Blackberry watch on the way in February (pics)

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Picture 30

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Turns out those leaks about a BlackBerry Bluetooth companion watch were dead on: The Allerta InPulse Bluetooth companion watch—not a watchphone—isn’t actually a RIM product, and should ship in February for $150. So what does it do?

Think of it as an extender for your BlackBerry, or a wrist-mounted dashboard. It won’t place calls or compose texts; it’s really just there to give you a heads-up and preview whenever your BlackBerry mothership gets a call, receives a message, or has some other, being-a-BlackBerry-related news to share with you. Also, yes, it’s a watch, for telling time. It may not do a whole lot, but the hardware sounds nice:

Picture 31* 1.3″ full colour organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) display
* Bluetooth® v2.0+EDR
* 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
* Glass lens and full metal body
* 22mm interchangeable wrist band
* Vibrating motor
* Micro-USB port (for charging)
* Over-the-air firmware updates
* Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth


BlackBerry Curve 8520 Images Leak Online

blackberry curve 8520 BlackBerry Curve 8520

Images of the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone have just been leaked, the most impressive change is the sudden loss of the trackball which is to be replaced with a touch sensitive ‘optical trackball.’There is not a great deal of news on the ‘under the hood’ modifications. Still no 3G support which is a real disappointment for BlackBerry users but there is retained support for the slightly quicker EDGE should your network provider support it. Wifi connectivity is also staying, along with the same layout on the Home Screen. I hope they add a SMS text message signature feature, so i could add random quotes to my text. Any way’s will you guys be copping this one?

source: rap flavor

Skype, the Web Phone Giant, Brings Cheap Calls to Cellular



via NY Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Skype, the Internet calling service that has more than 400 million users around the world, is aggressively moving onto mobile phones.

The Luxembourg-based company, a division of eBay, plans to announce on Tuesday that it will make its free software available immediately for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and, beginning in May, for various BlackBerry phones, made by Research in Motion.

Other companies have already made software for those phones that works with Skype, but it does not offer all of the service’s features.

As with Skype on the computer, users of Skype on mobile phones can make calls and send instant messages to other Skype users free, and they pay lower rates than the phone companies would charge when they use Skype to call landlines or other mobile phones. Continue reading

PE OBAMA May Have to Say Bye Bye to Crackberry


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WASHINGTON (AP) — Before he ran for president Barack Obama quit smoking. Now that he’s won the job, he may have to break another addiction: Checking his BlackBerry for e-mail.

The president’s e-mail can be subpoenaed by Congress and courts and may be subject to public records laws, so if a president doesn’t want his e-mail public, he shouldn’t e-mail, experts said. And there may be security issues about carrying around trackable cell phones.

Obama transition officials haven’t made a decision on what the new president will or will not carry, but those who have been there say it’s unlikely he’ll carry his BlackBerry and he may be in for some withdrawal pains.

“Definitely he’s going to feel an electronic detoxing,” said Reed Dickens, former assistant press secretary to President George W. Bush. Dickens jokes that he personally is so addicted to his BlackBerry that he checks his device before opening his right eye.

President-elect Obama has often been seen avidly checking his e-mail on his handheld equipment. This past summer, news cameras recorded him checking his BlackBerry while watching his daughter’s soccer game, only to have Michelle Obama slap at his hands, prompting him to return the device to its holster.

Actress Scarlett Johansson said she has had frequent e-mail exchanges with him during his campaign travels, something the Obama campaign downplayed. Continue reading

Blackberry Threatens Life In Bedroom: 35% Would Choose Device Over Spouse


NEW YORK (CBS)Of all the possible things that can come between spouses, you can now add BlackBerrys — or more precisely — BlackBerry addiction to the list.

A new study reveals BlackBerry’s are becoming — among other things — the 800-pound gorilla in the bedroom.

‘Berry, ‘Berry, addictive?

“I live with it. I can’t live without it,” one New York City resident told CBS 2 HD.

Yeah … there’s a reason some call ’em … CrackBerrys. Continue reading

iPhone vs. BlackBerry: The Battle Rages On..

For all my gadget freaks out there, check out the most anticipated smart phones set to be released later this year. Gizmodo via I Phone Blog has the run down:
The 3G iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold are two of the most buzzed-about phones due out this year.

3G iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold are two of the most buzzed-about phones due out this year. And while we don’t have any shots of the new iPhone, it’s a safe assumption that it won’t look all that much different than the current model. With that in mind, the folks from The iPhone Blog have taken a bunch of comparison shots and some video of the Bold and the iPhone together, showing us just how the two compare. Hey, I didn’t realize the BlackBerry had a keyboard and the iPhone didn’t! You learn something new every day.

After Two Year Wait, Blackberry’s Newest Phone On Its Way

Crack Berry

Source: Engadget

The marketing geniuses over at Research in Motion announced the new Blackberry Bold 9000 being released to market sometime soon in the very near future.
No release date and no price. Just this pic and these specs for all our mobile geeks, enjoy.

Family will include HSDPA and EV-DO versions (including an AWS-capable 1700MHz version), much as we’d heard
480 x 320 display
625MHz CPU, 1GB internal flash memory
802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2Dp), GPS, MicroSDHC
480 x 320 video recording, photo geotagging
4.5 x 2.6 x 0.55-inches, 4.7 ounces

Mexican Official Caught By SS Stealing Blackberries From White House Officials

The Crack Berry

With friends like this who needs enemies? American surveillance cameras caught a member of the Mexican press delegation swiping Blackberries from White House officials outside of a close-session meeting room down in New Orleans last week. Several members of the president’s posse discovered their ‘Berries were missing upon leaving the session with the Mexican delegation. Secret Service immediately reviewed surveillance footage of the area and saw the Mexican official, Quintero Curiel swiping up to six or seven Blackberries.

His official duty was the point-person for the Mexican media, responsible for logistics and setting the Mexican press up at the conference. The Secret Service approached him at the airport amongst the Mexican delegation where they asked for the gadgets back. After initially denying their allegations, he folded after being presented with footage of the crime. Curiel gave the devices back, evoked “diplomatic immunity” and left New Orleans with the Mexican delegation only to return to Mexico to be terminated from his post, thus stripping him of his “diplomatic immunity” status now making him open to prosecution from US authorities.

“Mr. Quintero will be responsible for explaining his actions to the American authorities conducting an investigation. The Mexican Government deeply regrets this incident,” according to Ricardo Alday, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy.

Editor’s Note: Advice to hustlers, take note. Like an episode straight out of The Wire, even the government doesn’t discuss highly sensitive matters around anyone with listening devices like Blackberries or other mobile devices. And hey, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.