[video] Meet Thon Maker, the 17 Year Old, 7-Foot Phenom

Back in the day 7 Footers were one dimensional players but that mold has been broken in the last few years and the age of do-it-all big men is definitely here to stay.

via Bleacher Report

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — You don’t have to watch Thon Maker play basketball to get at least an inkling of how special he is and what he might become.

The slender 7-foot physique. The arachnoid limbs. The gliding gait. The disarming demeanor.

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Aborigines of Australia Win Rights to Land Back


DARWIN, Australia – Aborigines won traditional ownership rights over a large stretch of coastline in northern Australia on Wednesday, in a landmark ruling lawyers said could set a precedent in other parts of the country.

The ruling by Australia’s highest judicial body means the traditional owners will be able to exclude people from using the foreshore — the intertidal area that lies between the high-tide line and the low-tide line — in the area unless they have permission.

The High Court ruling most directly affects fishermen on beaches and tidal rivers in a 35,000-square-mile area in the Northern Territory that was subject to the claim. Continue reading

First Aboriginal Remains Returned From U.S.

via Reuters

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A group of Aboriginal elders on Saturday left Australia for the United States to bring home the remains of 33 ancestors from the Smithsonian Institute, the first Aboriginal remains to be returned from the United States.

Aborigines have fought for decades for the return of ancestral remains from overseas universities and museums where they have been taken for scientific and anthropological studies. Continue reading

Australia Releases Code of Conduct for Internet Use

via Breitbart

Australia on Wednesday unveiled a new code of conduct to regulate online and mobile phone content which will call for classifications similar to those for films, a government spokesman said.

All content likely to be rated as for viewers aged over 15 will need to be assessed and classified under the code, the Australian Communications and Media Authority said.

“This code assists both children and their parents to make informed choices about what is, or is not, suitable for viewing online or on mobile phones,” it said.

The code of practice has been developed by the Internet Industry Association, a body representing most of the leading Internet content providers in Australia.

It only affects online content originating in Australia.

A spokesman for the authority said it would be binding on members of the association.