[video] Micheal Jackson: The LEGEND at WORK

This is the world’s BIGGEST song EVER. This one took Mike off-the-wall and put him over-the-top. They say it’s THRILLER!

We grew up on BILLIE JEAN via Hot Traxx and the experience was UNREAL seeing this. The floor lighting up, the Smooth Criminal doing his jig, it was just unworldly.

Nobody on the planet was BAD as Mike at his height. In my heart he still reigns supreme as the best that has ever done it, minus everything out that will be thrown his way to tarnish a stellar legacy.

Part 2 Coming Soon…

Neverland Ranch to Auction if MJ Don’t Pay..


Neverland Ranch is set to be auctioned off unless Michael Jackson can pay the 24 million dollars owed on the property. With MJ bolting for Dubai after  his much publicized child molestation trial(for which he was acquitted), he seems to have to abandoned it for good. Conflicting reports have surfaced saying he has secured a loan to save the property but no official reports from his camp has confirmed this.                                          Read the[ full story here]

Billboard Snubs ‘Thriller’


Billboard has not given Michael Jackson’s Thriller a number # 2 position on its albums chart this week after selling 160,000 copies. Though his album contained brand new reworkings of some of his biggest hits, they mysteriously classified the album a catalog release. This  seems a little fishy because Billboard supposely changed the rules when The Eagles a sold a whopping 700,000 copies the same week Brit Brit dropped her album besting her by at least 500,00o copies. At that time Billboard did not count any albums sold strictly at one chain(Walmart in this case),plus the Eagle album was previously released material. They eventually reworked the numbers and recognized the Eagle release. Seeing that both of these artists have two of the best selling albums of all time, why not get the equal treatment ?                                                

                                                 More of the story atVariety‘s The Set List