[audio] Get Paid – Vince Staples feat. Desi Mo


Vince has been building quite the buzz for himself in these last few weeks leading up to the release of his debut albumĀ Summertime ’06. Along with the recent slew of interviews and show appearances, it was revealed just a little over a week ago that he was one of the 10 artists chosen for the ’15 XXL Freshman Class. Last night, he decided to add a little more fuel to the fire by hitting fans with the surprise release of his new single “Get Paid,” which features supporting vocals from Long Beach femcee, Desi Mo.

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[artwork + tracklist] Summertime ’06 – Vince Staples


With hip-hop constantly being scrutinized for its lack of artists with substance and oversaturation of artists who glorify the street life, Vince Staples could not have came on the scene at a better time. Unlike many artists over the years, Vince is not trying to sell an image or exploit the lifestyle that exists in urban communities across the country–he shares his personal story, giving fans a raw perspective of what that life is like from someone who has really lived it.

In his interviews, Vince is very unapologetic and outspoken–never shying away from expressing his views concerning social issues, his personal life and the state of hip-hop, among other things. His voice, on and off the mic, reflects many of the same thoughts shared by the unheard, overlooked and largely misunderstood youth of today. He has so far managed to generate widespread support and critical acclaim without having to compromise his artistic integrity, all while signed to a major label. It’s not too often that somone with his background gets this type of opportunity.

Given Vince’s already impressive catalogue, I have no doubt Summertime ’06 will meet, if not surpass expectations. Check out the tracklist after the jump.

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