Media Conglomerate Announces New Ad Models To Corner Niche Markets

IAC\'s College Humor

This article should be of interest to anyone on the net who is looking to drum up some advertising for their site. Media conglomerate IAC (InterActiveCorp Inc.) is restructuring all of its internet ventures (,,, to cater to the niche demographic that the advertisers is seeking to reach. They are saying it is no longer sufficient to just run an ad but now the new model dictates that you have to be more interactive with the consumer and engage them into the ad. Creativity has become paramount as a way to reach niche consumers. IAC is hoping to set the trend in this new advertisement model, a trend which other aspiring sites need to pay close attention to.

“Now advertisers won’t even talk to you unless you have a great topline idea, something cool,” CollegeHumor co-founder and editor-in-chief Ricky Van Veen told Reuters. “They use the banners and the rest of the stuff to support the deal.”

Although IAC is acknowledging that a sagging economy has affected ad spending dollars, they are convinced that advertisers are still spending money to reach whatever particular niche they are targeting.
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New “Black” Super Search Engine Is Introduced To Rival Google.

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A new search engine is aiming to snag some of Google’s coveted clientele, the much sought after black demographic. is a new search engine service geared toward but not specific to black audiences. They are offering a more thorough search experience that will uncover news, images, video and blogs as opposed to Google’s engines which only focus on news.

Even though there have been other black-specific search engines (, and this venture is funded by InterActive Corp. (IAC) headed by Barry Diller, who’s pockets are as deep as a rabbit hole. Investment figures aren’t available at presstime but analyst are sure IAC spared no expense. There are features exclusive to this site that make it fair a little better than a regular search engine. News, job searches and social networking are all synthesized into the search portal. Networking along lines of church affiliations, fraternal/sorority membership and social groupings will be available. This race specific or case specific pilot search engine will supply IAC with the analytical info that they need to duplicate “identity” search engines for other “groups.”

“It’s not just a black search engine and it’s not just a black technology. It’s where vertical meets search and creates this new thing,” Johnny Taylor, president of Black Web Enterprise says. “Identity search is going to be the way to go.”

It sounds like black is, well, the new black.
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