Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 08- Selita Banks

Source : Sports Illustrated

This beauty from the Cayman Islands, has alot of goals and plans to attend school in the near future even if it is an online course. She credits modeling with opening alot of doors for her to do anything she wants especially volunteering abroad.

In a past life I was …
I think I was a gangster. I definitely think I was Bonnie Parker or something. I think I was a badass. I have seven brothers yet I’m the bully of the family. They call me for everything, even if it’s to get a refund for a pair of shoes — I’m the one they call to bully someone else around. But I do it nicely. I always tell them, ‘You need more moxy! You’re such yellowbellies!’

We salute Selita Banks and totally understand why Nick Cannon literally lost his mind and his wallet over the Caribbean’s hottest export.