Big Daddy Kane Plays Free Summer Concert In BK


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Legendary rap giant Big Daddy Kane will be coming back to his hometown to play at this year’s “Celebrate Brooklyn” concert series in Prospect Park.

Presented by Lyricist Lounge, the show will feature Kane going through a set list of his greatest hits along with the accompaniment of a live band as well as unannounced special guests. Before the seminal rapper’s performance, there will be a screening of Anthony Marshall’s short documentary BDK: The Big Daddy Kane Story.

Kane’s free concert is scheduled for Saturday, August 8 at 7 p.m

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Lineup Announced

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The Fifth Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, which has staged such acts as Big Daddy Kane [click to read], Lupe Fiasco [click to read], and Ghostface Killah [click to read] in past events, recently announced their featured guest artists for this year. All New York-based, rappers Styles PPharoahe Monch, and Smif-N-Wessun will take the stage June 20 at the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park.bhhf

Wes Jackson, executive director of the festival, expressed his satisfaction on the artists decided upon for this year. “We are more than pleased when we look at our lineup so far. Our goal has always been to unite the Hip-Hop audience under one banner. MonchStyles and Smif-N-Wessun represent different branches of the Hip-Hop tree. They defy the labels stamped on them,” he said in a press release. Continue reading

Scion Drops Big Daddy Kane Documentary Online for Free


Big Daddy Kane x Scion. We just posted yesterday that Big Daddy Kane had a documentary short called BDK that was commissioned by car company Scion. Well Scion just hit us up and told us the entire documentary is actually online at their official online video site. So check out BDK at the Scion video site here. It’s legit, free and about 17 min. long…and a great look at one of the pioneers of the hip-hop movement.

Yo MTV Raps Reaches 20 Year Milestone Anniversary

Big Tings A Gwon’ over at MTV as they prepare to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of Yo MTV Raps, the spring board that many classics jumped off from. Fab Five is blogging over at Zude! (a highly recommended social network by the way) and Puma is setting out some ill rare issues. Them BDK’s is mean man, MEAN!
Brooklyn Stand Up! BIG DADDY KANE’S

Queens Bridge Stand Up! MC SHAN’S
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