Drinking from Plastic Bottles ‘Increases Exposure to Gender-Bending Chemical’

Well, just came from D.C. and said it must be something in the water to account for all the gender-bending, guess its the Poland Spring!

via AlterNet

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that polycarbonate containers release the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) into liquid stored in them.water_bottles_turqoise

BPA has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals and has been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans.

Experts warned that babies are at greater risk, because heating baby bottles increases the amount of BPA released, and the chemical is potentially more harmful to infants.

Study author Karin B. Michels, associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH and Harvard Medical School, said: “We found that drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate bottles for just one week increased urinary BPA levels by more than two-thirds. Continue reading