Lupe Reveals Meaning Behind “Hip Hop Saved My Life”

It seems that two of Houston’s finest, had alot to do with the banging track “Hip Hop Saved My Life” off of gold album The Cool. Slim Thug and Bun B were subjects of this song and Lupe tells MTV why these southern rappers were his motivation for the song.

With ‘Hip-Hop Saved My Life,’ I attempted to make ‘Kick, Push,’ but for rappers,” he explained to MTV Base. “To give a real basic play-by-play of the life of a rapper before he makes it — if he ever makes it, because you can get stuck in that and be trying to make it for the rest of your life.”

The genesis of the track came when the Chicago lyricist went to Houston for a show. The rapper said the town was “spaced-out,” in terms of the distance between things, and it gave the city a feel as if there wasn’t much to do. So UGK legend Bun B picked up Lupe and led him on a tour of H-Town

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