[video] Behind Brazil’s Extreme Beauty Addiction

I would of liked to see a more balanced view with black women from Brazil speaking about the pressures of being dark skinned in a society that is majority black people but are rarely represented in the standard of beauty.

In the first episode, our favourite tattoo-covered alien princess discovers more about the pressures to have the ‘perfect body’ and long hair. From an all-female tattoo studio to a plastic surgeon’s office, Grace Neutral meets a range of young women to find out about how perceptions of femininity and identity are changing in Brazil.


[video] Tear gas grenades, fire & chaos: Brazil gripped by protest over transit prices hike

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.05.21 AM

Protesters led by the activist group Free Fare Movement clashed with police in Sao Paulo on Friday, as demonstrators voiced their opposition to public transportation fare increases. Police in anti-riot gear deployed tear gas against an estimated 3,000 protesters who had gathered at the city’s main thoroughfare.
Public transportation fares in Sao Paulo increased from 3 (€0.99; $1.14) to 3.50 Brazilian reals (€1.16; $1.34) last week.

Brazil’s new primetime show “Sex and the Niggaz” serves the white gaze

Racism in Brazil is a topic that receives a blind eye…it is sewed into the fabric of society and nobody seems to notice the stitching but after this reality show exploded on the scene the complexities of race & complexion are at the forefront of a national discussion gripping the nation. Below is a blog by some Brazilian feminist taking the producer/creator of this show to task and unmasking Brazil’s hidden prejudices.
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[video] Justin Bieber Gets ‘Hit With A Plastic Bottle’ Like A Boss!!!

Even when he gets hits with a plastic bottle and sleeps with prostitutes in various countries he does it like a boss!!

via Gawker

It’s been a hell of a week for Justin Bieber. First that Panamanian prostitute totally kissed, told, and then told some more about the “papacito’s” semen. And then Bieber got caught leaving a Brazilian brothel on Friday, only to be given away by that goddamn wrist tattoo. But things got worse at Saturday’s concert in Sao Paolo when the medium-sizeddick turned into a huge dick when he was hit in the face with a water bottle.


Brazilian President Calls for a “NEW WORLD ORDER”

I know, every one is in on the conspiracy, right?

I know, every one is in on the conspiracy, right?

via Breitbart

The global financial crisis has reduced the differences between nations and created the opportunity to form a new world order, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Wednesday.

Speaking after a meeting with Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Kazakh capital Astana, Lula called on the global community to seize on the crisis to create a fairer world for developing nations.

“I want to say that before the crisis, there were many countries which had greater significance than others, and some countries which had no significance at all,” he said through a translator.

“After the crisis, everyone has become similar. We have the possibility to create a new world order and together we should improve our relations.”

Lula arrived in Kazakhstan Wednesday following the first-ever summit between fellow developing economic powerhouses Russia, India and China — together with Brazil dubbed the BRIC nations — in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.

Nazarbayev, head of Central Asia’s largest economy, is keen to secure a larger role for his government in world affairs.

Following up on Lula’s call, the pair said in a statement following their meeting that the United Nations should open up the UN Security Council to developing nations in an effort to bolster global security.

They said that opening the organisation, which only has five permanent members, to wider membership was the only way to make the often-criticised body “more legitimate and effective.”


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Continuing on his epic global portraiture project, NYC’s KEHINDE WILEY returns to his homeland of Los Angeles this Saturday, April 4th, to unveil the latest installment of the “World Stage” series at ROBERTS & TILTON GALLERY. Following his recent group of African works, Wiley now offers up a group of grandiose oil paintings depicting the residents of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Focusing not on the city’s highly aggrandized elite, the artist instead turned an eye to the residents of the notorious favelas in an effort to capture images of the city’s most vibrant inhabitants.

Posing in their own street clothes that often portray a fondness for American consumption, Wiley’s subjects reflect the wild ethnic mix that defines the majority of Brazil’s native population and he captures them set against locally sourced floral and textile backgrounds that explode with color. Heightening the exhibition’s tropical theme, Wiley commissioned a series of hand carved frames for his portraits using exotic local hardwoods engraved with images of South American birds and flowers in incredibly detailed motifs. Don’t miss it…


Brazil builds walls around Rio de Janeiro slums


via Reuters

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 28 (Reuters) – The government of Rio de Janeiro is building concrete walls to prevent sprawling slums from spreading farther into the picturesque hills of this world-famous tourist destination, an official said on Saturday.

Construction has begun in two favelas, or shantytowns, in the southern districts of Rio de Janeiro, a government spokeswoman told Reuters. One of the two is Morro Dona Marta, which police occupied in November to control crime and violence caused mostly by rival drug gangs.

Officials say the wall is to protect the remaining native forest but critics fear the move could be seen as discriminatory and become a blemish symbolizing Brazil’s deep divisions between rich and poor.

“There is no discrimination. On the contrary, we are building houses for them elsewhere and improving their lives,” Tania Lazzoli, spokeswoman for the secretary of public works at the state government, told Reuters.

By year-end the Rio de Janeiro state government wants to build almost 7 miles (11 km) of walls to contain 19 communities. It will spend 40 million reais ($17.6 million) and have to relocate 550 houses, Lazzoli said.

“The objective is to contain the spread of the communities and protect the forest,” Lazzoli said. “There are many houses in high risk areas.” Continue reading

Brazilian girl, 9, to abort twins

via news.com
A NINE-year-old girl pregnant after years of alleged sexual abuse by her stepfather is likely to abort twins she is carrying in a case that has shocked Brazil, reports in Sao Paulo said. teen_pregnancy_

The Brazilian girl, who was not identified because she is a minor, was found to be four months pregnant after being taken to hospital suffering stomach pains, the news websites G1, pe360graus and the Diario de Pernambuco reported.

