ICE T clears rumors about “10 reasons why black men prefer to be with white women” list

So Joe Budden’s cornball twitter butt buddy wrote the list and Mediatakeout decided to pin it on Ice T. This guy is obviously searching for attention and has the nerve to slam black women when he came out out of one. If this list is true the first person he should start with is his mother.

1) White girls can get their hair wet. It’s summertime. Who wants to be at the pool with a girl who’ only concern is not getting her weave wet. White girls just jump in the pool without any care.

2) White girls don’t talk back. Put a little aggression in your voice and she will do whatever you say. That doesn’t fly with other races though. They wanna fight. Always.

3) It’s easier introducing them to your family/friends. “Everyone, this is Amber,” is WAY easier on the ears than, “Everyone, this is Shaniqua. Just saying.

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[video] Duke Student Makes Powerpoint Presentation After Sleeping With 13 Athletes

This girl is a straight-up hoe and the mainstream press including the Today Show is handling her with kid gloves, anyone wanna guess why? Becky took the time to make a Powerpoint presentation? If a guy did this they would be fried straight up. Hoe business is definitely show business these days. Anyway watch the story below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.