[pics] First Images of Montana Fishburne’s Porn movie:TMZ

Montana Fishburne obviously could give two shits what we think about her destroying the legacy of her world famous father Laurence Fishburne.

He has to be cringing at these images of his daughter who has recently  launched a porn career with announcement on CarltonJordan.com. Vivid definitely are gonna make some nice money off of this tape and Laurence Fishburne will never do an interview again. Hit the jump to see some more screen grabs and official photos from Vivid.

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[video] WTF: Brian Pumper Brings Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter into Porn

Somebody just got herself cut off from the family fortune. Like really Montana your father is one of the most successful actors in history and you are running around with pornstar Brian Pumper? Who was accused a few months back for trying to bring girls into the porn industry without having them properly tested? This is obviously you trying to get back at your father who probably has not spent quality time with you due to his hectic schedule over the last twenty years but is this really your career choice?

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“Montana Fishburne, who’s new porn name is “Chippy D”, is now an official porn star after doing a film with notorious adult film star Brian Pumper” – CarltonJordan

[video] Pornstar Brian Pumper disses Rick Ross over Gay Porn rumor

Yeah do your research and you will understand why this came about. Better yet let Eskay tell it:

So Brian Pumper is the porn star that bears a striking resemblance to Lloyd Banks. You may recall that some pics of a Lloyd Banks looking dude engaged in some homosexual activity were circulating around the web a couple of years ago. Everybody assumed it was Pumper, but a couple of G-Unit enemies, including Ross, continued to fuel the urban legend that Banks used to do gay porn. In this clip Brian denies ever doing any gay scenes and suggests that Ross has to pay for sex. Which might not be entirely untrue. NSFW and best watched on mute.

Spotted at SmartenupNas