Rick Ross To Release ‘Before I Self Destruct’ Mixtape, Russell Simmons, LA Reid Comment On Beef


Somebodies f*cking with the bottom line cuz the Big Boys is speaking out

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Rick Ross, the Miami, self proclaimed ‘Boss’, is stepping up the stakes this month when he will be releasing a mixtape with the same name as 50 Cent’s upcoming LP, ‘Before I Self Destruct’. The results of doing this could indeed mess up the promotional plans for Fiddy’s team, as they would both bear the same title and cause confusion for some unfamiliar with the ongoing beef between the two. Ross has just finished up production on the mixtape so it should be available soon.

L.A. Reid, the Chairman of Island Def Jam, Ross’ label, says he is not at all pleased with this whole beef scenario. “I love Rick Ross,” he said. “I consider 50 a friend. I don’t encourage anything that represents ignorance and nonsense. I just hope these two guys are smart enough, mature enough and rich enough that this shouldn’t last. I haven’t been following it, honestly, but Rick Ross is my artist. I support him. I support his artistic beliefs and dreams. 50 is my friend and a fellow superstar in our business. I respect him and his legacy. I hope they work it out.”

Russell Simmons also had some words to say about this too and they were very similar. “If it’s like pro wrestling, if that’s how they view themselves, then it’s part of the entertainment,” Simmons said. “It’s not something I would advise still. I always like to play high notes. I’ve gotten older. I see that is usually where I’ve had the longest, most stable impression — doing something that’s higher and more inspired. There’s a lot of talks about the beefs that’s going on, particularly the 50 Cent [vs. Rick Ross feud]. They’re both very talented. Neither one of them needs that to be hot. … It’s always a little edgy. I worry about them. I haven’t gotten involved. I hope they settle it, and it goes away.”

50 Pushes Album Back to ’09


via Billboard

Originally due Dec. 16, 50 Cent‘s new album, “Before I Self Destruct,” has been pushed to an unspecified date in early 2009.

Interscope says the artist was “rushing” to meet the December date but “with the deadline to secure advertising and retail placement for the album imminent,” the rapper opted to wait until next year.

The album boasts production and guest turns from mentors Dr. Dre and Eminem; producer Scott Storch helmed first single “Get Up.”

“Before I Self Destruct” will be bundled with a full-length feature film of the same name, in which 50 Cent plays a budding basketball star who becomes a criminal after his mother’s murder.

Early pressings of the album will also include a second DVD with the documentary “Two Turntables And A Microphone: The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay,” which 50 Cent executive produced.

[audio] 50 For President

Curtis is reloading as he preps his next project, Before I Self Destruct. On this cut its Curtis annoucing his platform for president.  Oncoming Recession? No problem, 50 says its nothing a lil’ opium can’t solve.  So here is a prelude to the cook-up he’s whipping up in Detroit with Dre and Em, for all you fiends.