How the South Was Won


The good folks over at Fader magazine put together an “excellent” article chronicling the rise of Southern rap and the dynamics that have attributing to it being the premier mecca of Hip Hop in the 21st Century.  The author makes some key analogies and gives props where it just-fully due, right at the doorstep of Outkast and the Dungeon Family, a rap collective that carried the torch after it dimmed with the Native Tongues in New York.  The incorporation of Southern elements mixed in like gumbo in this black metropolis turned what was normally rap songs into international anthems, or better yet bluesy folk songs.  The momentum has never died, and this article illustrates the players who have individually made contributions to the legacy of The A!  I love it when the author points out that in Atlanta’s shadow industry, the A&R has been replaced by the stripper, who single handedly decide whats popping and whats not.  If you want to get a better understanding of the Southern phenomenom that has steered the direction for the better part of the last five to seven years click HERE.    

Editor’s Note:As a witness to the South’s rise I have to attest that this is the most thorough analysis of what collectively went in to the formula that allowed The A to bubble to the top.  Let it be noted that Brooklyn was on the scene, lending style(s), hustle aesthetic and teaching Atlanteans the finer points of the game and like an attentive student they came, they learnt and they mastered the art.  Toast them brothers success!  Yeaaahhhhh!