[video] ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Stevie J — Arrested for Owing $1 MILLION in Child Support

This fool on reality television supposedly opening new businesses and was oblivious that he owes over $1 million bucks in back child support and that the authorities are watching right along with urban America? More plotlines for Mona Scott.

via TMZ

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J just learned a hard lesson about being a baby daddy … you rack up a million-dollar child support debt and you go directly to jail.

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[video] Hella Change: Loon Talks About Turning Muslim & Cleaning Up His Raps!

Alj reports “A growing number of rap artists are leaving the bad boy hip hop lifestyle for a more spiritual one. The Canadian Dawah Association says that an increasing number of rappers this year have embraced Islam or acknowledged they had in the past. Amir Junaid Muhadith, better known for his stage name, Loon, talks to Al Jazeera about his spiritual journey. “

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What If The Notorious B.I.G. Were Still Here For His 37th Birthday?

The only pic of BIG and Nas courtesy of IceDot

The only pic of BIG and Nas courtesy of IceDot

via MTV

Arguably one of the greatest rappers ever to clutch the microphone, the Notorious B.I.G. celebrates what would have been his 37th birthday today. That’s right, the late great Frank White would have been just three years shy of officially being considered “over the hill.”

Since his untimely demise at the age of 24, there’s been much speculation for the past decade as to where the Brooklynite would stand in today’s rap climate. Would B.I.G. and his sidekick/boss Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs still be rocking together? What about Jay-Z? Lil Kim? Let’s take a look.

Bad Boy: Although B.I.G. was the label’s flagship artist and only on his second album (a double at that), a certain Mr. Comb’s track record of retaining his artists for the duration of their contractual obligations is not an impressive one (check: Craig Mack, Total, 112, Faith Evans, Mase, G. Dep, Black Rob, etc.) So, it’s hard to say whether Biggie himself would still be on the once-dominant Bad Boy.

Jay-Z: The two became bosom buddies and were on the verge of creating a supergroup together with Charli Baltimore, dubbed the Commission, before B.I.G. passed. But as history shows, money and power have ruined some of the strongest alliances in hip-hop. Many argue that if B.I.G. were here, then Hov’s career wouldn’t be as massive as it currently is.

Junior M.A.F.I.A.: Some of Biggie’s rap peers turned their heads in disgust when turmoil within the M.A.F.I.A. went public. The Lil Kim/ Lil Cease/ D-Roc fallout and, most recently, Kim verbally attacking B.I.G.’s mother Voletta Wallace over her portrayal in the movie “Notorious” must have B.I.G. turning in his grave. But if Big were still here, maybe the group would still be intact.

Lil’ Kim: Kim revisted the national spotlight these past two months with her appearance on “Dancing With the Stars,” but B.I.G. had his own plans to turn the starlet into a household name long ago. Critics say Kim’s rap career is on ice, but rest assured that if her mentor were still alive today, he’d have none of that. Continue reading

[video] Yung Joc Launches Online Campaign Against Diddy & Co.

Normally I wouldn’t post it but I must take note of how Yung Joc is flipping social media on his boss who has beencredited with using his Web 2.0 prowess to promote…you guessed it, P. Diddy. Now Joc has got the memo and he is using LOX tactics via the internet to galvanize his fanbase to submit a poll stating whether they pump with Diddy or Joc (pause) at least I think that’s what he was trying to say.

[video] Red Cafe Talks Upcoming Bad Boy Hosted Mixtape

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Just to think me and Majesty was just discussing the status of Red’s project, then unexpectantly we get the announcement that Diddy will possibly be assisting Akon on the Cafe project.  That will be a good look for Brooklyn and Bad Boy especially since the last time Diddy had someone from the Bush on the label, we got Shyne Po. Lets hope they can create the same kind of magic in the studio, and leave the B.S. at home.

Diddy Bop Reveals Monstrous Last Train To Paris Publicity Campaign Ahead Leveraging Web & Mobile Presence

via ProHipHop

As the Diddy Monster revs up for the launch of Last Train To Paris, due September 22nd, with the release of multiple officially unofficial web videos of the first single, Diddy Bop, it’s clear that this will be a monstrous campaign.

When Diddy dropped Press Play in October of 2006, which debuted at no. 1, he had only recently launched Diddy TV yet could accurately claim to be dominating “TV, Radio & the Internet With [a] Massive Cross-Platform Media Blitz“.

Of course, he already had a popular MySpace page, was already working the BadBoyRecords YouTube channel with such classics as his Proactive rant and, of course, all us web folks were already chronicling his every move.

But since then we’ve watched such web phenomenon as Diddy test-launching an assistant search on YouTube that led to a reality tv show on VH1. We’ve also seem him join the Twitter nation and launch yet another YouTube channel, PTWITTYTV. And that just scratches the surface, leaving out most of his offline activities that are excessively documented online and via traditional media channels. Continue reading

Diddy launches interactive “Last Train to Paris” iPhone app


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Diddy x iPhone. I swear, Diddy should get an award for his marketing abilities with the internet and today’s technology. That guy is a master at the Twitter game much like I am the master of NBA 2K9 on the PS3. Well now Diddy is jumping on the iPhone app tactic to push his upcoming album “Last Train to Paris.”

