Jay Finally Fades to Black


After prolonging a long pending divorce with Def Jam, Jay-Z finally called it quits and contemplates what steps to take to move on to newer and greener pastures.  While Jay is being credited for delivering successful albums by Kanye, Jeezy and Rihanna his stint as president is pretty much looked at in the same vein as G. Dub’s.  Critics are calling him a lame-duck, while his devoted constituents swear that Jay could do no wrong.  The speculators are placing bets on whether he’ll be joining Rick Rubin over at Columbia or side with Madonna over at Live Nation as they embark on a music industry revolution.  So, another chapter in the book of the “Lifetimes of Sean Carter” comes to a close while the industry awaits the next page to drop.  Where will he go?  Is he married?  How much is he worth?  If he isnt’ delivering that Blue Magic should we really care?  Well, click HERE if you want the full article.   

Editor’s Note: I find it amusing that the public can’t read between the lines.  All this hoopla about retirements, comebacks, presidency’s and all that and come to find out this negro owed Def Jam albums!  He was an employee all along with a boutique title, the same way they award Negroes with boutique labels.  Gotta give it up though, dude is a marketing genius!