Wendy Bringing Ruckus To Fox On Her Own Talk Show

The Queen Of Daytime Radio

Wendy Williams, under fire for allegations that her husband sexually harrassed members of her staff, has confirmed that she will be debuting a talk-show on Fox, debuting July 14. Her previous attempt at TV on VH1 didn’t do to well ratings-wise and was canceled but now she has reloaded on the network that Murdoch built. Details remain sketchy, like the show’s running time or what time slot it will occupy but they are saying that Fox has signed on for a six-week run. You can expect interviews with celebrities and low-brow antics that have made the female shock-jock a staple on New York radio. She apparently renewed her contract with WBLS so she won’t be abandoning her radio post anytime soon.

Editor’s Note: All this time and I couldn’t put my finger on it, than presto, I got it! That’s who Wendy reminds me of, she’s the female version of Bill ‘O Reilly. Be scared. Be real scared.

Catholic Priest Blasts Fox News For Bias Wright Coverage[Must See]

Source: Hip Hop 4 Prez/Sohh

Part 1

Part 2

This presidential campaign has been such an enlightening experience that no one should be ignoring all the historic discussions on race in this country that have been lost in this generation. I stumbled across this peice of video while reading Hip Hop 4 Prez blog over at SOHH. To all of our readers, no matter what your political stance, take the time out and watch this exchange between Fox News and Catholic Priest Father Pfleger from Chicago.

He takes on the racist and bias tactics of Fox News and other media outlets who have skewed the public perception of Dr. Rev. Jeremiah Wright and anyone who critiques the wrongdoing of this government against its own people and people across the world. Definetly a must see.



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