Marvel Announces Black Panther Movie for 2017

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Marvel finally pulls the trigger on the highly anticipated Black Panther movie, along with a slate of diverse movies according to USA Today:

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Robert Downey Jr. greeted Chadwick Boseman’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic universe Tuesday at the El Capitan Theater in L.A., where Marvel Studios unveiled a slate of movies that will have fanboys psyched until 2019.

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Hudlin Leaves Black Panther, New Team Formed


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Reginald Hudlin has been the regular writer of Black Panther for over four years now. After Hudlin renewed interest in the character with “Who Is the Black Panther?”, T’Challa went on to take a much more active role in the Marvel Universe, including help lead the fight against Iron Man’s pro-Registration forces in Civil War and temporarily joining the Fantastic Four.

With Dark Reign remaking the Marvel Universe, Black Panther has followed suit by undergoing some drastic changes. The series recently relaunched with a new #1 issue, wherein T’Challa was grievously injured and Wakanda was left without a Black Panther. With Wakanda’s enemies closing in, an all-new, all-female Panther must rise to defend her homeland.

As this turns out, this storyline will be Hudlin’s last. After almost five years and dozens of issues, Hudlin is leaving Black Panther, making way for a new writer. That writer is horror novelist Jonathan Maberry. Maberry will be joined by new regular artist Will Conrad.

The two writers will collaborate on August’s Black Panther #7, after which Hudlin will move onto a new Marvel project and continue work on the upcoming BP animated series. Hudlin will still be involved with the series as a consultant going forward. We chatted with both writers – as well as editor Axel Alonso – about the past, present and future of Black Panther, and how Maberry plans to steer the series forward with its new lead.

IGN Comics: Let’s run through the creative changes that are in store for Black Panther. Reggie, you’re stepping aside as writer and Jonathan is coming aboard – but you guys will be co-writing for an issue, right?

Jonathan Maberry: Yeah, we had a blast banging ideas back and forth. Reggie’s been lighting a lot of fires in Wakanda and that gave me a chance to hit the ground running. I did a little consulting on the second half of the “Deadliest of the Species” arc. We worked as a team on BP #7, which is the first installment of the “Power” arc, and we bounced so many intriguing ideas off of one another that the arc starts with some eye-opening events.

Reginald Hudlin: When we relaunched the book, I had over a year’s worth of plans starting with the attack on T’Challa that would lead to a bold new direction for the series. I was very happy that the first arc is being as well-received as it is. We were going to co-write the second arc together, but by the time I finished the first issue, I was ready to move on.?? Continue reading

The Angola Three: Torture in Our Own Backyard


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“My soul cries from all that I witnessed and endured. It does more than cry, it mourns continuously,” said Black Panther Robert Hillary King, following his release from the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola in 2001, after serving his last 29 years in continuous solitary confinement. King argues that slavery persists in Angola and other U.S. prisons, citing the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which legalizes slavery in prisons as “a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” King says: “You can be legally incarcerated but morally innocent.”

Robert King, Albert Woodfox, and Herman Wallace are known as the “Angola Three,” a trio of political prisoners whose supporters include Amnesty International, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Congressman John Conyers, and the ACLU. Kgalema Mothlante, the President of South Africa says their case “has the potential of laying bare, exposing the shortcomings, in the entire U.S. system.” Woodfox and Wallace are the two co-founders of the Angola chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP) — the only official prison chapter of the BPP. Both convicted in the highly contested stabbing death of white prison guard Brent Miller, Woodfox and Wallace have now spent over 36 years in solitary confinement. Continue reading

BET & Marvel Comics present The Black Panther

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Check out the trailer from BET’s first foray into comic book animation written by Reginald Hudlin and animated by Denys Cowan. It seems that BET is definitely moving into new directions in terms of original programming. Found this over at my new favorite blog Black Superheroes. The trailer below looks great and February can’t come fast enough. Expect the show to stay true to the comic so you will see characters from the vast Marvel Universe. For the full story go right here

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BET Unveils Its New Lineup…

BET Networks, the leader of media and entertainment for “Black” culture has announced its new lineup. It is touting its upcoming season as a “Connection You Can Feel” with its new emphasis on providing the consumer with programming that is reflective of its leadership role in media. In addition to returning with a new season of it’s ALL-TIME #1 show, KEISHA COLE: THE WAY IT IS, the #1 show of 2008, COLLEGE HILL, and the critically acclaimed AMERICAN GANGSTER series, as reported earlier this week BET will also be introducing BLACK PANTHER, its first cartoon series and some of the following new programs:

JUDGE KAREN – There’s a refreshing new judge in town who’s about to set
it off: JUDGE KAREN! She’s uncompromising, smart, and quick to cut
through the clutter. JUDGE KAREN was born to hold court on BET, and
she’s taking no prisoners. PREMIERING 4th Quarter of 2008
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Black Panther Comes To B.E.T…

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Little is known about the Black Panther comic book character and hope fully that will change as B.E.T has added a new series set to debut in 2009. Lets also hope that the series is given a chance to build an audience and not yanked if it is not an instant hit. Don’t blow this B.E.T!
For some reason (probably because he’s black), Marvel character Black Panther has never quite gotten his due. Since being created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and debuting in a 1966 issue of Fantastic Four, he’s never achieved the marquee status of his peers, despite being the first major black superhero. Wesley Snipes tried for 15 years to turn the character into a movie, but all we got is three Blade movies instead.

Well now, BET executive Reginald Hudlin—who also started writing the Black Panther comic for Marvel in 2005—is bringing the icon to the small screen. In early 2009, a prime-time animated Black Panther series will debut on the BET network. And if the series is a success, you can bet the live-action movie (which John Singleton was recently rumored to be directing) won’t be far behind. After the jump, check out the trailer from 2006’s Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther, one of BP’s rare TV appearances.