The app is pretty simple. You just take a photo of yourself, write a quick message on the app and send it. Your photo and message then becomes part of a bigger train collage where you can view other people’s photos and messages. Alright! LET’S GO PEOPLE!!! (the twitter fam will get it). Props to Clyde for heads up. He always brings the heat.

[video] Jada Tells Diddy ‘Lets Make a Deal’

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According to Al-Qaeda Jada, Diddy has initiated what some may hope will mushroom into a bidding war for the former Bad Boy’s, LOX.  According to Jada, who just dropped his highly anticipated album this past Tuesday, Combs made a ‘light’ offer but with a few adjustments the numbers will be right.  Are we still excited to see the LOX back on Bad Boy a decade after their former glory?  Will Jay-Z pitch his hat in the ring and make a play for the Yonkers trio?

[video] Former Bad Boy Loon Converts to ISLAM

via IceDot

First Mase became a born again Christian and now his protege from Mase’s Harlem World group [view] and former Bad Boy artist Loon has become a Muslim complete with a full beard, kufi and Islamic garb. I can respect it but wouldn’t it be funny if Cam’ron followed this up and became a Mormon or some shit? And speaking of Cam, being that Jim Jones is the self proclaimed kufi smacker and him and Loon have exchanged words [view] I think that term will take on a whole new meaning. – ICE

[video] AROUND THE WORLD- Puff & Mase [ThrowBack]

I stumbled on this and was reminded of what made Puff great when he was at the top of his game.  And that was the ability to capture life at its most festive moments and then create a genre of video making that was similar to cinema to project it. He had the honor of initially setting off these CINEMATIC big budget videos by launching the career of B.I.G. with both “JUICY” and “WARNING” videos, his very first, culminating with “HYPNOTISE”  his very last. The latter being the pinaccle of BIG BUDGET productions, but definitely worthy of every penny.  They are both CERTIFIED classics. 

He was working with a winning formula when he had Ma$e playing the ROBIN to Puffy’s DARK KNIGHT.  He has never had chemistry with another rapper of this caliber since Frank White himself.  So shout out to Puff for really having the vision to THINK BIG and for that foresight he can always say I AM KING.

Notorious Soundtrack Makes BIG Debut on Charts

via Allhiphop

Matching the success of the film from which it spawned, Notorious: Music From and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture has landed atop several Billboard charts, scoring the week’s biggest debut at #4 on the Billboard 200.

The Bad Boy Records release, which was in stores three days before Notorious hit theaters, sold 43,000 copies in it’s first week of release.notorious_soundtrack

The album also made it to No. 1 on the “Top Rap Albums” chart, and No. 2 on both the “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” and “Top Digital Albums” list as well.

A musical companion to the film capturing the rise of Brooklyn’s favorite son, the album combines Notorious B.I.G. chart toppers like “Juicy” with new music by Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Faith Evans, and even Biggie’s son CJ Wallace.

A two-disc special edition is currently on sale at Target stores nationwide, pairing the CD with a new documentary, Remembering Christopher Wallace.

The DVD features exclusive interviews with slain rap great’s family including Mrs. Voletta Wallace and the two children he left behind.

Former Bad Boy Artist Slams Diddy in New Book

yI was getting kind of worried there, I am use to at least two Diddy lawsuits or slanderous claims a month, and honestly its been a minute.  The hiatus is over and the Diddy Crusade is back in effect.diddy

via Thats HipHop

Former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry is trashing his former boss, Sean “Diddy” Combs, in the self-published book Bad Boy: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip-Hop. Curry, who appeared on the 2002 hit “Bad Boy for Life,” claims that Combs reneged on such promises as releasing his solo album and helping him earn over seven figures. Curry writes, “Today, after years of writing hit records for Combs, I am no closer to having my first album released by Bad Boy Entertainment than I was when we signed the contract. Combs cajoled, hoodwinked and bamboozled me for nearly a decade.”

And Curry details some of what he claims were Combs’ unethical business practices. “Puffy would charge his artists for his appearances on their records and videos, usually without them realizing it until they received their royalty statements… He even charged artists for having his Bentley in their videos — which he insisted upon — and then took a tax credit for business use of the car.”

The first chapter of Bad Boy is available for free at MarkCurryBook-dot-com.

