[video] Inside the Atlanta Strip Club that Runs Hip Hop | Magic City

In this full-length documentary by award winner Lauren Greenfield, we get to know the strippers, rappers, hustlers, and dreamers that make up the legendary Magic City. More than just a strip club, the ATL hot spot is where aspiring rappers use the club’s influence in the hip hop industry to try and make it big, and where dancers and DJs call the shots as they seek out their own fame and fortune.

Migos Arrested for Gun Possession in Georgia, are Vice Media and Lyor Cohen to Blame? [Updated]

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.52.00 AM

Update #2: Two members of Migos have been released on bond.

Update : According to NBC affiliate WSAV News 3 reports that Migos members Quavious Marshall, Kirschnick Ball, Kiari Cephus were all denied bail following their arrest over the weekend. source:

I, along with millions of others watched Noisey/Vice Media do a bunch of documentaries on Atlanta’s trap music scene (with a nerdy white guy as host and at one point even smoking a PCP laced blunt) that they seem so enamored with in the Vices offices in Williamsburg.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 11.56.50 AMIn particular in the Meet the Migos episode, was the proliferation of illegal drugs and firearms on display with no context as to whether these firearms were legal for these young black males to possess. We only can gather that these weapons are for protection of the Migos clan from ‘fuck ni*ggas’. I have no idea what the open carry gun laws are in Georgia, but I am gonna jump out the window and say the artillery these guys were carrying at this local suburban trap houses were illegal.

News has just broken that the Migos were arrested for drug and felony firearm possession by authorities. Now what role does Vice Media actually play in this situation? The fact they are so willing to put these young black males on camera with potentially illegal firearms shows me that clicks, views, and ad dollars are more important than the actual lives of these young men who by massive popularity and fame are forced to carry automatic weapons where ever they go.

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[video] Noisey Atlanta – Rich Gang: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose – (Episode 8)

Wonder if Trinidad James gets anything for his phrase “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch” currently anchoring the #1 song in the country “Uptown Funk” from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars? He at least deserves a shout out.

In episode eight of Noisey Atlanta, we examine just how quickly the ups and downs can happen in the trap world. In short, the scene moves fast. To start things off, we meet Bankroll Fresh at a barbershop and talk about the rise of his late summer 2014 hit “Hot Boy.” Then we find ourselves in the studio with the elusive Young Thug before linking with Rich Homie Quan, who tells stories of getting out of jail and eventually forming Rich Gang with Birdman and Thugger (fun fact: RHQ and Young Thug apparently went to middle school together). Later, we catch up with Trinidad Jame$ over a year after the explosion of “All Gold Everything,” showing what can possibly happen to a hyped up rapper after the machine spits ‘em out.

[audio] YOUNG JEEZY- 24/23 (Gucci Mane & OJ Diss)

Young Jeezy News_1



“They don’t want it with the boy Snow/but between me and you, I think the boy slow”

HA! Some artist are just at their best when they resort to that ignorant sh*t and Jeezy is in rare form with this one. The streets been waiting to see what his response would be to Gucci Mane and OJ making their mark in the A. Well, consider shots fired after this one. As for now, Gucci & OJ refuse to engage Jeezy in a response.  I give it to the weekend though. 

T.I.’s “Road to Redemption” Begins..Sentenced to a Year and a Day

via CNN

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — World-famous rap star T.I. was sentenced in Atlanta federal court Friday to one year and one day in prison and ordered to pay a $100,300 fine on weapons charges related to purchasing machine guns and silencers.ti

In that time, he mentored at-risk students at 58 schools, 12 Boys & Girls Clubs, nine churches and many other nonprofit organizations, according to court documents.

Meanwhile, T.I., 28, has released his sixth CD, “Paper Trail,” which has sold close to 2 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The multiplatinum rapper also has starred in the MTV reality show, “T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go,” which chronicles his efforts to shave years off his sentence by completing his community service. The show features him talking to students and community groups “about how to avoid the trouble he now finds himself in,” according to the network’s Web site.

“It’s been rewarding in the sense that it takes my mind off my own personal circumstances when I focus the attention on helping others,” he said about his time spent doing community service. “And that way, I’ve definitely been able to appreciate the ability to turn my negative part of my life into a positive.”

