Did Nas ‘Borrow’ the Idea for “Project Roach?

While I was posted in the crib, listening to the new Nas CD I came across a song called “Project Roach” and couldn’t help but notice the similarities to a story written by the prolific Black Dot. The classic story was called “We Be Like Roaches” and can be found in his book called “Hip Hop Decoded.” Now I know about the 100-Monkey Syndrome that suggests if a hundred Negroes are hip to something then exponentially it becomes a “common” knowledge to a mass populace of people but what are the chances that the song can almost be identical to the story? Now, I’m not objecting to the use of Nas’ version inspired by Black Dot’s but as a journalist I’m just saying give credit where credit is due. Listen to the song [here] and then read the article and tell me if I’m reaching…

Be Like Roaches

As I began to pour boric acid in every crack and crevice in my apartment to try and rid myself of the constant roach problem, I noticed that I had to keep changing the “brand” of boric acid every three months because after a while, the roaches seemed to become immune to its potency. Not only do they return, but they seem to return in greater numbers than before. This led me to ask myself, will we ever be able to totally exterminate roaches, or is their will to live and survive greater than any boric acid, roach spray, combats, or roach motel that we can create? After studying the origin and history of roaches a little further, the answer to this question became painfully obvious. No. As I stepped on a few who tried to flee the scene, a conscious voice in my head said “How would you liked to be stepped on or sprayed?”, or “How would you like it if someone viewed you as a pest, and tried to exterminate every man, woman, and child of your race?” Then it hit me. We be like roaches! Continue reading