[video] T-Pain Sings Without Autotune, Internet Goes Nuts

T-Pain has finally, once and for all ,proved that he is a true talent by singing some of his biggest hits without the use of autotune.

T-Pain’s fingerprints are all over pop and R&B and hip-hop. He wasn’t the first musician to use Auto-Tune as an instrument — he noticed it on a Jennifer Lopez remix, and remembers “Deep” well — but it was, as he says, his style. For a while, in the mid-2000s, he lived at the top of the charts. He dominated that brief moment of our lives when ringtones were a thing. He was celebrated as an innovator, and he happily took his talents where he was invited, which was everywhere.

But somewhere along the way, somebody got it twisted. “People felt like I was using it to sound good,” says T-Pain, in an interview that will air on All Things Considered. “But I was just using it to sound different.”

He just turned 30, but T-Pain has already done enough to drop a greatest hits album next week. We asked him if he’d grace the Tiny Desk without any embellishment or effects to show what’s really made his career: his voice, and those songs.–FRANNIE KELLEY

“Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)”
“Up Down (Do This All Day)”
“Drankin’ Patna”


Maker of Auto-Tune Machine Responds to Jay-Z’s “Death-Of-Auto-Tune” Song


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Jay-Z has been making his rounds to speak on the demise of Auto-Tune, from his point of view. KRS has been doing the same. With alleged come-back tracks on the way from other artists, Jay had to recently explain what originally made him take a closer look at how Auto-Tune was changing the way people viewed the culture.

I just think in Hip Hop, when a trend becomes a gimmick, it’s time to move on,” Jigga told Chicago radio station WGCI earlier this week, echoing statements we reported on yesterday. “I saw a Wendy’s commercial and they’re using Auto-Tune. They’re joking on it. It’s like, OK, enough of that. … It was a trend. It was cool in the beginning. Some people made great music with it. Now it’s time to move on.”

Marco Alpert, VP-marketing for Antares Audio Technologies spoke on his product, telling SongsforSoap.com that their will always be a need for his product in music. He also said that their company had no problem with what is being said about its product or how it is used in the Wendy’s ad. Continue reading

[audio] Jay-Z- D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)


Jay-Z– D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)

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Let the debates begin! Is the GOD MC being blasphemous for taking shots at his peer group, when this issue should’ve been addressed last year when Autotune was running rampant and he was cashing checks from 808 & Heartbreak? Either which way the track is tight and N.Y. needs something to make them get off their arse.

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[Op-Ed] XXL’s Top 10 Hip Hop Trends That Just Must Cease to Exist in 2009


I can’t co-sign all of these, but some are on point

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With 2 weeks left in ‘08, figured it’s time to start breaking out the top 10 lists because… well… let’s be honest here, they’re easier to come up with than anything substantial.

Trends… I wish they’d die a very timely death (as in, right now). Here’s my top 10 list of trends and/or just general shit that must cease to exist in 2009.

10) “super” producers- These are the guys who become industry darlings after they make a hit record, and then every artist starts asking them for the same type of track, and well, it never amounts to much. I don’t want to dis anyone, but there’s some dudes that get mad work post-hit record and don’t ever duplicate that success. In ‘09, that shit really needs to stop. You guys are the reason why album budgets get eaten up and artists gotta resort to making internet weekly freestyle series after their singles bomb. Continue reading