Harris recently talked to CNN about learning from his mistakes.

“You shouldn’t take the things that I’ve gone through and the negative parts of my life and admire me for that,” Harris said. “If anything, admire me for how I’ve accepted responsibility for the part I’ve played in placing myself in these situations and what I’ve done to recover from it.” Video Watch the rapper’s interview with CNN’s T.J. Holmes » Continue reading

T.I. Says It’s A ‘Great Pleasure’ To Help New Atlanta Artists

Ed Note: It’s amazing to see the South really cement its hold on the future of this game because the spirit of “family” is still a Southern institution that’s why it’s brethren to the West and South of it are also embracing the resurgence of family movements. Miami popped off once they united and out West the new guns are uniting under one banner to push a new sound.  The only one still trying to find themselves is New York, the epicenter of Hip Hop’s AGE and CLASS war, which has stifled creativity by hoarding of the throne and the torch.

via MTV

Atlanta may just be the hottest city in hip-hop right now. T.I., Young Jeezy and Ludacris all stand on top as kings of the game right now. Love him or hate him, ATL transplant Soulja Boy has already tapped into the young-listener market like no other, and his “Turn My Swag On” is probably the biggest rap record in the clubs right now. The veteran Gucci Mane is now out of jail and has the streets screaming for him. And let’s not forget Andre 3000 — whenever he steps out of the creative hideout he’s lounging in, a classic verse is a forgone conclusion. ti_la

And while other cities certainly have their share of heavyweights, Atlanta keeps turning out young talent who make themselves immediate heavy-hitters in local clubs and on the radio. Def Jam has just inked the trio F.L.Y., who are stirring up a dance movement with the song “Swag Surfin’, ” and T.I. is championing two of the city’s brightest prospects: Yung L.A. and B.o.B.

“I think they all represent different movements,” Tip told us recently about the next wave of Atlanta artists. “B.o.B from Yung L.A., they’re light years away. … I think that it’s great that the city is still growing, that the movement is alive and well. It gives me great pleasure to be able to present so many of these acts and to be responsible for the cultivating of their careers.”

Here are five Atlanta rap acts to look out for in 2009:

OJ Da Juiceman – The Juice says that the project he put out in January — The Otha Side of The Trap … — wasn’t an actual LP, it was more like a mixtape album. The big hit of the CD, “Make Tha Trap Say Aye,” featured Gucci Mane and became a street smash. Cam’ron recently laid vocals for the remix and it sounds like another winner for OJ. But now that his teammate Gucci Mane — who’s as popular in the streets as any MC right now — has been released from prison, it seems like the tandem will have no problems making waves in Atlanta and busting out mainstream-style in 2009. Continue reading

[video] B.o.B. Changing His Name to “Bobby Ray”

source: nahright

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via MTV News:

“People hit me on Facebook, Twitter, on MySpace,” he said with a smile in his home. “I don’t know how it got to that. How it got twisted to ‘I quit.’ I didn’t quit. Things got misunderstood.”
B.o.B’s new sound has involved a lot of instrumentation and a rock-and-roll edge.

“Now I go by the name ‘Bobby Ray.’ Make sure you put ‘Bobby Ray,’ ” the MC revealed. “I’m really going into a new direction — more free and not trying to live up to any particular genre. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing that. I don’t feel like I’ve been trying to fit in, but I feel even more free-spirited. I have more willingness musically. That’s all I’m about. I’m about guitars, chords and keyboards.”

B.o.B is one of the main attractions this week at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. He’ll be performing with his band the Eastsiders.

*crosses out B.o.B., writes Bobby Ray in sharpie on 10,000 fliers*

Once again, B.o.B. Bobby Ray will be headlining the Nah Right & TSS ‘Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers’ @ SxSW – Friday, March 20th. RSVP now.

Shouts to Wes Fif. Haterz Everywhere, that MTV showed for a sec in this clip, was originally his song featuring B.o.B.

T.I. Initiative Aims to Remove Guns from the Streets

"Do as I say, not as I do, PIMPIN!"

