ABC tells CNN they ‘love’ Raven-Symone after Petition, Father Speaks on Recent Controversies

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Ya’ll ready to boycott ABC ironically the same network who black audiences support in droves with the shows Blackish, Scandal,HTGAWM, and Grey’s Anatomy have solidly stood by Raven-Symone aka the most hated black woman in America after the tremendous backlash she has received for recent comments. I am also adding an interview her father did with Your Black World after her comments about her discriminating against black people with non-traditional names.

“We love Raven. She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

via CNN

Thousands signed a petition on addressed to “View” creator and executive producer Barbara Walters to fire Symone.

As of Sunday, the petition had more than 125,000 signatures.

But ABC is not buckling to the pressure, and the network is standing behind the co-host. Symone is “a great addition” to the show, a network spokesperson told CNN. Full Story Here..


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Raven-Symone is NOT HIRING anyone BLACK with a ethnic sounding name

At this point is she just trolling or she actually feels this way? I say its both and its high time we stop getting upset at what she says. She obviously has a white washed world view and no matter how up in arms we get that is not changing.

[video] Argument About “N” Word Makes Host Break Down on The View

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There they go with that damn word again. The “N” word has found itself in the middle of another debacle, this time played out on national television between Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselback who broke down in tears when trying to explain why she feels the word needs to put out of it’s misery.

The View co-host found themselves grappling to find a common ground, with Whoopi informing Elisabeth that they are from two separate worlds, so there are ‘things’ and customs that may be foreign to her limited understanding. Elisabeth, having a kumbaya moment, asked what needs to be done to bridge those worlds so a more concrete understanding could be forged.

Then she got super emo and broke down and shed some crocodile tears. At this point, Barbara shut sh*t down but I’m sure they’re rehearsing part two right now for tomorrow’s show. Damn, that Nasir…talk about perfect timing.