She was being cared for by a medical and psychological team in the Maternal-Child Institude in the northern city of Recife, close to her hometown of Alagoinha in Pernambuco state, they said.

“We don’t know if she will develop the pregnancy up to the end because of the structure of her body. It is a big risk for her,” the doctor who confirmed her pregnancy before she was taken to the institute, Jose Severiano Cavalcanti, told the Diario de Pernambuco.

“She doesn’t have a pelvis able to support a gestation of twins,” he said.

Abortion is illegal in Brazil except in cases of rape or if the woman’s health is in danger.

The institute in Recife was unable to immediately confirm information about the case.

[video] Andressa Soares Dances on Stage

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Anyone who’s followed STREET KNOWLEDGE knows that we’ve been consistently following the career of this young lady, so what better way to tap off the New Year than to supply you with some live footage of Andressa in action. With so much hate and war in the world, if there was more Andressa’s on the scene, man just wouldn’t be able to find the time to involve themselves in no frivilous squabbles, word!  Viva La BRAZIL!!!

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys-Andressa Soares Pt 2 (Summer Beach Edition)

With no further ado we present to you PART TWO of the most requested post in STREET KNOWLEDGE history. A few months back our server crashed when we put up the original flicks of this Brazilian Bombshell, Andressa Soares. So we had to reload and hit you with the latest from this beauty. She can singlehandedly boost the tourism industry if we got anything to do with it. ENJOY!

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Brazil Poised to Become New Food Superpower

Brazil has an abundance of women (some of the finest on the planet) and the highest concentration of “black” folk outside of Africa, but the world is looking at Brazil for one of its other abundances, food. As the world is on the brink of a food shortage, Brazil is emerging as a contender in this essential battle for survival. After all what do you think is the secret ingredient to the world-renowned beauty that has everyone wanted to relocate to Rio de Janeiro? Those women are eating some of the best food on the planet!

With millions of people literally hungering for affordable food, Brazil’s breakthroughs in tropical agriculture may prove to be the key to feeding a growing global population. If Saudi Arabia fills the world’s gas stations, China assembles its consumer goods, and India vies to staff its office services, then it is Brazil that is stepping forward to stock its pantries. The rise of Brazil as an agricultural powerhouse may be the most important story of globalization that many Americans have never heard of.

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[pics] City of Men

via TheLIFEFiles

Thanks for the homies over at The LIFE Files for reminding us that this joint released last week in the midst of Hancock taking off. Just off the strength of the artistry of City of God this is a must see. And I’m sure there won’t be the same level of gun play and child play in this flick like the first one but it still warrants a peep so if you’re trying to calculate where to go this weekend get like me and go see this!

[Updated] Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Andressa Soares (explicit pics 18+)

Here is the latest from Andressa who remains extremely popular on this blog and everywhere else.

Hip Hop has been fascinated with the beauty of Brazil ever since Pharrell and Snoop christened the South American oasis the home of all things beautiful via their video clip for “Beautiful.” With that in mind STREET KNOWLEDGE presents one of the finer exports to make her way from the jungles of Brazil. Our prediction: Andressa Soares will become the face of beauty not only for Brazil’s thriving tourist industry but the first rapper to snag an appearance by this Brazilian goddess will see that video virally hit a million in hours. Playboy got the first crack at it with this exclusive no-holds barred photo and video shoot they did with the Brazilian bombshell. Remember, you heard it here first: Andressa Soares got next. They only make ’em like that in the Amazon, baby!
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Blacks to Outnumber Whites In Brazil

Buckwild In Brazil

via AP

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) — Blacks will outnumber whites in Brazil this year for the first time since slavery was abolished, but the income gap between the two groups may take another 50 years to bridge, according to a government study released Tuesday.

The government’s Applied Institute of Economic Research said Brazil, which has the world’s second-largest black population after Nigeria, is decades away from racial equality despite public policies aimed at decreasing the gap.
Blacks generally earn 50 percent to 70 percent less than whites, and hold only 3.5 percent of management positions at Brazil’s 500 largest companies, according to the labor-union statistics institute Diesse.

A 2004 study by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found the income gap between whites and blacks in Brazil was wider than in apartheid-era South Africa.
“Black people end up not having the access to an education that will allow them to climb to meet opportunities. And when there is an opening, they aren’t always capable of competing for it,” said Diesse director Clemente Ganz Lucio.
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Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys

Props to our BIG homie Paul over at Next Thing, he’s always on point with pics of the baddest chics on the net. I got the heads up from him about this site where they have the illest catalog of Eye Candy. It was too many to chose from so everyday we gonna give each one of them the solo shine they deserve. This is the first selection in a long line of beauty. This is Azzareya Crystal Curtis, a seasoned vet of the music video genre. She is half Egyptian and Brazilian and she hails from New Jeru. Lawd a mercy. You might’ve seen her in these:
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Hip Hop gets a “Beautiful” look at Brazil Film Fest


 The city of Montreal is playing host to the first annual Montreal Brazil Film Fest.  The festival will showcase the hottest films to come out of that oasis below the equator.  The movie making the most noise at this fetival though, is about four extraordinarily beautiful women trying to pop off their Hip Hop group on the grimey streets of Sao Paulo.  This fictional account of the emerging Brazilian Hip Hop scene is being touted as a “must-see” at this festival.  For info on more of the movies being shown, or if you just wanna know more about the festival click HERE or log onto http://www.cinemaduparc.com/