Ex-Air Force Chief: Recruit Bloggers to Wage Afghan Info War



Every time an American bomb kills civilians in Afghanistan, the U.S. loses another battle in the information war to the Taliban. And despite more accurate weapons, more careful targeting, and speedier responses to the press, the Pentagon can’t seem to figure out how to stop the setbacks in this decisive struggle for influence. A former top military official believes he may have the answer, however: let troops blog in combat, so they can ward off the accusations of atrocities as they fight.

The latest tangle over civilian casualties came last week, when American airstrikes killed dozens of innocents, during a battle in western Afghanistan. Locals said a hundred or more civilians might have died in the crossfire. In response, the U.S. military launched an investigation. Senior American officials hinted that the Taliban might’ve staged the whole thing — while the President and the Secretary of State apologized for the loss of life. After a few days, investigators concluded that the civilian death toll was only about a third of what was initially reported. But the damage was done: innocents were killed; the Americans looked blood-thirsty; and the Taliban notched another win in the campaign for hearts and minds. The Afghan president even demanded an end to American airstrikes.

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Study Group Releases New Info on Social Networking

Social Network ThinkTank

A very interesting finding was released by a Christian based study group (Barna Group) into the effects of social networking. While the results of their study may be up for debate this will become the benchmark from which they gauge who’s who and what’s what online. They got info on just about ever facet of social networking so it is worth the read, just keep in mind who funded the research and what their hidden intentions may be:

Blogging has not reached the “tipping point” towards becoming a mainstream activity (an emerging technology is often thought to “tip” toward majority use when the penetration reaches 20% or more of the population). Still, there are an estimated 16 million American adults who use their blog as a pulpit to broadcast their voice to the world. Blogs are most common among single adults, Northeast residents, homosexuals, those not registered to vote, and atheists and agnostics.
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Top 10 Tips To Perfect Your Blogging Game

The Blogging Revolution

Some fellow bloggers over at Life Hacker posted 10 tips that can definitely come in handy to speed up the blogging experience. If you can integrate any one of these into your blog game and step things up a notch, than consider it a plus. Anything to push the BLOG revolution forward. CLICK [HERE] for a complete posting of “Top 10 Tips…”

Big Brother Is Watching & Recruiting Bloggers


Bloggers beware. Big Brother is watching and “Uncle Sam Wants You!” As a further testament to the power of blogging it has just been revealed that a study called “Blogs and Military Information Strategy” released in 2006 recommends that the armed forces co-opt influential blogs or put them on the payroll to serve the best interests of the US Government.

Read: Big Brother plans to do to the blogging community what it has done to all other forms of media (Fox should be the shining example of a Government sponsored, co-opted propaganda machine). They suggest using the blogs to spread pro-American propaganda and using the power of a network of blogs to crush a specific person (read Reverend Wright). The report revealed that military bigwigs like General Petraeus consider blogging helpful tools needed to shape the public opinion about achievement in Iraq, irregardless of whether the information is accurate.

They are even moving one step ahead of the game in that they realize how to “produce” a blogger. At least they have a concrete idea of what it will take to make an successful blog. Peep the science:

An alternative strategy is to “make” a blog and blogger. The process of boosting the blog to a position of influence could take some time, however, and depending on the person running the blog, may impose a significant educational burden, in terms of cultural and linguistic training before the blog could be put online to any useful effect.

Still, there are people in the military today who like to blog. In some cases, their talents might be redirected toward operating blogs as part of an information campaign. If a military blog offers valuable information that is not available from other sources, it could rise in rank fairly rapidly.

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Popular Blog Snags Book Deal For 300 Stacks!


The world of blogging has spawned another success story. In what many are hoping will be the latest trend, New York Times is reporting that Christain Lander, the creator of the popular blog stuff white people like has landed a book deal. For reportedly the handsome sum of $300,000 Random House has bought the rights to a book loosely based on the theme of the blog which is self-explanatory. The blog which is hosted on wordpress became viral and picked up steam once it landed on National TV (NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”) in the midst of a political climate which was super sensitive to anything involving race. Clocking in over 1.5 million hits the folks over at Random House are betting the house on Lander who is busy prepping his paperback release for August. Hey, gotta strike while the iron’s hot! CLICK HERE for the full story.

Note to all BLOGGERS: This NYTimes piece is a must read! They dish alot of info on validity and future of the genre of blogging. Get in tune with your craft, it can potentially be BIG BUSINESS.

Visit the homies over @ stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress and let ’em know how you feel about this breakthrough deal.

Blogging As Therapy


Recent studies have shown that blogging is more therapeutic than popping pills.  Interacting with the social networking bubble gives people more of a sense to connectivity than those who don’t.  Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne said blogging was more effective as an upper than drugs, plus the cost comparison is incomparable (Blogging is free, drugs ain’t). CLICK HERE for full details.

Cool Furniture For Bloggers,Webmasters, and Hackers


Now if you are on the computer as much as we are here over at Street Knowledge Media, you know sometimes you are literally sleeping on the screen some nights.Well this right here is dream come true for all us bloggers,webmasters, and hackers who have little room to spare in their apartment workspace.This bed rests above your head and easily comes down out the ceiling(especially when you come crashing down after a coffee headache).

Cool shit, something we could use in our little work area while we are blogging and producing our viral videos.

                                               More pics @ Gizmodo