"Do as I say, not as I do, PIMPIN!"

via Allhiphop

Superstar T.I. and his K.I.N.G. Foundation have formed a coalition with the Political Swagger Foundation and C.H.A.N.G.E. Initiative to remove guns from urban communities.

The first stop for T.I. is Houston, where on March 14 the Atlanta native will host Responsibility Is a Lifestyle: Give Back Your Gun Day.

The event commences at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Throughout the day, any person with an unregistered weapon will be able to turn in the firearm without fear of questioning, fines, or arrest.

The outreach program was enacted partly due to a recent sociological study by Northeastern University.

The results displayed that from 2002-2007, there was 31 percent increase in the murder rate for juvenile African-American males. Continue reading

Judge drops felony charge against Lil Wayne



ATLANTA – A judge in Atlanta has dismissed felony drug charges against rapper Lil Wayne.

The Grammy-award winning rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was arrested in August 2006 at a hotel. Atlanta police said they found unmarked bottles containing hydrocodone and a generic form of Xanax, along with a small amount of marijuana.

On Tuesday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson granted the rapper’s request to suppress on the basis of an illegal search. Carter’s attorney, William Head, said his client wasn’t staying in the room where the arrest was made.

Carter currently faces drug charges in Arizona, stemming from a January 2008 arrest, and a weapons charge from 2007 in New York.

[video] Killer Mike: How-to-Crack-a-CD-Open

Killer Mike reminds you of what it felt like to crack a CD open, read the credits, look at the artwork then carefully scan over the shout out’s to see who made it.  These seems like a lost art these days with the proliferation of digital music devices.  I damn sure do miss those days but honestly, this clip got me wanting to cop Mike’s CD to see the artwork, it looks crazy!!

Come join B.o.B LIVE in concert


In appreciation for all the support you’ve given B.o.B this past year, we’d like to invite you out to an intimate evening with B.o.B and his friends the Thunderkatz, Playboy Tre, Born Wit and more. It takes place this Sunday in Atlanta at SugarHill in Underground.

Come join B.o.B LIVE in concert with a live band at the Almost Famous “UNPLUGGED” show! There will be plenty tastemakers, djs, media and other industry follks there for GREAT NETWORKING!

Be present at Sugarhill in Underground Atlanta on Sunday, December 21 to bear witness to B.o.B UNPLUGGED…the FUTURE! Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10 pm.


Visit www.almostfamousshow.com or email info@almostfamousshow.com for more information, or press credentials.

For more information about *B.o.B* please visit www.bobatl.com or www.myspace.com/bobatl


BMF Bigwig Blows Trial, Gets 20 Years


via Chicago Tribune

ATLANTA – A man prosecutors call a “senior member” of the Black Mafia Family has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for cocaine conspiracy.

Fleming Daniels of Roswell, Ga., also was fined $10,000 for participating in the violent drug gang, the focus of federal prosecution in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Louisville, Ky., Orlando, Fla., and elsewhere.

The 35-year-old Daniels is the first of 16 defendants indicted in Atlanta to go to trial. Eleven entered guilty pleas. Three others are in custody and one is a fugitive.

Evidence showed that during 2003-2004, the gang moved hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into Atlanta, Detroit, and other points. Prosecutors say Daniels was responsible for distributing over 50 kilograms valued at more than $1 million.

T.I. Does His Numbers, Expected to Register 468,000 Sales of “Paper Trail”

via SOHH

Just a day after the release of his highly anticipated sixth studio album, T.I.‘s Paper Trail is already causing waves around the country.

SOHH investigated the success of T.I.’s album in New York and in his hometown of Atlanta. At a Circuit City location in NY, a sales rep revealed that Paper Trail sold out by 1:30 yesterday afternoon. “A lot of people were in the store for the album from the time we opened,” the rep told SOHH

Meanwhile, a mid-town Atlanta Best Buy told SOHH, it was well on its way to clearing the shelves. The store received an influx of calls requesting it and was frequented by fans of the self proclaimed “King of the South.” Continue reading

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Angela ‘Myammee’ Pitts

Sorry for taking so long to feature one of our most popular posts on Street Knowledge Media. We have to retread some old ground and highlight one of the former contestants of Flavor of Love 3,Angela ‘Myammee’ Pitts. This beauty from the heart of Miami has lots of plans for the future and doesn’t regret doing reality television and was discovered at a comedy club in ATL. She also says that females are some of her biggest fans and she appreciates all the love she has received from being on reality television’s biggest hit. We can’t wait to see her and all her new endeavors.


