Afeni Shakur mother of Tupac Shakur dies at age 69

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Another icon of the black community has passed away. Producers of the upcoming Tupac biopic are definitely going to press the gas with getting this into the theaters with the untimely passing of Afeni.


via Daily News

Afeni Shakur Davis, mother of late rap legend Tupac Shakur who was the subject of one of his most iconic songs and who oversaw his posthumous legacy, has died. She was 69 years old.

Marin County deputies responded to Shakur’s home in Sausalito, Calif., Monday night after she suffered a possible cardiac arrest, the sheriff’s office said Tuesday morning. She was taken to a local hospital and died just before 10:30 p.m.

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[video] The FBI War on Tupac (Must Watch)

This is a Must Watch for everybody.

Jeff interviews author John Potash, topics include: the corrupt oligarchy, Tupac Shakur, Tupac was an an activist before becoming a rapper, FBI war on Tupac Shakur, Black Panthers as community activists, Huey Newton, Black Panther Cubs, Mike Tyson, entrapment, targeting of political musicians, Death Row Records was a US intelligence front, conspiracy and cover up, MK Ultra, CIA and drugs, Afghanistan, Kurt Cobain, Jimmi Hendrix, and much more.………

After 36 Years In Solitary Confinement, ex-Black Panthers Want Freedom

Angola 3

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Two former Black Panthers (2 members of the Angola 3) convicted of killing a prison guard in 1972 should be freed after a federal magistrate found a previous attorney made mistakes during a trial, their current lawyers said Wednesday.

Magistrate Judge Christine Nolan wrote that Albert Woodfox’s conviction should be overturned because his former attorney should have objected to testimony from witnesses who had died after his original trial and to letting a prosecutor testify about the chief prosecution witness’s credibility. The attorney’s omission denied Wilcox a fair second trial in 1998, Nolan wrote in a recommendation Tuesday to U.S. District Judge James Brady, who will rule later.

Woodfox, 61, and Herman Wallace, 66, spent 36 years in solitary confinement after being convicted in the stabbing death of guard Brent Miller on April 17, 1972. They said they were targeted because they helped establish a prison chapter of the Black Panther Party.
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How Radical Was Hillary In the 60’s? Ex-Colleagues Spill the Beans

Power to the People

via Huffington Post

Another sad case of calling the kettle Bar-ack

When Hillary Rodham Clinton questioned rival Barack Obama‘s ties to 1960s radicals, her comments baffled two retired Bay Area lawyers who knew Clinton in the summer of 1971 when she worked as an intern at a left-wing law firm in Oakland, Calif., that defended communists and Black Panthers.

“She’s a hypocrite,” Doris B. Walker, 89, who was a member of the American Communist Party, said in an interview last week. “She had to know who we were and what kinds of cases we were handling. We had a very left-wing reputation, including civil rights, constitutional law, racist problems.”

Malcolm Burnstein, 74, a partner at the firm who worked closely with Clinton during her internship, said he was traveling in Pennsylvania in April when Clinton attacked Obama for his past interactions with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, members of Students for a Democratic Society who went on to found the bomb-making Weather Underground.

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