[video] Bill Maher Calls Out Oprah’s “Favorite Things” Episode and Materialism in the Country

He does have a point but she is not alone, everywhere in the country we are bombarded with materialism, it is the American Way. The audience reactions were pretty over the top and I think they were probably told to go bat shit because this is the final season of that historic show. Not for nothing there were segments of stuff given to charity as well, that just does not make news.


HBO pushes film to new heights with Cube Installation

Now I did not know what to expect when I visited the HBO Imagine website but I was knocked off my seat with this new way of storytelling. HBO has created a cube whereas two films, each 2 minutes in length and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis.

The experience is probably the most innovative way to view a movie. Click here to experience the next level in movie making and be sure to post the link on Facebook and get other people to check it out. Below is some more info about the project which will be in the DC area this week.

-5Here is the plot:

Heist: Four disparate scenes culminate, revealing themselves as different facets of a single, intricately orchestrated crime.

The Affair: A husband and wife, their maid and someone’s half-dressed lover are framed from four perspectives, showing the characters in different lights and implying different relationships.

October 8-10: Washington D.C. (Plaza at Adams Morgan)

[Video] Bill Maher Sorta Apologizes For Calling Pope A Nazi !!!

Source: Flesh and Spirit

As we go through Pope withdrawal here in the US, talk show host Bill Maher clarified his recent comments calling the Pope “a Nazi who is single and wears funny hats”.

Catholic League officials condemed the comments citing that the Pope is not a Nazi though he pledged allegiance to Hitler as a member of Hitler Youth as a teenager. Well if only the same rules were applied to Sen. Obama.