[video] Troy Ave’s Attorney John Stella Speaks on Charges, and Bail Appeal

Despite some reports Troy has not yet been granted bail yet.

Today Troy Ave was in court with his attorneys Scott Leemon and John Stella they presented a bail appeal to the district attorney in which they have to review financial documents given to them, John Stella says ‘these things take time’ and expect to bail the Brooklyn rapper as soon as next week. We asked Stella if the individuals that got into scuffle with Troy will be brought to court and most likely they won’t…especially without any witnesses

[video] Maino is “Unstoppable”

This man got a release date coming up. New York needs to show support to hometeam and hopefully all the other regions will fall in line. He defines perseverance if nothing else.

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via SOHH

Rapper Maino is set to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at his rise in hip-hop with the upcoming documentary Unstoppable set to be released tomorrow (June 9).

Maino explained the film’s focus on the adversity he has faced and his struggles to overcome all obstacles.

“A lot of industry people didn’t believe in me when I first started pounding the streets,” he said via a statement. “Many said I wouldn’t make it off of mixtapes, now look…my album is dropping June 30th. Haters inspired me to write my last two hit records. Unstoppable is the story of my life and struggles to get to the position I’m in now. I had a rough life growing up and nothing ever happened the way it was supposed to happen to me, so I’m accustomed to being turned down.” (Statement)

Focusing on his humble beginnings up until his “Hi Hater” fame, the doc will reportedly be a no-holds barred look into the New York rapper’s back story.

Maino grew up in an environment where selling drugs was more of a way of life than a criminal offense. Nickel and dimes eventually turned into handling weight and Maino’s fun in the streets was cut short when he was convicted of a drug related kidnapping and sentenced to 10 years in prison. While in prison, Maino sought the rap game as his gateway out of the hood. By the time he was released in 2003, he had mastered the rap techniques so much, that he began to embark on a mission to become The next rising rapper from Brooklyn. (Press Release) Continue reading