VIBE Not Bankrupt, Launching Tabloid Style Mag

Jay w/a shapeup? Relic

Jay w/a shapeup? Relic

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“The media Rumors about VIBE Media Group filing for bankruptcy are not true . The source of this false rumor was fired up by a  blogger who didn’t make VIBE’s 50 Top Rap Blogs list posted last week.”

The recent list put out by VIBE caused an uproar throughout the rap blogging community. Websites mentioned in the list were never heard of by most and sites like RealTalkNy and ThisIs50 got snubbed. Among the most controversy was the listing of RapRadar, who hadn’t even launched at the time the list was made. Several hip-hop blogging sites responded to the VIBE list by putting out a list of their own, including

In related news, VIBE Magazine is going to expand its brand through the creation of THE MOST! Magazine. The new magazine from VIBE will serve as a tabloid and will service newsstands and the web with

“THE MOST! will fill a void at the newsstand by reflecting VIBE’s commitment to urban style, celebrity, beauty and culture through a more tabloid-themed publication. A purely lifestyle and celebrity magazine featuring some of the most trendsetting stars in the world, THE MOST! is “urban” with pride and mega style.”

BREAKING: Google deleting music blogger posts


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There is a nervous chill going through the music industry bloggers corner of the larger blogosphere and it has to do with posts of theirs just disappearing. Literally one minute they are there and the next minute they are gone. LA Weekly is reporting on the story that the bloggers that are being affected are all using Google’s Blogger platform which needless to say has a lot of music bloggers looking for new homes.

The story first came to the forefront when Ryan Spaulding, the writer behind the Boston based music blog Ryan’s Smashing Life, noticed that moth old posts that he had written; as well as much older ones, were disappearing from his site. As far as he could see there was no rhyme or reason to it. Unsure of what was happening he started comparing notes with other music bloggers and as a result found that posts right across the web – everything from posts about Abba to Zappa, had vanished.

It was only after a number of emails and conversations that Ryan and the other bloggers figured out that all the affected blogs where located on Google’s Blogger platform

Eventually, though, a consensus emerged: Each post takedown occurred on a blog hosted by the Google-owned Blogger platform, the publishing system used by the majority of mp3 sites, particularly those founded prior to 2007, when the open-source WordPress software became the vogue. Google, the bloggers believe, has quietly changed the methods by which it enforces its user agreement. Whereas in the past, a blog owner would receive a warning before a post’s removal, Google is now simply hitting the delete button. In Spaulding’s case, this means that posts written over the past year or more on Wilco, the Annuals, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matisyahu and Earth, Wind & Fire are gone.

“I’d received the label’s press releases and followed their directions, spending my time and energy to promote their albums,” explains a frustrated Spaulding. “By pulling down my post, they destroyed my intellectual creativity, the very same thing they’re erroneously accusing me of doing. Say someone had linked to that post, or [blog aggregator] Hype Machine — it’s gone completely. If I go into my Blogger table of contents, it’s gone. Not de-published — gone.” Continue reading

Wooohah Officially Relaunches as “”

We tip our hat off to our fellow bloggers over at WoooHa as they relaunch their site with a new look and a new name.  These cats are definitely mavericks in the blogging game with their exclusive stories and breaking news.  Check them out.

Today our blog team officially announces the launch of the brand new WoooHa, Inc. Our new web address is at (with one “H”; our previous address was so please make sure to bookmark this new site address and RSS feed as well.

We have spent over two months revamping the site in hopes of taking WoooHa to the next level. While we still maintain our blog roots, WoooHa will now be a fully integrated website that continues to be the #1 online source for the latest movie/TV, fashion, life style and business news in hip-hop and urban music. Continue reading

They Even Bloggin In the Pen!


The rise of the blog serves many purposes but one of its unanimous strengths is its ability to give a voice to the voiceless. I got wind of this blog while surfing the net and I thought I’d pass it on for those who want an honest account of what is going on behind the walls of America’s penitentiaries. Episodes of Oz, The Wire or Prison Break should be as close as we get to the pen in the future, but in the meantime lets not forget they got two million brown bodies behind those walls.

CLICK HERE to visit a blog written by prisoners