New Artist: ATL’s ‘Zay Cash’

We here at Street Knowledge Media are starting to open up our doors and feature newer artists in addition to the already popular artists that we regularly have on the blog. If you are interested in having your artist featured be sure to email us at streetknowledgefilms@gmail.com. Today we are taking it to the dirty dirty with a brief feature on ATL’s Zay Cash.



ZAY CASH, born Exavius Cash, hails from Atlanta, GA’s 4th Ward.  ZAY got started rapping after he was influenced by the film KRUSH GROOVE and since then he never put the mic down.  Discovered by Steve Rollin of Tag Team fame, ZAY has also been signed to Dallas Austin and has worked with almost everyone in the entire ATL hip-hop family.  Now signed to the new, ATOMIC MUSIC GROUP, you should expect big thangs from ZAY CASH and the ATOMIC FAMILY. 




Special Thanks: Next Thing Music

ATL Rapper “Baby D” Bagged on Fed Drug Charges

ATL rapper Baby D arrested on Federal Drug charges.

No more than an hour after I posted the TI story and blasted Bol, another rapper makes me look like a f*cking nutcase.

Allhiphop is reporting that ATL rapper Baby D just got arrested on federal drug charges. I read reports not too long ago that he was poised to release an album on some label in the near future (read the AHH article for info).

My advice..call up TI’s lawyers cause they definetly worked a miracle for him!!
Full AHH Breakdown:
Georgia rapper Baby D is facing federal charges for allegedly trafficking cocaine, following a recent arrest in Dayton, Ohio.

Baby D, born Donald B. Jenkins, vehemently disputes the allegations against him.

He is currently being held without bond in the Butler County jail in Ohio, a facility known for housing people held on federal charges.

In addition to the federal charges, Baby D has three pending assault charges in Tennessee, where he has a bond set.

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TI Denounces and Renounces “Hunt ‘Em Down”

Paper Trail coming ASAP, ASAP

Hold ya horses! T.I. wants the world to know that a recently leaked track titled “Hunt ‘Em Down” will not be featured on his upcoming album Paper Trail. He says the track is inferior in quality when held to the standards of his next project. [via HipHopDX]

“I just wanted to say to you myself that the record that has been leaked – I think yall are calling it ‘Hunt Em Down’, when I did it, it was called ‘Got It Now’ – It is an unwarranted, unauthorized release,” T.I. says. “It is not a Paper Trail selection, it is not of the same standards and the same quality as the records that I’m doing right now so I don’t want anybody to get it misconstrued that that’s the first single.”

He thanked those who enjoyed the song but promised that the music he has coming from Paper Trail would be far superior to the song leaked to the public. T.I. then explains the origins of the song.

“Do not be fooled. It was actually the first song recorded after the big homie Philant died,” T.I. continues as he dismisses the song. “So there was a lot of rage, a lot of anger and a lot of frustrations on that record. It was never even meant to be released.”

I’m glad he cleared the air and explained this is the first recording he made after his manager, Philant Johnson was killed because it was a far cry from the “polished” image that Tip is looking to portray as he travels the nation and talks to troubled youth as part of his extraordinary plea deal with the federales. These are some excerpts from the audio message T.I. addressed to “Whom It May Concern, for whatever it’s worth…”

[via HipHopDX]

Bonecrusher Battles the Bulge


ATL’s own Bonecrusher is transforming his stint on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club into a inspirational fitness DVD for people “Battling with the Bulge.”  The instructional DVD titled “Battle of the Bulge” is being billed as a workout tape for people with “limited” range of motion.  There is a 20-minute workout, a 40-minute workout and a couch potato workout for those who can’t get it off the couch. Coming to a retail outlet near you in February 2008, make sure you keep an eye open for this one!