy during last Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game according to E! Online.

Luda made headlines last year when his track, “Politics (Obama is Here)” was publicly panned by President Barack Obama for using such lines as “McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed.”

DMX Threatens to Beat Up His Jailers

via TMZ

DMX is officially on “lockdown status” in Arizona’s Tent City Jail for one of the dumbest moves an inmate can make — dude threatened to fight the guards.dmx_bn3

After X failed to report for his medication, officials say the former platinum rapper began cussing at officers and threatened to “assault somebody to get some respect.”

DMX was immediately thrown into lockdown and punished with a “special diet that is a form of bread and water.”

It all started when he refused to report for work, telling officers, “I already have a job and don’t need this (expletive).”

Sounds like he’s finally reforming…

DMX Sentenced to Three Months in Jail


via Thisis50

An Arizona judge today (January 30) sentenced DMX to 90 days in prison and 18 months supervised probation for various felony charges including drug possession, identity theft and animal cruelty.

According to The Arizona Republic, DMX (born Earl Simmons) appeared in the smiling Friday but later complained that he had severe pain in his knees and feet. The rapper said he thought he was suffering from gout.

“I’m not sentencing DMX today, I’m sentencing Earl Simmons. I don’t know DMX,” said Judge Phemonia Miller. ”Mr. Simmons, it’s time to do something different. What you have been doing is not working.”

Over the past three years, DMX has had numerous brushes with Arizona police. The Yonkers bred rapper picked up the drug and animal cruelty charges after malnourished pit bulls and marijuana were found in his Arizona home during a raid in May 2007.

The identify theft charges stem from accusations that DMX used a fake name at an Arizona hospital in April 2008 to avoid a bill. Continue reading

Criminals Targeted in U.S. “Kidnap Capital”

via Reuters

PHOENIX (Reuters) – The criminal underworld in the sun-baked Arizona capital of Phoenix has long enjoyed the hot money profits from illicit smuggling of drugs and people over the border from Mexico.

But now its members are living in fear as they are stalked by kidnappers after their proceeds, authorities say.

Police in the desert city say specialized kidnap rings are snatching suspected criminals and their families from their homes, running them off the roads and even grabbing them at shopping malls in a spiraling spate of abductions.

“Phoenix is ground zero for illegal narcotics smuggling and illegal human smuggling in the United States,” said Phil Roberts, a Phoenix Police Department detective. Continue reading

DMX Pleads Not Guilty To Drug and Animal Charges

Tom Tingle/ AP Photo

DMX has plead not guilty to recent drug and animal cruelty charges he was charged with last week. X is definetly walking on a thin line and better watch his activities before he finds himself doing some hard time. MTV has the scoop on his court apperance.

DMX has a well-established reputation for showing up late, or not at all, for shows and interviews. But on Thursday, the gravelly voiced rapper was tardy to the one place you never want to be: court. Dressed in a baggy white T-shirt and “dingy” jeans, DMX (born Earl Simmons), walked into the Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix an hour late for an arraignment on four felony drug charges and seven misdemeanor animal-cruelty charges, according to the Arizona Republic.

He entered a plea of not guilty on all 11 charges, which stem from an early-morning May 9 raid on his Arizona home by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies. The raid came seven months after the sheriff’s office launched an investigation into allegations that the rapper was neglecting 12 pit bulls on the property, some of whom were reportedly dehydrated and apparently underfed. The bodies of three dogs were found buried in the backyard. He is charged with two counts of marijuana possession and two for drug paraphernalia based on evidence the police reportedly found in the rapper’s home.

The Republic reported that DMX had no comment for the press, but when asked how he was dealing with the allegations, the rapper — who has said he’s working on both a secular and gospel album — replied, “Prayer.” He described his present situation as “not very pleasant.”
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