[video] B.I.G. Video Tribute…Down Memory Lane

I’ve been seeing some extensive marketing being done for the B.I.G. brand, that culminates with the release of the NOTORIOUS film, in theaters now!!  I’ve seen video of the Bed Stuy Bad Boy this past week that I never seen before, so its been a treat. Let me share these two gems with yall, this one is a classic LIVE performance (Soul Train 97′) when he was in true Frank White mode with this on. He even had Faith on vocals and had her singing adlibs on “Get Money” which is loosely based on her. The other one is him on “Martin” and even though its not his best performance it is still classic because of the time period it represents, seems like ages ago! 

source: Notes from a Different Kitchen

Suge Knight Scares Off Bidders In Auction Of Death Row

via XXL

With thousands of unheard songs by hip-hop heavyweights Tupac and Snoop Dogg, among others hitting the auction block later this month, fans would think they would have no problem finding buyers, but it seems as if former owner, Suge Knight, is a real turnoff.suge

New York’s Daily News reports that Knight’s Death Row Records will be going up for sale on January 15 but the label founder’s shady reputation may make it a tough sell. A source tells the paper that, “Some people don’t want to go near the catalog because they think Suge still believes it’s his.”

The former hip-hop mogul was forced to put the music up for sale after filing for bankruptcy in ’06. Authorities have tried unsuccessfully to put the extensive library on the auction block before, but all the prior deals have fell through. As XXLmag.com previously reported, Suge was accused of hiding a portion of Death Row’s catalog from Global Music Group, an indie that tried to buy the West Coast label last year.

Along with Death Row going up for sale, Knight’s Malibu mansion was auctioned off for $4.5 million just last month. The 8,272 square-feet house was built seven years ago and has 9.5 bathrooms, a pool, a spa and mountain and ocean views. It’s estimated value is over $6.2 million.

Ciroc Presents New Drink Called ‘The Diddy’

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While Diddy is off spending his $100 million Ciroc partnership money on other alcohol brands, Ciroc has upped their marketing efforts including a revamped Diddy/Ciroc website and a new drink called The Diddy which is branded “The Official Drink of Summer.” So what exactly is in The Diddy? It’s pretty complex so make sure you practice mixing it on your own before serving to your friends…here it is, The Diddy: 1.5 oz Ciroc Vodka with 3 oz Lemonade. No joke.

J-Lo Asked to Testify About ’99 Shooting @ Club NY

diddy & j-lo

via People/the LIFE Files

Will Jennifer Lopez have to take the stand?

Almost nine years after Sean Diddy Combs was involved in a nightclub shooting, his then-girlfriend, Lopez, might have to recall that experience in a court of law.

The New York Post reports that Lopez, who was at the club with Combs the night of the shooting, was subpoenaed and asked to tell “all she knows.”
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Judge Rules In Favor of B.I.G.’s Family

B.I.G. Baby, Baby!!

Source: The Boombox

A Los Angeles Judge has reinstated a wrongful-death suit brought by the family of the late Notorious B.I.G. Judge Florence-Marie Cooper dismissed the lawsuit on March 21 after determining the family failed to make a deadline for bringing a claim against the city of Los Angeles and former police officers Rafael Perez and Nino Durden.

B.I.G.’s estate has been given 20 days to file a new lawsuit. The family of slain rapper B.I.G. — real name Christopher Wallace — claims police officers conspired to kill the rising rap star. The family also contends that the LAPD attempted to cover up their involvement.

Diddy Gets His Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame (Update)

Diddy insists on launching campaigns for everything he does and his crowning on Hollywood Boulevard wouldn’t be any different. This is a video montage of All Things Diddy leading up to him getting his star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. This sits a lil’ sour with me being that BIG died not too far from here and his murder remains unsolved and for Diddy to be executive producing his film and at the same time being patronized by the City of Los Angeles as BIG’s family scrambles to wrestle the truth out of the corrupt LAPD(in light of the murder of Sean Bell) I just find it all awkward, especially since we never saw Puff get political when it came to the Big Homie, who quite honestly is at least 25% responsible for that shiny star. Nonetheless for what its worth here goes the photos of Diddy and family getting their shine on.

Diddy On The Hotseat…Again!


Diddy is having his worst week ever. First LA Times throws out an article about Puff’s involvement with the Quad Studio ambush of Tupac Shakur, now the NY Post is reporting that he just finished his deposition in a Civil suit about the December 1999 Club New York shooting which sent Shyne to jail for 10 years. The plaintiff, Natania Reuben is alleging that Shyne acted in concert along with other members of the Bad Boy entourage in the incident that resulted in her getting shot in the face. If the judge finds any merit to that accusation Puff can be held accountable for the $130 million civil lawsuit. This case is expected to see a trail date sometime in 2009. Speculation is abound that Shyne might take the stand and get a chance to give his account of the events which he’s previously been tight-lipped about, exacting the ultimate revenge against his former boss, Diddy. For the rest of this article CLICK HERE.

Bad Boy Still Bottle Poppin With Block Ent


In response to the rampant rumors that have been circulating around the net about Bad Boy severing ties with Block Entertainment, the home of Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe and Boyz N Da HoodBad Boy released this statement: 


“Contrary to reports Block Enterprises has not been dropped by Bad Boy South/ Atlantic. We continue a fantastic partnership with Russell “Block” Spencer and his amazing roster of artists including Boyz N Da Hood, Gorilla Zoe and Grammy nominated Yung Joc. We look forward to a continued relationship and more great music from the label in ’08