[video] Don King on the state of Boxing, Heavy Weight Bout in Vegas

Don King is almost as famous as the boxing matches he promotes. Recall “The Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila,” with boxing stars such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Mike Tyson. This Saturday Don King has a heavyweight bout scheduled in Las Vegas with Deontay Wilder going at it with Bermane Stiverne. Don King joined Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox from Las Vegas to discuss the state of boxing, his upcoming fight and the news today of a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao fight this year. (Source: Bloomberg)

Warren Buffet Joins The Money Team?


I guess Warren Buffets doesn’t care about the ridiculous claims that Floyd Can’t read and is more interested in doing business. Hit the jump for more and video from TMZ Sports.

via Business Insider

Professional boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather sent out a tweet on Tuesday night showing him and Warren Buffett squaring off in a prefight hype photo.

Another tweet announced “Warren Buffett the 66.9 Billion dollar man joins The Money Team,” referring to his company and brand.

Mayweather has earned almost $400 million in the ring since turning pro in 1996, according to Forbes, including $105 million in the past year for two fights that lasted a total of 72 minutes.

The 37-year-old Mayweather’s record stands at 46-0, and he is a world champion in five divisions.

Buffett recently provided $3 billion to finance Burger King’s deal to take over the Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons. The 83-year-old’s return on that cash will be 9%.

The photos of Mayweather and Buffett are glorious.


[video] ARTURO GATTI’s Greatest Hits (R.I.P.)

Damn, we lost another one of the greats. Anyone familiar with the world of boxing knows this dude is one of the preeminent pugilists who epitomized the creed of “never giving up.” Bloody, battered and all Arturro Gatti always fought with every last inch of his fiber to make his presence felt. The gigantic spirit of this small man will be never forgotten to the world of boxing.

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Kimbo Slice Planning to Re-Emerge as a Pro Boxer


via Cage Potato

As you’ve surely noticed, Kimbo Slice has been laying low since his embarassing loss to Seth Petruzelli at EliteXC: Heat. And though he would have been an excellent addition to DREAM’s Super Hulk Tournament, Kimbo’s days as an MMA fighter might be over for good. Last week, MMA Fanhouse reported that the YouTube-brawler-turned-MMA-sideshow is no longer contractually tied to Strikeforce, and now the Sun Sentinel is passing along this bit of news about Slice’s athletic future:

Streetfighter Kimbo Slice of Coral Springs is stepping out of the cage and into the ring, according to promoter Gary Shaw, who gave the YouTube streetfighting sensation his 15 minutes of fame on CBS in the now-defunct EliteXC league. Slice is training in a private Fort Lauderdale gym and could return to the same venue where Seth Petruzelli ended Slice’s rapid rise in mixed martial arts in 14 seconds. Shaw and Don King have a pro card scheduled for July 11 at the BankAtlantic Center.

The date is tentative because it conflicts with the July 8-11 Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton, and King said he doesn’t like to conflict with local boxing shows.Be careful, Kimbo: Don King is a wretched, slimy, reptilian mothafucka. But at least the sport of boxing will allow Kimbo to rebuild his confidence against “opponents” who are all but paid to lose.

Was Kimbo’s TKO loss to Petruzelli proof that he has no chin under that beard? Will Ferg flourish in a combat environment that prohibits takedowns and kicks? Or have you already decided that you’re not going to care about Kimbo Slice, no matter what happens to him?

Mayweather Quits Boxing?, Throws Fake $100’s In Club…

Source : Sandra Rose

Floyd Mayweather presence in the media has certainly risen over the last couple of months. After a decisive win over Brit Ricky Hatton and a much hyped WWE match with Big Show and tabloid stories of his love life, we know a lot more about today’s best pound for pound fighter. In a recent interview on ATL radio station Hot 107.9 he speaks on possibly retiring, NFL star Reggie Bush, and handing out thousands of dollars at Club Pure in Atlanta.

Floyd Mayweather on Hot 107.9 5/15/08 (Part 1)
Floyd Mayweather on Hot 107.9 5/15/08 (Part 2)

Now after his appearance at the club, Sandra Rose is reporting that he made it rain with fake 100 hundred dollar bills. Read the scoop below:

My photographer Freddy O was almost arrested at a gas station this morning after trying to pay for gas with one of the counterfeit $100 bills that boxer Floyd Mayweather tossed in the air at Club PURE last night.

According to Fred (and several others in attendance) Mayweather’s “boys” were handing him the stacks of hundreds.

There is speculation that one of his “boys” switched out the real hundreds for the counterfeit hundreds and kept the real cash for himself. I would be inclined to believe that maybe Floyd didn’t know what his boys were doing, except that this has happened before!

Some club patrons in Las Vegas also complained about Mayweather tossing counterfeit bills earlier this year. We’re not talking fake bills of the copy machine variety – we’re talking print shop quality counterfeit bills.

This BS could have jeopardized Fred’s chances for a good job later on if the gas station owner called the police on him today. So BEWARE if you catch a hundred bill in the clubs – it just might be fake!

Mike Tyson Bentley 4 $ale


Mike Tyson’s Bentley Continental SC is for sale. The fighter’s former ride was spotted by Maghogany Girl(who is also about to drop a book) at the Auto Trader site. Man it seems this a new trend, cause I know I saw Scott Storch’s yacht for sale somewhere on the net. Anyway don’t know when the last time Mike actually drove this but it obviously is a collector’s item. Somebody get 50 on the phone!!

Mike Tyson & Holyfield Part #3


In what is being called a possible freak show, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson might lace up the boxing gloves for another fight. Now if this comes to fruition, it would be the biggest spectacle  boxing has seen since their last meeting when Mike bit off some of Holyfield’s ear. Mike is supposedly training so this might just happen. Honestly with all the negativity boxing has seen in recent years do we really need to see these guys fight again? I think they may hurt boxing more than anything else.  

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